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Mine were falling apart (cable issues) so I had them remolded with The Wizard from Noble Audio (back when he was starting out, he did remolds - not any longer). I still enjoy them, even more so now that they don't have that goofy cable.     
 Agreed. D200 seems a better choice for something like HE-400 or LCD-2. It's not bad with the Fostex, but DA8 is better.   Still trying to figure that one out. Seems like the DA8 still pulls ahead but depending on the system, D200 may actually be a better fit. It's a little more flat/neutral sounding compared to the DA8 which is warmer, smoother, more "analog" sounding (I hate that description but there it is). 
  Ha! Even now it's pretty ridiculous.... I've got a Salamander 6 shelf rack completely full (double stacked), have taken over a nearby bookshelf, have several desktop and bedside rigs going..... and I still need more space. It's to the point where I evaluate new review suggestions by thinking "Do I even have room for that anywhere?" I need to get better at chasing down call tags for return shipping, so stuff doesn't linger so long. 
They should be coming really soon. I'll ask Fried about it though. 
  It's pretty dark in real life though. So I'm not sure I can discern anything really that unique. Tons of wires, lots of drivers, and that's about all I've noticed so far. I suppose I could get the flashlight out and look more closely.  Yes, I like red CIEMs, but I've also got a bunch in clear, and a few blue, some orange, yellow, and various others. 
It's a fair question and I certainly understand the idea behind it. I actually used to have something like that, just a really simple thread with a DAC at $200, another DAC at $500, another at $1,000 etc. Don't remember it now because it's been so long. It wouldn't be relevant by now anyway.   The problem is that new stuff keeps coming in, and old stuff mostly goes back to the manufacturer after the writeup. Joe rarely has to send back his CIEMs - most companies offer to...
Final pics of the new V220 and V281, if anyone is interested. To reiterate: V220 is an improved version of the V200 circuit, with a lot more options like remote, more inputs, etc. V281 is essentially a balanced V200 - like cramming two V200's into the case, one for each channel. 
Yeah, give it some time - mainly for your brain to adjust to it. 
Sorry, I have not heard the Westone W40 nor the JH5. So no comparisons from me. Maybe someone else can chime in? 
 Clear is what you used to get when you chose a budget model like UE4pro or Westone AC2. They claimed it saved money by reducing complexity for orders. Not sure if that's still the case or what.   In other news, my 5C with Switch has arrived:    All I can say for now is - it's quite a contrast. The 5C is very reminiscent of the 8.A sound, meaning absolutely massive low frequency impact. The Switch works every bit as well as it's been described.... and the R configuration...
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