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Me too!
I think Shanling stopped making that model, somewhat "replacing" it with another called the Tempo EC1. I think Tempo is meant to be their spin-off for more affordable models. I'm not sure if the EC1 uses the same guts as the PCD300 or not. 
Must there be just one star? Maybe they are an inseparable duo....   Seriously though, I think both are excellent. The DAC gives many flavors and the amp is a straight shooter that amplifies whatever it receives from the source with very little editorialization. 
First time CIEM use is really weird - unnatural feeling, for a while. Give it a few weeks and don't overdo it at first. I usually suggest wearing a half hour per day at first. Then move up to 1 hour a day. After a few weeks of this you'll be up to several hours at a time without much trouble, but don't rush it and don't overdo it.   If you still have discomfort after that, it could be a fit issue.  
I don't care for the Prime at all, neither as DAC nor headphone amp. That's just me, others may disagree.
Those are lovely. Could they be more wild? Sure. But they look great already. Enjoy them!   I still use mine on a regular basis despite owning many, many other custom IEMs. There's just something special about the V3.
Bottom line, we all have different experiences with amps based on various factors. I'm not personally a fan of the Cavalli amps. I know some who are. I have a pal who doesn't care for the V281 all that much, while I love it to death. Several people around here like their V281 more than the WA5. Others disagree.    In the end, we talk about this stuff and take it personal at times but there's really no reason to. Enjoy the gear you end up with, and most of all enjoy the...
  Thanks, and welcome to the forum! I had been eyeballing these two as well. Neither appears to be released in North America which means I'd have to order from overseas and use a step down transformer to get 120V operation. Not the end of the world but not ideal either. I was close to getting the F109 just due to the low price but I decided against it in the end. The DCD-50 doesn't really cut it for me in the looks department, not exactly sure why. More options for the...
Thanks for reading. I really can't say how much the N10 would improve over the X100 series. The SMPS sounds like a it would in fact be a limiting factor, but then again a really well done SMPS can be quite good (NuForce, Chord, etc) as well. Without hearing both I couldn't say for sure but I do feel satisfied with the results I get on my X100L in a very revealing system.    The SOtM setup does increase SQ by a small amount, however the trade off in interface is more...
This is excellent news for all involved. Massdrop gets an awesome new employee, CEE TEE gets paid to do stuff he would have been doing anyway, and the community gets a knowledgeable intermediary who can help bring us cool gear for great prices. What's not to like?   Congrats CEE TEE!!!
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