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I have a thing for smallish CD players or transports..... Haven't owned an Apollo-R yet but have gone through Musical Fidelity CDT, some TEAC models, a Shanling, and am now on a YBA Design WM202 which is a bit wider but still works for my space. The Apollo R looks damn good though, better than their full size model IMHO.
Looking good! I dig the Apollo-R player, nice match with the V281 in terms of size.
  V800 is by no means outdated in terms of sound quality. In features, well, maybe.... if you used USB for playback, you would maybe want to add on an asynchronous USB to SPDIF converter, giving you more coverage to play high-res music as well as possibly bumping up the sound quality over native USB. But considering the PS Audio PWT in play, you can use XLR or coaxial cable and have no issues there.  That said, Anedio D2 is a spectacular DAC, very linear and "clean"...
Yeah how about some music instead? Post what you're listening to recently. I'll start:  
  A CMA800R can only run single ended mode. The XLR is for pairing with another CMA800R - each unit can run one side of a headphone in balanced mode. 
The shirts were definitely for sale on the site at one point. Seems they ran out rather quickly. They are very well made (American Apparel) unlike a lot of shirts I buy which shrink and fade quickly. If the Noble shirts ever return, I recommend snatching one up if you can.
How is this still available? At this price? I'm tempted to snatch it up myself, despite already having one here.
Anyway, let's move on from the Black Friday sale discussion..... I regret having brought it up or weighed in on it. Noble will do what they think is best - I have full confidence they can handle things in their typically professional manner.    I'm using the K10 right now, listening to Aesop Rock's Skelethon on a Sony NWZ-A17 I have in for review. Not the best recording out there, and of course the K10 is ideal in that situation. Where my JH13 FP will emphasize the...
  Agreed! Musical and Live is a great way of describing it, either through the headphone outs or as a preamp.  I've used mine with Adam Audio F5 active monitors, Serene Audio Talisman powered single-driver desktop speakers, and briefly in my main system with Ghent Audio ICEpower monoblocks driving Sjofn Clue monitors. All sounded great.
  Agreed on the part about wanting more people to experience the Kaiser goodness. I confess to having not known anything at all about Hermes bags. I just read up and watched a fascinating documentary called "Hearts and Crafts" and feel much the wiser. The Hermes/Noble analogy is definitely apt.      For sure - but I can also imagine the ongoing complaints if a big sale pushes production times back to 10 or 12 weeks. Which is not all that unrealistic considering how busy...
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