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  Good points, except it's already been happening for a while now. Tons of AKG and other products have moved production to China and for the most part it's been a smooth transition. Politics aside, there's little to worry about in terms of quality. 
For what it's worth, I've had little to no issues with DSD playback. Mostly using a MacBook with Audirvana. Apparently some people have a different experience, but that's no guarantee you will have trouble.
Signal Cable Analog Two is good and very affordable.
  Yep, I enjoy the HE-400 for what it is, though I do hear the limitations. K7XX would be a great counterpoint for different genres. 
 Maybe they changed at some point. I bought the K702 at launch and that's how they all were at the time. Here are some reviews which mention the color being very dark blue: So I know I'm not crazy! Well, at least not based on this....    AKG has been making them in China for a while now. Austria...
  That's what I've tried so far, with no luck. I had two old 1GB cards laying around (hey, they cost $50 each back in the day, I'm keeping them!) and I tried both, freshly formatted to FAT32, no unzip.... I'll have to keep trying. 
I use Cabledyne Silver Reference which is excellent, and not crazy expensive either. 
 I'm having this same issue trying to update an HM-802 to the latest FW. Tried 2 PCs, a MacBook, 2 SD cards.... no luck. Any other ideas? The language for the instructions (Then release the HOME button until the hifiman logo disappears) is not the most clear so perhaps I'm doing something wrong. 
Just for info - the difference between this model and the newer mkII is not really worth talking about, unless you live in a region with 120V power. I had both side by side and could tell a sonic difference. Those of you in the 230V zone should jump on this! I don't know this seller, just giving my experience to help any potential buyers out.
I actually quite like the USB DAC add on. For the price, it sounds great to me. Is it on the same level as the amp portion? Of course not. But it's very solid IMHO.
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