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In case you haven't seen it, my review of the Questyle CAS192D is up. I know some people were waiting for that, so HERE it is. 
There's a special locked discussion thread that you can't access? Weird.    I can't imaging more power making much of a difference. Even for HE-6, you've got plenty to do the job with Taurus. Now, there may indeed be a difference in terms of capability or sound signature, but I doubt it has to do with one having more or less power than the other. 
  I'd agree with this in general. I think the different is pretty clear - Body, involvement, slight warmth, more organic, etc for the DA8 versus more neutral, straight forward and detail oriented, and a more intimate soundstage for the D200. Which one will work best is dependent upon the system and the listener's preferences. Switching gears..... I finally got around to trying the D200 with IEMs today and it actually works very well. Which is great news! It's...
  Not usually. Depends on the gear being used, but I tend to find the X-Sabre has a more exciting, lively top end, while the DA8 is smoother and more organic sounding. But with certain amps/headphones they may act differently. 
  Yeah unfortunately when my Hugo review loaner arrived I was just sending back the PureDAC, so I wasn't able to do any real comparisons. 
  I'm in the Bay Area CA and I dealt with Brian at Aaudio, as suggested by BMC. He was extremely helpful. Not sure if there is anyone closer. 
  They just arrived the other day and I've got a bunch of other stuff in the works prior.... so unfortunately it will be a while. Initial impressions? Surprisingly great, actually. Reminds me of my UM Merlin (which is a prototype, that I find superior to the later, more bass heavy tuning). This is with the bass knob turned to a medium setting. It's got a certain "crispness" reminiscent of the JH13 FreqPhase, but at the same time is less forward sounding. I'll have to get...
I haven't posted much in this thread lately, so I figure I'm due. Here's a few pics of my latest customs.       Lear LCM-BD4.2 - quad balanced armature plus dual dynamic, vented shell, with adjustable bass tuning, titanium faceplate:                   Noble Kaiser 10 - 10 drivers per side, with a fairly understated (but looks better in real life) sparkle design which I call "Cosmic Swirl":             Noble 5C with Switch option - 5 driver design,...
 Yep, works just fine for me. 
Nice write-up! Sounds like Phil has another winner on his hands. I remember back in the old days when he was so focused on simplicity and good sound at low prices.... now look at all these higher end designs and crazy faceplates. I guess that's just what the market is asking for at the moment. 
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