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 A pair of NuForce HAP200 amps in monoblock mode is hard to beat. $350 each or $700 for the pair. But it needs volume control from the DAC or an intermediate preamp, so X-Sabre is not a great match in that respect.  The Lake People G109 is also very good. Not fancy looking, but sounds excellent, especially with Audeze headphones. I hear very good things about the newest M-Stage balanced amps. Might be worth trying out.
Wow, brilliant write up! Very informative and useful.
Agreed, this thing deserves more attention, it is very impressive. 
  Not sure there are many people who heard both - the Matrix is too new, and the A28 isn't super popular, so I doubt it. 
Yes, I do see them go for a good price in the forums every once in a while. I still use monoblocks with HE-6 on a regular basis, it's very impressive. 
  I suppose it would depend on the headphones and speakers being used. I've had the pleasure of using a pair of active JansZen hybrid electrostatic speakers recently, and in some ways those are about as revealing as any of my headphones. But yeah, in other cases not as much. A $1k headphone will probably show more differences than a $1k set of monitor speakers.  The original DA8 is still a good buy for sure. 
 Excellent choice, you'll love it!
  Congrats! It really is a wonderful device, which should serve you well for many years to come.    He did say that, and I think the context was that DA8 was not compromised due to the smaller size. Nor was there any major area where it could be improved in an obvious fashion. I think that still holds true - the mkII makes a bunch of small improvements which collectively add up to something worthwhile. It took Yulong quite some time and plenty of listening before he was...
Agreed, it's a lot of $$$ to send without a whole lot of feedback. I know my review is only one voice, and I'd love to see a bunch more out there. Also user discussion on the forums is great to have, because sometimes people uncover things (good or bad) in their system that I never had experience with. Incompatibility issues, reliability problems, special synergy with a particular headphone or amp or whatever.... there's lots more to be discovered, more than I could hope...
  Had all three at one point. All sound very good. I'd say Concero is probably the best value, and could be ideal if you don't have use for more inputs and outputs and options. Just a simple, no frills, small device with no headphone amp, that doesn't take up much space. Honestly any of them will pair very well with V200 though. Anedio is the most detailed, X-Sabre the most exciting, and Concero probably closer to Anedio but not quite as transparent. 
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