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I've spent lots of time with both. DA8 is an excellent DAC - slightly warm and smooth on top. Now that I think about it, it's not a huge departure from the PureDAC in a lot of ways. The PureDAC sounds a little more balanced and neutral while still maintaining that "analog" feel, while the Yulong does seem slightly colored. Just a tad.    The chief difference would be using them as an all in one device. DA8 has a pretty nice integrated headphone amp on board - it does a...
I think you're on the right track. The V200 will probably bring out a little warmth but don't expect a transformation into an early model LCD-2 (which was VERY warm indeed). 
Yep, as Maxvla said, normal. I'd say it happens on maybe half the DACs that have come through my system over the years. 
Yeah I'd probably sooner use my Taurus mkII as a preamp then go the other way around with the Taurus Pre as a headphone amp. I'm sure it's pretty decent but realistically if headphones are the priority go with the dedicated headphone amp.
Assuming your Z1 is roughly equal to an iPhone, you should be fine. My Moto G is terrible with music but more and more phones out there are pretty decent. I can happily enjoy the K10 with a Sansa Clip+ or Fuze so a reasonably good phone should be viable as well. 
Taurus Pre is very much more focused on the preamp side of things, with the headphone amp being something of an added value. Which is sort of the opposite of the Taurus mkII. I haven't heard the Pre but since they are similar in price I'd definitely go for the regular Taurus mkII if headphones were the priority. 
  Ummmm..... hate to break it to you, but you still have plenty more potential to explore, if you want. I hear each little change going from the Fiio X5 to the Calyx M to the AK240 to the AK240 plus Chord Hugo -  all the way up to the Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus with a Violectric V281.  Despite all that, I still enjoy the heck out of the K10 from a simple Sansa Clip+. Talk about a wide range....
Yes, I see both sides. I too use 64GB cards at the moment, each with vaguely dedicated genres (all types of "jazz" and blues on one, classic rock and metal on another, etc). It works well for me.    On the other hand, having some kind of expanded navigation and metadata sorting would be really nice. When I want to access my entire 4+TB collection I use an Aurender music server, because it copes with the library far easier. If done well, the suggested updates to Invicta...
The "600 is discontinued" rumor has been going around for a while. So far, every time it's been disproved by Sennheiser directly. That doesn't mean it won't be true at some point in time but I doubt today is the day. HD650 is newer and you didn't mention them having that one either. 
I might venture to use the term "bad" but that's just me.... I know plenty of folks who enjoy their DSD model (and many who dislike it as well).
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