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It seemed to do a good job with most everything, short of the HE-6 where there simply wasn't enough gain. Again, only the balanced output is worth raving about.... due to the balanced internal topology, the SE headphone out has significant compromises to the point where it isn't very enjoyable. 
   I'm not sure why more people around here aren't using the PureDAC. Or maybe they are but just aren't super vocal about it. It really is a killer all-in-one device with very little compromise. 
Here's a review in case you missed it. 
  Every computer is different, and transports using SPDIF are not all created equally either.   I discuss this a lot in my DA8 review. See my profile for the link. They are both quite good in their own ways. 
Welcome to the party! Based on my week or so worth of listening, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I've been extremely impressed thus far, with everything I've thrown at the V281. Truly reference caliber in every way. And the USB input is really quite impressive as well - it's no Chord Hugo or anything of that caliber, but as a $240 option..... I've never heard a stand alone $240 DAC this capable. I works perfectly with Linux as well, for all you music server folks out...
Yep, the V2 is a simple way of indicating it has the new USB stage. Makes more sense than calling it V800 across the board and then haggling over which USB card might be in there. 
I follow that same logic. If you can afford it, seems like it makes sense to grab the V281 over the V220 - you then have the balanced capability if you ever want to use it. If it's already a stretch then of course V220 is nothing to sneeze at. Heck, V200 is still a good buy despite the new models. But V281? Yeah, very nice. 
 Yeah sorry, I'm trying to keep my reviews from being sooooo long winded these days... for your benefit and for mine. But that format sometimes omits desired details, so I'm always open to questions like this. I think the dual mono CMA800R setup is better than Taurus in several instances. HD800 (obviously), but also LCD-3 and LCD-2. Taurus still has the edge with HE-6 and possibly with Alpha Dogs too. The sound signature of the Questyle monoblocks is more airy and quick,...
Looks pretty good to me....
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