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Ha! That didn't take long, did it? Thought about it a few hours and made a choice.   I think you made the right move. A top level headphone deserves a killer amp, and that's exactly what you'll get with the V281. The DAC section is "good enough" for some serious enjoyment, and later down the road you can always spring for some high-end unit if you want. 
Going really high-end or really low-end is a double edged sword. NuForce used to be exclusively higher-end, until they came out with their Icon and uDAC stuff. I imagine they made a boatload of money by leveraging their reputation for high quality gear and attacking the budget market..... but at the same time have probably eroded their high-end reputation to some extent. Same thing happened to Musical Fidelity after they launched the V series. 
  I have the V800 out on loan but am extremely familiar with it, having used it for several years with various amps. So I have not used it with my V281 but I'm confident it would pair very well. 
  V800 is an excellent DAC and should sound great with V281 - a step up from the internal DAC option, as it should be for the price.
  Agreed all around. They recently rebranded to start NuPrime for the higher end gear (or at least that's the perception I get). We'll see if things become more clear in the next year or so. 
For those interested, my review of the AURALiC Gemini 2000 is posted HERE. Color me impressed (and surprised!)
 Good question. Tobby is a more resolving DAC than the Violectric add-on option. It's noticeable for sure when using a good amp like V281. Is it mandatory? No, but if you want to take full advantage of this killer amp you can spend ever higher amounts of money to get there (I use a $5k DAC myself). The Tobby just has more and better "everything" compared to the built-in option, which again does not underwhelm at all considering the price it adds. For simplicity the build...
  I'm shooting for the end of the year, maybe a bit sooner if I can find more writing time. I'm way backed up though. That's why I come here frequently to post more impressions as I have new things to say - the wait for the final review could be a while. But feel free to ask me anything that comes up.   I don't know that anyone actually has a V220 yet. I've only heard from other V281 owners. That said, using V281 through the SE jack does produce a noticeable improvement...
  To be honest, I would wait until you are extremely familiar with your wonderful new amp before you attempt any sort of cable shenanigans. I personally use reasonably priced (by my standards) quality cables mainly from Cabledyne but also Charleston Cable Co, Toxic Cables, and some other smallish cable houses. But I don't consider them absolutely necessary by any means. If you don't hear a difference or have some philosophic issue with cables then by all means, do not...
  Who knows.... must be just some tiny bad connection somewhere in the chain. As long as it works then you don't have to investigate further, just leave it be.
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