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 A bit of everything really. HD800, LCD-3, HE-6, T1, HE-1000, Ultrasone Edition 12, AKG K812, Noble K10, EarWerkz Legend R, etc. Some work better than others, which I'll discuss in depth.   Sure. Should be towards the end of the month I think. 
I believe it uses the Cmedia CC6631A USB chipset, meaning it is in fact asynchronous. No idea if it sounds good or what, but you can at least get 24/192 over USB (but probably not 24/176.4 if that matters). 
I've got the DAC 10H in for review. I like it a lot - very neutral, clean, but not analytical or edgy or boring as is sometimes the case with neutral DACs. Also the headphone out is very nice and powerful too. I'd say it is worth the $300 extra over the DAC-only version, unless you are absolutely positive you will never use it.    As much as I liked the DAC-100, this new model is on another level all together.    More to come when I finish my review for InnerFidelity. 
  It should be very similar/possibly identical to my X100L which is a good thing! Basically the key difference is storage - X100 series has local storage and can even act as a NAS to serve other devices on your network, while N100 requires you to have a NAS and use Aurender's AMM software. I've read mixed reports on running AMM - some people find it fast and easy, others are having a terrible time with it. That's pretty typical for network stuff I suppose. 
  I actually just sent my own personal V281 over to Tyll from InnerFidelity. He has assembled a bunch of top amps including the Simaudio 430, Auralic Taurus, Schiit Ragnarok, the big Woo Audio monoblocks, HeadAmp GS-X mkII, and probably a few others which I'm forgetting... should be a fun comparison. We were trying to figure a way for me to fly out there and listen with him but the scheduling is proving difficult. But he might be able to snag some of the other...
  I haven't kept up with the latest models of theirs, so I'm not sure which is which these days. But I did forget to mention the Resonessence Labs Herus - that's one I absolutely recommend with the setup you described. You could even take it on the go if you ever travel and want a transportable setup.... bring along a laptop or maybe just your phone, the Herus, and the EL-8. It wouldn't sound as good as when the V200 is in the chain, but it would still be very enjoyable. 
Listening to the Supra 2 right now, with the HiFiMAN HM-901S. What a great combo! Seriously, the Supra 2 scales quite well with higher end sources, as it is very revealing. 
Honestly I didn't recommend Herus simply because I tend to classify it as a "portable" device. But yes, it would work well in the setup you described. Concero is a step up but also costs more, so Herus might be a good way to go. 
You could also use an RCA to 3.5mm adapter to feed the Subpac from the V281 RCA outputs. That way you could turn it off/on independently from the headphones, using the V281 front panel buttons. It probably doesn't matter either way though, the V281 will handle pretty much anything.
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