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  Vintage gear is usually (but not always) somewhat dark on top, and often times very midrange oriented. Which sounds to me like a perfect match for the DT880 which needs help in the mids and smoothing up top. The HD600/HD650 doesn't really need to be any darker. So I agree with the general sentiment that it isn't an ideal match. There are always exceptions though. 
 DAC is the Veritas, little brother of Invicta. Amp is a Pass Labs HPA-1. Source is a little SOtM sMS-200 streaming Roon from my desktop server. 
Just trying to keep the discussion interesting is all.... carry on!
  This.  HD6XX fits right in with this little $7k rig I threw together. 
I will start a new thread at some point but I know there were a lot of people in this one over the past few years expressing interest in this idea.... so I'll start here for now.   When Invicta first launched, there was hope that Resonessence Labs would eventually give us a more affordable version capturing the same essence but without the built-in headphone amp or the SD card playback feature. Those are great, but not everyone needs them, and they surely add to the...
I was just about to pop in here with that same news, plus a bit more. Glad they finally have a date on it.    X-Sabre 2 coming very soon. Has the new ES9028Pro chip on board, and volume control as well for pre-amp functionality (something I heard people had wanted on the original X-Sabre). Enclosure is still substantial - possibly more so this time around, if you can believe it - and there's a display to help track volume and input selections. I don't have details about...
  Yeah, $3-10k (or higher) DACs versus a $100 add-on to a budget all-in-one. Seems pretty lopsided to me.
  The cable is detachable so you can swap it out whenever you want, including using a balanced cable. 
The info that it's an HD650 rather than HD600 comes from Massdrop who set the whole project up with Sennheiser. Now, if Senn is making modern HD650 examples that sound more like what some people associate with HD600, I suppose there's no accounting for that.    For my part, the HD6XX is very obviously an HD650. I've owed quite a few of each model over the years and I don't think there's much question about it. YMMV.
  Made in Ireland just like the "regular" HD600 and HD650. 
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