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Thanks, but I'm looking for the 802 not the 901. 
I'm using the link on this page - is there anywhere else I should look?
  So it's not just me. Hopefully we figure it out soon. 
  Good points, except it's already been happening for a while now. Tons of AKG and other products have moved production to China and for the most part it's been a smooth transition. Politics aside, there's little to worry about in terms of quality. 
For what it's worth, I've had little to no issues with DSD playback. Mostly using a MacBook with Audirvana. Apparently some people have a different experience, but that's no guarantee you will have trouble.
Signal Cable Analog Two is good and very affordable.
  Yep, I enjoy the HE-400 for what it is, though I do hear the limitations. K7XX would be a great counterpoint for different genres. 
 Maybe they changed at some point. I bought the K702 at launch and that's how they all were at the time. Here are some reviews which mention the color being very dark blue: So I know I'm not crazy! Well, at least not based on this....    AKG has been making them in China for a while now. Austria...
  That's what I've tried so far, with no luck. I had two old 1GB cards laying around (hey, they cost $50 each back in the day, I'm keeping them!) and I tried both, freshly formatted to FAT32, no unzip.... I'll have to keep trying. 
I use Cabledyne Silver Reference which is excellent, and not crazy expensive either. 
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