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Meh, personally I have my doubts about the whole operation. People throw it out there that they make one of the best DACs in the world, and now they are condescending to make budget gear. Well, yes, they make one of the more *expensive* DACs out there, but not necessarily one that has earned its way into the upper echelons of digital just yet. It's not like we are dealing with a dCS or Esoteric or Meitner here... They have yet to prove themselves in the world class arena...
 This. I haven't yet heard the new 560 but even if it turns out to be amazing, a low priced HE-500 is certainly not something to ignore. 
HE-500 is definitely something to investigate, if you wanted an improved HE-400 with more top end response. Just make sure you've got a decent amp to take full advantage of it. 
Seems like that's your best bet then - have someone swap out the opamps for known-to-be-genuine examples, and see if it clears things up.   If that's not it, then it could be some other random assembly issue. Some component or other has a cold solder or something, and it's messing things up. 
  Dunno... could be a faulty opamp, or a "fake" -  the market for less-than-genuine opamps (and other chips) is pretty large. Or else it could be a real opamp that is oscillating or otherwise unhappy in that circuit. 
 The RCA output is only 10% hotter than the commonly used 2V standard. So I imagine it should work comfortably in most situations. It's those XLR outputs you have to worry about. 
To me, this sounds like a classic case of opamp rolling gone wrong. Just because you think an opamp is "better", and even if the specs bear that out, it won't always be a good fit in a given circuit. 
 That's a tough one. Do K10 and JH13FP even sound anything alike? I don't think they do, but ask me again soon when my K10 comes in.... from what I've heard of Wizard's designs thus far (many different models) I'm thinking they do not. The Beyerdynamic T1 has some similarities to the JH13. Also the Alpha Dogs share certain aspects. But I can't think of anything identical at this point. 
US distributor sells them HERE on Audiogon. 
  Makes sense. I'm not familiar with the RSA stuff aside from a few of the older portable, but the amps you mention are both fairly expensive dedicated units. Si it makes sense that the built-in amp might not beat them. Still, I find it pretty amazing for what it is. 
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