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The V800 is a great DAC, despite being a little long in the tooth with regards to the USB input. In order to significantly improve it, you'll need to spend a good amount. The best I've heard is the Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus which is right at your budget limit. A step down is the Auralic Vega, which is $3500, and the next step down from that is the BMC PureDAC at $1800 or so.   In my experience, going much lower than that will not get you a big enough improvement to...
The secret is something really interesting, and definitely unique (in concept, but especially in execution). I think people will get a kick out of it for sure. 
 Nope, I have not. To be honest, I generally play all my DSD/DXD stuff straight from the SD card reader on my Invicta. It's just so simple. However, the latest Invicta firmware update enabled DSD over SPDIF, and my music server can handle DSD, so perhaps I'll consider the upgrade one of these days. I doubt it would affect anything else though - it's just a feature update, not a general SQ update. 
I'd say the "2013" thing is just a ploy used by eBay sellers to set themselves apart from their competition. So the consumer thinks that particular seller has the latest and greatest. When in reality, nothing has changed.   You can still find sellers who haven't updated their listings... it still shows "new 2009 version" of the Zero DAC, or DarkVoice amp, etc. 
For what it's worth, I have the Chord Hugo sitting here next to the Herus. And they aren't that different in general character. Not saying the Herus is on the same level as Hugo - it's not. But the sound signature they both go for - resolving, clear, but not analytical - is pretty similar. Still enjoying the heck out of the Herus and will eventually have a full write up about it. 
Agreed. Despite being a pretty big market, the headphone scene hasn't had much of that compared to, say, the speaker world. Things change and I suppose I should get used to it.    In other news, the Invicta Mirus continues to impress. I much prefer it to the Luxman DA-06 I borrowed last weekend. The Luxman had a certain charm to it, for sure, but nothing I haven't heard before from significantly more affordable gear - maybe a used Esoteric D-70, or a PCM1704-based Audio...
 Depends on the situation. If I'm using an LCD-2 and just listening to some modern band that I enjoy, the difference is negligible. But with really high quality music, and more resolving headphones (HD800, JH13 FP, etc) the difference is definitely tangible. I get a better defined sense of space, with imaging accuracy being more specific. I also feel like lows have more weight to them, and just general transparency is increased. 
I'm feeding the Hugo with my Audiophilleo 1 + PurePower, and I do think it sounds better as compared to the native USB inputs. USB is still very good on its own though. I'll have to try a more modest DDC and see how Hugo compares. 
Yep, measures under .5 ohm (as does the Questyle Q192 amp section as well). Apparently this is a byproduct of their current mode amplification technology, so it should be similar on all their products with headphone output.    Perhaps you just don't love the K812? You wouldn't be the first person I've heard that from. 
You're probably right, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I try to be objective and not pick on any one brand but this one just gets my goat for some reason.   Maybe I should just sit back and wait a bit for the DirectStream to unofficially drop 25% in price (like, oh, I dunno... every other PS Audio product seems to do) before I give it a shot.  
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