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  Congrats, you are more intuitive than a 5 year old! At least, in this one aspect....
  I don't. Different sounds, subtle changes, which fit each unique person a different way.  I personally use STD more often than BAL with HE-6. 
  M903 is a nice DAC, so that's a good combo. Congrats!
  Yep, I recently had a debate with my 5 year old daughter about this very thing. She insisted it was a "girl singer" (which she always demands, with a few exceptions). I told her it was a guy and googled a picture of the band. Well of course there IS a female member of the band - so my daughter saw her and considered it a confirmation. Hard to argue with a 5 year old! 
  Yeah, the driver thing is a bummer. Not limited to Violectric but still annoying.  The DAC2 is more like a "proper" DAC that can help unlock the full potential of V281. Enjoy!
  I'd say be sure to try both whenever you can - you might find you prefer one over the other for each different headphone, or sometimes even for different genres. 
 The newer 192kHz-capable DAC cards are significantly improved over the older ones. If you have any desire for the internal DAC, I'd make sure it was the newer version. The old models are just for convenience imho, while the 192kHz versions actually sound quite respectable considering their low prices.  Still, the amp is so good it deserves the best DAC you can afford.    Personally, I find the Apache (and pretty much all of Ray's amps for that matter) to be good looking,...
I'll eventually flesh this out more in my formal review - sorry it is taking forever. But in summary, I'd say the Taurus has a somewhat more energetic top end. I don't know if that makes it more neutral or not.... I suppose that depends on the headphone involved.   Much of the time I'd say the V281 XLR output is the most neutral of all, with the SE output being somewhat darker and the Taurus being a little brighter. Again, Taurus is still a very good amp.
Thanks for your impressions - sound very similar to what I hear. Listening to V281 right now, fed by a "lowly" Parasound Zdac v2 which is in for review, and driving an LCD-3F. Amazing system! Revealing enough to help spot the differences between this DAC and my reference (which costs 10x as much), yet in the end it's still very enjoyabl even without a megabuck source. 
To a large degree that's a property of the headphone itself. I'm thinking the A18 is already on the dynamic side and you probably won't get what you are after by switching amps. I'd try to audition an LCD and go from there. 
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