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  I have a somewhat low opinion of the NuWave. I really wanted to like it.... but just couldn't. It sounded bright and just obnoxious is several different systems, and I never got it to sound remotely as good as I had hoped. A few others around here seemed to feel the same way. Though, to be fair, I've read positive impressions from others, so who knows.  Personally, I wouldn't put it anywhere near the V800.
I do not know for sure. Probably Thursday or Friday if I had to guess.
It's not technically a problem to use Concero HP via 1/4" to RCA adapter. Set volume to appropriate levels and it sounds great, though it does lose out to Concero HD in two areas.   First, aesthetically. It just doesn't look as neat and orderly with a cable going from the headphone jack to... wherever else it might need to go. Best to keep that stuff all around back, which Concero HD does.   Second, it takes a penalty in the form of SNR and other specs. Not a massive...
Looks good, should be very comfortable.
  Will definitely write up the DA8 II. It's pretty damn nice. I'm using it right now with my Stax rig and it sounds very impressive. Perhaps an incremental boost over the original, but a welcome one nonetheless.     Not sure how long it will be though, I've got a lot of other reviews on my plate.
  What happened? Who called you what now? I'm behind the times here.... My review, if anyone is interested. 
Link to my review of the Supra 2 CIEM version. I really enjoy it. Legend R ain't half bad either.
  Thanks! I'm just catching up on all the other reviews - I try to stay away from outside influence until my review is finished.    Here you go!
I have a DA8 II here as well, just arrived recently. Preliminary impressions are that it is an incremental improvement over the original, with the same general flavor but increased technicalities. Mainly due to the improved system clock I suspect. It's smoother than the X-Sabre if that's what you are after. 
It sounds pretty darn good with HE-500. You can do better, but it will cost you money, desk space, and system complexity. It's really quite enjoyable from an all-in-one. 
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