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  I find them very light and comfy. Subjectively better than any planar I've tried short of the HE1000 which just fits my head like a glove. As long as your ears play well with the pads on the TH-X00, you'll be fine. 
I've never been a big fan of their DAC 1 but agree that the DAC 2 is exceptional. Unfortunately my experiences with it have been primarily as a DAC or sometimes DAC/preamp... I never got a chance to use the headphone section. So I really couldn't say.   I find that the V281 is subtly better than even the excellent integrated headphone outputs of devices like the Anedio D2, BMC PureDAC, Reseonessence Labs Invicta, etc. Certainly not night and day or even what I'd call...
  Take a look at this page from XMOS giving us mixed messages regarding 176.4kHz support. It would depend on the design - if the device calls for SPDIF output from XMOS USB chip to the D/A chip (or an intermediate ASRC chip, which appears to be how Violectric handles things) then 176.4 isn't supported. See this page (search for 176.4) to see other people discussing this same issue. It's not all the XMOS chips, but certainly some of them. 
  Yes, G109 and V200 are similar enough. Very obviously from the same family. 
  Yep, that makes a V281 (base model) come out to $1725. 
  Sorry can't help there, I haven't tried the V850 yet.  Black Friday special at Violectric USA though. 25% off plus a free pair of their interconnects when you spend $500 total. Pretty good deal for a V850 buyer!
 To my ears, yes. Very different, for the better. It's the best AKG I've heard this side of the K812 and the old K1000. 
Personally I'd consider that a decent source/amp combo and a somewhat annoying headphone. Yes, the Matrix/HRT duo can certainly be improved upon, but the priority for me would be getting a more listenable headphone ASAP. Source and amp improvements are not as important as headphone upgrades when it comes to obvious results.   So I say go for the K7XX first. Not to mention it's a smaller amount to spend.
 It really depends on the tube amp in question. Output impedance has always been problematic since the Fostex/Denon models are only 25 ohms. Something like a Project Sunrise with the lowest setting (which I believe is 1 ohm or so) would potentially sound great, while other tube amps (including many expensive models) won't pair very well.    Just like tube amp pairing, it will really depend on the pads you choose. I think what Will is getting at is don't swap back to the...
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