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  I'm not Andy (obviously) but I can speak to stacking - I keep the (warm running) iDAC-6 on top of the iHA-6 all the time. It's fine, the amp gets warm but not hot. And this is with the very hot iDAC-6 on top, so I imagine most any other device stacked on there also would be fine.   By the way, the signup for US Review Tour is almost closing. Get your "application" in if you haven't already done so. I warn you though, be ready to buy it once you experience it for yourself!
I like the Zdac a lot but I don't think it would be suitable for the neutral sound you would want in a studio setting. Perhaps try to find an Emotiva Stealth DC1, should work well for that application.
The relay option means you have a relay-based system with 128 steps, each .75dB apart from the previous step. So it's easy to dial in the exact same level every time. It also sounds ever so slightly better imho, since it has less "stuff" in the signal path compared to the regular potentiometer.    The standard and motorized options both use a very nice Alps RK27 pot and it works very well. The upgrade is for us crazy folks who want that last little bit of transparency....
  I'm probably one of the few people out there with extensive experience using the CMA800i and the DAC-10H. They are competitive but have their own strengths. The Questyle is a headphone amp first and foremost, with an excellent DAC built in. It is neutral and highly detailed, perhaps more so than the NuPrime. Tonal balance is on the quicker, lighter side, though it does deep bass impact quite well when needed. It has 3 digital inputs and a single analog in, and on the...
  I'd say focus on your headphone search first and foremost. The new amp/DAC part is important but nowhere near as much as the difference made from finding the right headphone.  Also have you considered the other Violectric models? Not that I would talk anyone out of the wonderful V281, but there's also the V280 for $650 less. That's a significant difference and depending on which headphone you settle on the V280 might be plenty for your needs. The integrated DAC options...
It needs to be plugged in to the wall, this is not a USB powered device. 
Very nice, love the name. It will be interesting to see/hear how these are tuned as compared to the Django, K10, and even Savant. Fun times ahead!
The Bricasti is very nice - better than DirectStream imho, which itself is very good but not the world-beater some make it out to be. The DS is a bit steep at full MSRP but as mentioned it can be found for significant discounts.   I just got my Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus back. It has been updated to the new ES9028Pro DACs (2 of them in the Mirus) so is now called the Invicta Mirus Pro. Looking forward to spending some quality time with it, driving my V281 as well as...
  Wow, it looks like those two were practically made for each other!    Could be the Chord does better via RCA out, if it isn't a "true" balanced design. 
  Thanks for your impressions - looks like a very nice setup!  I can see how the Cayin could beat even the mighty Questyle monoblocks in the right context... those don't deliver tons of current like the Cayin does. With an HD800, I'd take the Questyle stack, but for many planars the Cayin is king.
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