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 It really depends on the tube amp in question. Output impedance has always been problematic since the Fostex/Denon models are only 25 ohms. Something like a Project Sunrise with the lowest setting (which I believe is 1 ohm or so) would potentially sound great, while other tube amps (including many expensive models) won't pair very well.    Just like tube amp pairing, it will really depend on the pads you choose. I think what Will is getting at is don't swap back to the...
Massdrop has a special version of the  G109 available - the G109A (for Anniversary Edition). Price is $429 plus $10.50 shipping to the USA. It's got a few internal tweaks, and a new front panel appearance, but doesn't deviate too far from the G109S in general. Seems like a good buy for the price.
For anyone interested, Massdrop has the V800 (v2 model) for a good price. It's got the Tenor async USB which is fine with Linux and Windows but has issues with Mac, so be aware. Still a great buy for the right situation... and it could be upgraded later with XMOS if the owner wants to pay for that. 
  Looks that way doesn't it? Also very similar to these pads.  I've got a set of Lawton angle pads coming next week so we'll see how that goes. Also may try Alpha Pads down the road. 
I refer to TH-900 more because I've owned it and spent way more time with it. I have only heard TH-600 for short periods and it's been a while.... So my memory is very questionable on that one.
  I have some Alpha Dogs out on loan to a friend. May have to "recall" those to give it a shot. Or, not be a jerk and just buy a set. Maybe that's what I'll do.  I really hate to overstate the pad thing though.... it will be helpful to get more opinions as I may end up being a complete minority on this. Again, the pads remind me a lot of the Denon Dx000, so if those fit then so will these. 
  Sorry I don't have a TH-600 or 900 here to swap pads.    It may be a bit less than the TH siblings, but it's still rather elevated and fun. Great for bassheads, especially given the likelihood of finding some pads that bring out even MOAR bass.
  I covered it in the review on page 1 - soundstage is excellent. 
  It's been a while since I heard the W3KANV. I'd say this is a very different signature though. More bass, deeper extension, and certainly not those "unique" AT mids which people either love or hate. 
  The cables have never been detachable, going back to the original Denon models. Not saying I love that aspect, but it's not like Massdrop is going to commission a modification for that sort of thing. Wouldn't be worth the trouble nor make financial sense for them.  Earpads are very similar to the Denons so use that to judge how these might fit you. Or, just swap 'em out, as I intend to do. 
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