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Not sure about that causing issues but I have to ask what the benefit might be? Or maybe you have two sources, both with RCA outs, so you need to convert?
  Agreed on the headroom, but I do think the gain could be lower to enable smoother volume tracking. Often times the difference between "too quiet" and "too loud!" are just a fraction of an inch. Finding "just right" takes some work.  
Joining the fun - I just received the Zeus XIV as well as the Spartan IV. It's only been a few days so I have extremely limited impressions thus far. Keep trying to find time to listen but the days have been jam packed with "real life" stuff... so it's been frustrating.   I look forward to (eventually) comparing Zeus to other flagships like Noble K10 and Lear BD4.2, as well as comparing the Spartan to other midrange models. 
  Nice! That's actually a good find for a variety of devices.
 I personally like LCD-2F more in balanced mode with V281, as compared to V200 or any integrated DAC/amp I've yet heard. However, I'm not sure the difference would be large enough to justify the price.... that's more of a personal thing. The sale is great though so it's a tough call.  
I'm unfamiliar with Amarra so I'm not sure what could be going on there. Sorry. If it works and doesn't sound weird then I wouldn't give it much more thought.   As for the DAC2 and m920, those likely use a different variation from XMOS. 
 It seems to be the chipset's fault in the case of V850. I don't see any way around it, unless Violectric totally changes their architecture to avoid the ASRC process.... which seems to be a core feature of their design. Switching to a different XMOS chip might involve other trade-offs so who knows. I do agree the manual should be updated to reflect this info. The other digital inputs should handle all incoming sample rates up to 192kHz.    Even some of the newest XMOS...
  I find them very light and comfy. Subjectively better than any planar I've tried short of the HE1000 which just fits my head like a glove. As long as your ears play well with the pads on the TH-X00, you'll be fine. 
I've never been a big fan of their DAC 1 but agree that the DAC 2 is exceptional. Unfortunately my experiences with it have been primarily as a DAC or sometimes DAC/preamp... I never got a chance to use the headphone section. So I really couldn't say.   I find that the V281 is subtly better than even the excellent integrated headphone outputs of devices like the Anedio D2, BMC PureDAC, Reseonessence Labs Invicta, etc. Certainly not night and day or even what I'd call...
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