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 Thanks. The Stax in question is an SR-4070 so A) it's rare and I don't want to pass it over without a good reason, and B) it isn't some 30 year old model. The seller tested and found no channel imbalance, and the physical condition is quite good... so is there anything else I should worry about?
Quick technical question for the group - anyone see a problem with buying a second-hand pair of Stax, which has been in storage for several years? Storage would be a good thing for dynamic headphones but is there anything I should be on the lookout for with stats? 
 One of these days it likely will.   That's the first I've heard of it. Definitely get with Questyle about handling the situation - they will take care of you for sure.
Those photos are a bit misleading just due to the heatsink issue. MKII moves away from all those individual heatsinks, instead using a large sink to cover a whole section. But no, there's no change from discrete to IC or anything drastic like that. Also, the MKII has the "walls" between sections where the original does not. Not sure how much that matters. I'll try to find a good pic of mine.
  You have to search for them, but I believe a lot of it was documented in the Audio GD threads around here. Kingwa was using the TE8802 but a lot of users had issues (driver related I believe) so he eventually switched to another USB solution from VIA instead of Tenor.  If you have stable performance with no dropouts, or spikes in CPU use, or random freezing/glitches, then you're fine. Despite all the complaints there were some people who had no issues with the Tenor chip...
 Good question. I haven't heard that Arcam and I don't see a ton of discussion about it around the web. From what I can tell, it looks like a far more interesting design than anything else Arcam has made recently (except the D33 which is way more expensive). Looks like a solid design on paper, from what I can tell. 
 Write off the whole thing because of the brand of one chip? Isn't that premature? Granted, I was surprised when they chose Tenor rather than XMOS, but still.... let's give it a chance and see if people have any issues or not. Supposedly it's been extensively tested. 
Oops, different secret.... Still another one coming soon!
To be fair, I haven't really grilled Questyle about the differences between CMA800 and CMA800R. I recently finished the Q192 writeup and am working on some other stuff at the moment, before I write up the CMA800R and CAS192. So it's not like they are keeping it a secret or anything. I'll find out eventually.   I've heard the DAC2 and do find it promising. One of these days I'll probably give it a proper evaluation. I'm just way backed up with other stuff at the moment....
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