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  I think it has more to do with the shape, not just the depth. The Sony has a smallish cup which really crowds my ears. So even though it may be deep it still causes trouble for me. The angle doesn't help either. Oddly, my M100 with XL pads has less touching of the ears. Maybe I'm an anomaly in this respect. 
  Nope, it's not so low where it causes problems. Don't be afraid to turn your volume knob higher if needed. Technically speaking a volume potentiometer opened wide is more transparent than at low volumes. 
  It seems slightly thicker to me. But who know..... I've even heard of K550s having different pads in the later runs - not sure if that was ever confirmed or not. ALG seems to revise things and never really tells us. My ears do come close to touching the baffle. Same as they do with many other headphones. I'm just used to it I guess. K553 is not as bad as Sony MDR-1R in this regard.    If you are really sensitive to highs or peaks, you might stick with on of those planars...
  Could be. It's hard to know for sure in these situations, and I'm certain AKG will never clarify. Hefty bass? Interesting that people hear it that way. Again, I think the bass has more impact than K550, without necessarily having a big increase in quantity. 
Jude probably has one as well, but I've been enjoying it all week long. Right now I'm using to play some ArtPepper, unwinding after a long day. Sounds pretty damn good from the Calyx M.
Just doing a little math on the Violectric sale which is happening now....   G109S comes down to about $522. That's all the amp many people would ever need, and sounds fantastic even with tougher loads like Alpha Dogs.   V281 is now $1955 in standard form (without remote). Still not cheap by any means, but at least it comes in below the $2k barrier which can be a mental block some times.   G103S is $340 - an excellent choice in that price range, where there aren't a...
  Good question and a tough one to answer. It's been a while since I had a K550 here. I remember having a hell of a time getting a proper seal at first. Eventually I figured out what worked for me. Now, when opening the K553 for the first time, I got a great fit right off the bat. Is this due to pads being different, or just me being more well-versed in what works and what doesn't? It's impossible to recreate that initial experience a second time around. I honestly don't...
  Cool, I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Probably more valuable than mine considering you'll have both models together.    I would think so but I've not tried it yet. My DA8 is over at a friend's house right now but I should be able to bring the K553 over there one of these days. DA8 typically works well as far as noise except with super sensitive headphones/IEMs. I wouldn't call the K553 Pro super sensitive. 
  I know  I was just fleshing out that idea since I have experience with the Concero. 
Drop is now LIVE.   I understand the appeal of having a replaceable cable. That's always my preference too. But honestly I don't consider it a dealbreaker either. Maybe it's just me. I've probably owned more headphones than most on this forum and I can only recall one time when a hardwired cable failed. 
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