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  I'm still working out the different situations where I prefer tube or SS output. Seems like the iHA-6 is really transparent and gives a clear window into whatever coloration the DAC may provide. So far I think I like tube output with the iHA-6 driving HD800 and K812, while I prefer the solid state output with my HE-1000. But it depends on my mood and what music I'm playing. Always nice to have the choice, and I think between the output and the digital filters, this DAC...
 Only their older Liquid Fire which I really didn't care for much. The V281 is quite a bit better in my opinion... I'd take a V220/V200/V181 over the Liquid Fire as well. No clue on the more recent Cavalli models. 
  Nice! I don't know how many of them are out there "in the wild" but I imagine other regions got them before the USA did, so there could be a bunch of users for all I know.  I give PS Audio credit for improving the original terrible NuWave with the very acceptable NuWave DSD. But you're right, the Cayin is still the better DAC in most every way. Do you end up using tube or SS out more often?
  Like most DACs, the Asus requires you to cycle through inputs one at a time. So only USB or Toslink or coax SPDIF can be selected at any given time.... not two of them. I'm not aware of any other DACs which can handle two digital signals at once. 
      This thread, and a corresponding post over in the amplification section, is to introduce some new gear from Cayin. I've been playing with both models for a while and will eventually have a full review over at InnerFidelity, but that could take a while so I wanted to get some discussion going sooner than later. In this thread I'll be talking about their new iDAC-6. I've been auditioning the review unit for a while now and I've got to say I'm very impressed with...
      Cayin is a somewhat well-known audio company who traditionally specializes in desktop speaker amps, preamps, and integrated amps, plus the occasional CD player. Their lineup at any given moment tends to be rather large, with a focus on tube gear (though not exclusively). They've received quite a bit of recent praise for their N6 portable audio player as well as their C5 portable DAC/headphone amp, both of which are more well suited towards the HeadFi...
  This, or you can also try the headphone lending library option from The Cable Company. They should have most headphones available and if you don't buy it doesn't cost too much. But if you do buy the rental fee counts towards the purchase. 
Wow, good deal!
No problem. Just wrapping up the SOtM sMS-1000SQ review, should be submitted in the next few days. Hopefully will post at Part Time Audiophile withing the month. I'll link when it goes live.
Nice, thanks for the impressions. I agree, it sounds great with Alphas and other planars. I've had more than my fair share of tube amps which sounded stunning with something like an HD650, but couldn't drive a planar headphone with satisfactory results. 
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