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If by high res streaming you mean CD quality lossless streaming, then one approach is airplay. The Aurender for example can handle airplay now, and I use it often for OraStream Classical which has plenty of great lossless albums. You are more likely to find airplay on a streaming device than specific support for Tidal, Qobuz, etc, though I imagine more support for those will eventually pop up.
Ooooh, nice K10s! Where is that?    I also spot the new Aurender V1000 in there, which was briefly renamed the Aurender WAVE - until they realized Bose has a trademark on that term as it pertains to audio gear. I believe they settled on Aurender FLOW at this point. Anyway, I bet that combo sounds exceptional, and I'll be finding out soon enough. 
Thanks! It's definitely good for us consumers to have such a wide selection of very nice models to choose from. Believe it or not, I've heard some people grumble about the number of brands making nice gear. What?!?!?! More good options drives competition and ensures there will always be something out there with the specific features you want. No downside there as far as I can see. 
I have an HE-6 here and the V281 does a brilliant job with it. Possibly better than the Taurus which is very high praise indeed. Taurus extracts a little more detail while V281 (balanced mode of course) is more engaging and musical. Neither of them seem strained or lacking power at all. I also have CMA800R and a single one of them is not in the same league when it comes to HE-6 performance. Two of them in dual mono mode becomes more competitive but even then I think V281...
I'd say go for one of the many USB to SPDIF converters on the market. The Matrix X model has a very good reputation, as do many others. 
I loved their Reference 7 when I had it, but that was the top model of the day (it later evolved into the Master 7). So it's hard to compare with the more affordable Yulong stuff. I have no experience with the lower priced Audio GD models. 
Ha! That didn't take long, did it? Thought about it a few hours and made a choice.   I think you made the right move. A top level headphone deserves a killer amp, and that's exactly what you'll get with the V281. The DAC section is "good enough" for some serious enjoyment, and later down the road you can always spring for some high-end unit if you want. 
Going really high-end or really low-end is a double edged sword. NuForce used to be exclusively higher-end, until they came out with their Icon and uDAC stuff. I imagine they made a boatload of money by leveraging their reputation for high quality gear and attacking the budget market..... but at the same time have probably eroded their high-end reputation to some extent. Same thing happened to Musical Fidelity after they launched the V series. 
  I have the V800 out on loan but am extremely familiar with it, having used it for several years with various amps. So I have not used it with my V281 but I'm confident it would pair very well. 
  V800 is an excellent DAC and should sound great with V281 - a step up from the internal DAC option, as it should be for the price.
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