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  It's terrible! No seriously, you'll see.... it sounds better across the board but some headphones benefit more than others.    I have the NuForce monos in and I do like what I hear. Questyle is better for sure, but of course not 5x better. It never really scales that way does it?
  Mine is all written up, just need to snap a few more pics and I'll have it posted. That could be tomorrow or next week depending on how much I procrastinate....
  At this stage, it would be premature to forget Stage93 with their flagship Stage6 model.
I'm not saying Concero HD is analytical by itself.... just that it could contribute to that sort of feeling if a system was already on the cold side. It's definitely not warm and lush, but generally neutral overall.   Still, paired with HD800 and say an Apex Peak/Volcano, it might not be as welcome as a thicker, more meaty DAC, if that was your preference. 
  There is no TOTL mafia. Capisce?
 True - sorry if I wasn't clear enough about that.  Personally I find the HD superior in enough areas where I think most folks would prefer it. But, I can also see how the increased resolution and detail retrieval would tip some systems over the edge into "overly analytical" territory. So original Concero is still definitely worthy of a recommendation. 
  That's my experience. If there's any difference, it is really really small, such that I have yet to notice it.  
  Tough call, but I'd have to say my  top 3 (excluding electrostatic amps since I don't think you want one of those) at the moment are: Taurus mkIIQuestyle CMA800RViolectric V200 I also very much enjoy the Icon Audio HP8 mkII and Analog Design Labs Svetlana II, both of which are single ended triode designs. Those aren't my top three only because they aren't as "universal", in that they work well with most every headphone out there. But when paired with the right headphone...
Yes, glitter is extremely difficult to photograph. My Noble K10 has a really nice "universe" glitter swirl but in photos all it looks like is a bunch of random specs of junk. 
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