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  What happened? Who called you what now? I'm behind the times here.... My review, if anyone is interested. 
Link to my review of the Supra 2 CIEM version. I really enjoy it. Legend R ain't half bad either.
  Thanks! I'm just catching up on all the other reviews - I try to stay away from outside influence until my review is finished.    Here you go!
I have a DA8 II here as well, just arrived recently. Preliminary impressions are that it is an incremental improvement over the original, with the same general flavor but increased technicalities. Mainly due to the improved system clock I suspect. It's smoother than the X-Sabre if that's what you are after. 
It sounds pretty darn good with HE-500. You can do better, but it will cost you money, desk space, and system complexity. It's really quite enjoyable from an all-in-one. 
I always stick with the native rate of the track currently being played. It seems to do a good job with anything I throw at it.
  I could see some people bothering with it because it's small, relatively affordable, and easy to use. If you aren't all that computer savvy, this would make a great way to bring streaming to a more modest system. Maybe a Bifrost/Valhalla combo with HD650 or something along those lines, components all priced commensurately to the Aries Mini. Now you have control via your tablet, Tidal streaming integration, and can easily tuck it away on a shelf - unlike a laptop which...
  Good point. People balk at digital volume controls, but many of the better ones can give substantial attenuation with no loss of resolution. Even poor ones should be fine with a modest cut of maybe 10dB, which will give some more usable range on the CMA800R. 
I'm fairly sure it is the Alps RK27 with the 41 detent option, which is one of several variations they offer. The level 1 volume upgrade gets you the volume controlled RK27 - I had it on the review loaner and it is smooth, no detents/steps.
The CMA800R has an output impedance of less than 1 ohm. So no impedance related issues there at all. The only thing I'd be concerned about is gain. TH900 is rather easy to drive, and with the CMA800R gain comes on real strong, real quick. So there's not a ton of usable volume range before it starts getting too loud. I didn't find this to be a deal breaker but I don't know what volumes you listen at. It depends on the music being played as well.    I do think the CMA800i...
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