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Looks like eBay has some listings.
Ha! Sorry, I'm not deliberately holding back. Just need some time to spend with the combo.
It seems the big draw is not merely balanced operation, but rather with the fully isolated dual mono configuration. A regular balanced headphone amp will sometimes have separation between each "half" of the amp, for better isolation. Usually it's all in the same enclosure though. Once in a while you'll get separate power supplies for each side but usually it is shared.    I think the CMA800R is Questyle's investigation into having completely separate and isolated power...
  Excellent through 8C!
I don't know what to expect. Never tried monoblocks for headphones before. 
Another review that I just noticed today. Seems like he hears pretty much the same thing I hear.    In other news, I've finally got another CMA800R on the way to me. Can't wait to give that a try with balanced HD800. 
 Thank you for mentioning that - my advise earlier was incorrect! I guess I didn't think it through well enough before posting. 
  Nice! Geoff is just finishing mine at the moment, using mostly the same specs as yours (14mA FTW!). My 007 is drooling, waiting for it to arrive. I'm also planning on grabbing the SR-003mk2 and getting some custom molded tips for them because..... why not? I recall Spritzer or someone mentioning running the baby Stax off a BHSE with very good results.  
I will, once I receive the new models. Still enjoy the LCM5 on a regular basis.
  Still have a ways to go on it, and then it's up to the editor when he can fit it in. So it could be a while. Sorry!
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