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I lost the plot here - do you have the original D100 with the TI TAS1020B USB chip? Or the mkII with the Tenor TE7022 chip? Either way, it should work without drivers and should support 16 bit or 24 bit.
 Well that's weird. Must be some tolerance issue between the headphone jack on the V281 and the plug of the XC.... conditions just right on each one that they don't line up quite right. I'd try an extension plug to see what happens.
 The Invicta (non-Mirus version) should be a rather large step up from the HP. As you said, same house sound, but far greater resolution, extension, realism, etc. Plus Invicta has significantly more drive for more difficult headphones, to say nothing of running it in balanced mode for even more juice. Will it be an improvement consistent with the price increase? Probably not. That's not how high end audio works, unfortunately, and the HP is already a very good starting...
Yes, I still use it all the time as well. Way better sounding than the size would suggest.
  It takes power from USB so I guess it would be worth a try. I usually feed mine with a music server so it's already clean power, but maybe a regular laptop or desktop computer would see benefits there. 
That's a good point. Going into debt is never a good thing if it can be avoided. Buying a car or a house? Yeah, most of us don't have the ability to pay cash on those. A loan is a necessary evil. Starting a business? Sure, as long as it's realistic to turn a profit sooner rather than later.   But headphones? I wouldn't recommend it. Especially when Noble offers some excellent options at more affordable prices. Yeah, a K10 or Stax SR-009, or other high priced/excellent...
I'd be more inclined to think it was the amp rather than the recable. A conversion to dual entry "real" balanced might be a different story. Still, good job with the cable, it looks nice. 
Still going strong with the Questyle gear. I actually use the CMA800i more than the full CAS192D/dual mono CMA800R setup. The CMA800i is just so versatile..... plug in anything and it sounds good, route signals all over the place, both digital and analog.... it's great. For someone like me who is constantly changing the system around, that device is invaluable.
  Congrats! That sale price was one of the best deals going as far as I'm concerned. What a steal. 
Well that's odd. What happens if you try to play a standard 16/44.1 file? 
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