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 To my ears, even HD800 is tolerable for long term listening, when driven by V281. It's a great combo.   "Worth it" is always difficult to quantify. It's definitely not twice as good as V200. And the V200 isn't twice as good as the Lake People G109S which is roughly half the price. And the G109 isn't twice as good as the Matrix M-Stage which, again, is roughly half the price..... So it seems that whenever we double the price we get less bang for the buck, in a manner of...
  That's my complaint about the Mjolnir as well - an otherwise enjoyable amp. V281 is far less fatiguing imho. It's not dark, rolled off, etc, but just smoother in its presentation. 
I suspect it would be fine - don't recall hearing about issues with the TE7022 USB chip as used in that version. And I think we would hear since that was a very popular chip for a while there. But I could be wrong. Maybe shoot Violectric an email? Surely they will have tested. 
Probably too many other headphones to talk about, thanks to CanJam. Between the Dharma, Ether, Nighthawk, EL8, Alpha Prime, HE-1000, etc, I can see how a lowly sub-$150 headphone could be overlooked. That's okay, hopefully some other opinions will start rolling in soon.   I was using it last night, straight from the headphone jack on the Exogal Comet DAC. Sounded mighty nice. Feeding the Comet was an Aurender X100L which, thanks to a recent update, can now stream Tidal...
I think the older 24/96 chipset runs on Mac without drivers. Only the newer 24/192 version needs drivers regardless, whether on PC or Mac, and whether it is found on a V200 or V800 or whatever. 
  How do you figure "best performance"? Theoretically speaking, shouldn't a wide open pot be the closest thing possible to no pot at all? I love the V200 pot and I honestly don't think it colors the sound or does any harm, just speaking theoretically here.
They are typically very fast with replies - often from the CEO himself. Hang in there, I'm sure they will take care of you.   Everything has a failure rate of >0. Everything. It's unfortunate, but true. I have a ton of gear come through here and every once in a while something just fails for seemingly no reason at all. It's frustrating, but I guess just luck of the draw.   For what it's worth I don't hear of issues with the Resonessence stuff very often, and again the...
Anyone go to CanJam and get a chance to check out the K553 Pro? I assume they brought it for the show, and I'd be curious to hear impressions.
Questyle seems to be on a marketing push right now, so perhaps interest will pick up. They already may have lost the window for initial buzz but it could still become somewhat popular over time. I've heard the PWD mkII plenty of times, and the CAS192D is easily on par, possibly better. I'd have to have them both here at the same time to be sure.
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