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Update - for those who always wanted to experience the Resonessence Invicta but found the price too steep.... Resonessence Labs is launching the new Veritas DAC. Here's their page for it.   Pre-orders available now, ships in 4-5 weeks. Cost is $2850 and it comes in gold, silver, or black. Appears smaller than Invicta but larger than the Concero line. Has all the usual suspects in terms of inputs and capabilities (balanced out, DSD, etc).   The major news is that...
Looks good! Those Robsons have external similarities to the higher end Monitor Audio Gold and Platinum models. Which I find enjoyable if a little overpriced. Yours are probably a better buy.
I really quite like the Simaudio. It reminds me of a nicer Bryston BHA-1... solid performing headphone amp from a "mainstream" high-end brand, perhaps not the best available at the price but certainly no slouch either, and easy to find/buy for those audiophiles who aren't knowledgeable about smaller/more focused brands.   I do prefer the V281 as a better value but the 430HA is excellent in its own way.
More eye candy:                 Cayin stack, fed by HM901S in dock, driving Dharma or HE1000 with balanced cables from Effect Audio. The rest of the system wired with Cabledyne Silver Reference except a few AC cables as I ran out of Cabledynes since I use them in the main system extensively. So I subbed in some others which killed the matching silver look.... oh well. 
Just some eye candy to keep things interesting:               That's the Cayin stack fed by HiFiMAN HM901S in the Dock (coax SPDIF out), or alternately by a MacBook Air running Audirvana+ (USB). Driving the ENIGMAcoustics Dharma or the HE1000, both with nice balanced cables from Effect Audio. Sounds fantastic!
  You're telling me! To be thorough, there's a LOT of listening to be done. Good for owner to have options but not so good for reviewers..... lots of fun though! 
 It's end game for me as far as SS amps go. Right up there with the HeadAmp GS-X mkII, Simaudio 430HA, and dual mono Questyle CMA800R. I have two of those three here now (and have had the other extensively) and V281 is definitely in the running for top honors. I agree with whoever it was that suggested upgrading the amp first and then maybe the DAC down the road. Or just spend time enjoying the V200 as it is still a very nice amp!
  That sums up my entire review so far! Just got the ENIGMAcoustics Dharma in, and it sounds great with the Cayin stack (slow filter, tube output, balanced output from the amp). 
Looks life a Trafomatic. They do all sorts of custom colors, which look surprisingly good (I'd be scared to order anything too bright but I do like the look in other rigs).
Nice little setup there! Small space. big power.    Make sure to try out a single ended cable as well, if possible. Each output has a slightly different feel due to output impedance changes (among other things). Kinda fun to have that variation even though I admit I like balanced the most in general.
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