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  But what about my huge collection of native DSD512 recordings?!?! Hundreds of albums....  Kidding of course. I still can't find much of my favorite music in hi-res PCM much less DSD of any type. DSD256 and DSD512 is basically a tech demo imho. 
  I'd be weary in matching with tube amps, for two reasons: 1) EE CIEMs (and the EarWerkz models they made prior) seem to be unusually sensitive to hiss. Tube headphone amps tend to hiss more than SS amps. Thus, a bad match in general, though some exceptions might exist. 2) EE CIEMs also seem to demand low output impedance. Even something like a Pono Player gives a very noticeable change in sound due to the slightly high output impedance. You're likely to run into similar...
  Opinions seem mixed on the Antelope headphone out. Me, I don't care for it at all. Taurus is vastly superior imho. 
  Agreed! My little son got mad at me the other day when I wouldn't let him use my K10. So I wiped it down and let him try to shove it in his ear. Obviously it wouldn't fit even by a small amount (he is only 3 years old) but he was content to hold it close to his ear canal and listen that way. 
  Agree to disagree about the headphone out, but I'm with you on the line-out portion.... Zodiac Platinum is a damn fine source.
 I'm with you on this. Seems we are in the minority, but I know at least a few others who feel the same.  Glad options exist for both types.
I realize not many people have heard this amp (yet) so full discussion is not really possible yet. But I've been listening to it more and more, and I gotta say it's really impressive. Can't wait for more people to hear this thing. The output is staggering for such a small box.... even HE-6 is driven with an authority I've rarely heard.   I've only ever heard HE-6 handled this well from bigger and more expensive amps - Violectric V281, Simaudio, Audio GD, etc. Nothing so...
  Haven't heard the X7 yet. Looks interesting though. And yes, 3rd installment of the DAP project is coming.... eventually. I've been sooooooo busy lately and just can't find the necessary time to work on reviews. Which s a bummer because I've got a lot of good stuff I'd like to show. The next DAP survey has QLS QA360, Questyle QP1R, HiFiMAN HM901S, Sony ZX2, Cowon Plenue 1, iBasso DX90, and probably some others that I'm forgetting. Some good competition for sure in that...
  Don't lump all devices using the same DAC chip into one big pile - so many DACs have the same chip but sound vastly different. Power supply, output stage, digital filter, jitter attenuation, upsampling, etc all play important roles.... arguably more than the DAC chip itself.  In my fairly extensive experience, the Sabre chips are just like TI, Wolfson, Cirrus, and AKM - they can all sound great or terrible depending on how they are handled. To tie this in with Empire...
  I see, thanks. It's hard to predict what each cable will do with each headphone. Depends on the stock cable I suppose.  Different names for the same cable in different regions? Effect should maybe stop that practice.... hard enough to keep track already without that curve ball in the mix. 
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