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1) I feel like the soundstage is pretty impressive overall. Maybe due to the precise driver matching? Dunno, but it's definitely not vague or overly stretched to the point of sounding artificial.2) Dragonfly should do a reasonable good job with these. Not wringing out every ounce of performance, but it should be listenable for sure.Sorry, it's been ages since I heard those, so I really can't say.
 It's an impedance interaction. You ideally want an 8 to 1 ratio (or more) between your output impedance and the load it must drive. As that ratio shrinks, you get frequency response alterations that can really change the sound.     I've seen some integrated amps with low impedance headphone outs. I've also seen some with ridiculously high impedance.... I thought the Marantz stuff usually had their own dedicated HDAM modules for headphone output but maybe not all of them do. 
  Fun speculation for sure, but we really have no idea what AKG might be up to in the near future. The K7 series has been around in one form or another since 2006 - nobody would have predicted it would still be going strong after 8 years. So guessing their next step may be just as difficult to anticipate.     If you look at the AKG page for the 65th Anniversary Edition, it says "discontinued". So among "current" models the K712 is the closest thing to the K7XX. It sort of...
  My gut reaction is "No Way!" but as I consider it in depth, there could be situations where K7XX sounds better. It depends on your amping situation - HE-6 is a beast to drive and can sound pretty unimpressive on a lot of amps. The AKGs definitely like amplification too but will sound quite good on something like a Matrix M-Stage or a Leckerton, where the HE-6 is not even stretching its legs at that point.     I think someone already mentioned it, but there are definitely...
It leaks a fairly good amount. I don't use it when the wife and kids are around, as that would be obnoxious both for me and for them.
Just to clarify, whenever I say "improved", I'm referring to an improvement over the older K701, K702, and Q701. I've never heard the 65th but I believe they should be VERY similar to this new K7XX if not completely identical. The 3dB boost, the improved headband, and the driver matching are identical features shared by the 65th and the K7XX.
Could be true, but also don't forget the driver matching. It's a real thing, it's measurable (confirmed by "other" sources not just Massdrop), and it makes a difference.
  I'd agree with this. It doesn't sound all that close to an HD600 in overall character, but in terms of bass volume it's a pretty good analogy.   The theory goes that production was being moved from Austria to PRC gradually. The Q series seems to have made the switch first, while the special editions and K812 continued in Austria for a while. I'm almost positive some or all of the K712 are now made in PRC. But they may have finished the entire run of 65th Editions before...
It is digital - in the coaxial SPDIF format. Not Toslink. 
  I don't have any easy access to a K712 at the moment - I could track one down (eventually), but honestly I won't have the time.  Too much bass is not something I'd really worry about. I mean, it is boosted, but that's compared to the older sound sig which was fairly lightweight. I suppose if your idea of neutral is a Phonak PFE with the gray filters then the K7XX may seem overly warm. For most people I don't see it as a problem though.
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