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  Yes! Very good indeed. The Alphas benefit from plenty of drive, and a very well controlled top end. Taurus hits both of those marks spectacularly well.  It sounds weird to use a $599 headphone with such an expensive amp, but it really does make a great pairing. 
  This. In practice, the difference is noticeable, but not extreme. Concero HP is still quite good when used as DAC via the headphone output. 
It's complicated. True balanced designs don't necessarily always sound better than single ended designs. To make matters more confusing, a lot of devices will feature XLR inputs or outputs for convenience, despite not being really balanced. This includes amps that are not balanced but have XLR outputs.    Bottom line - don't chase a balanced system just for the sake of calling it "true balanced". Go for components that seem to fit your needs in terms of sound sig, power,...
People confuse "balanced" with "having XLR inputs and a 4-pin XLR output". It's an easy mistake to make - I've done so myself on several occasions. Plus there's still some debate over what constitutes a "true" balanced design... see the vigorous arguing over Woo Audio's WA22 "balanced" output, or the Bryston BHA-1 which is pretty much a balanced input stage and output stage with an unbalanced middle section (therefore a conversion from balance to SE then back to balanced). 
  I think that's about the extent of it. The ComputerAudiophile thread seems to have the most info, including a few guest appearances from Wang Xuanqian of AURALiC to answer questions. It's worth a read, especially the last few pages. 
My initial suspicion on the D200 (note that I'm just guessing, haven't heard it for myself) is that it probably shoots for the same more neutral, clear sound as the A28 amp, rather than the warmer/smoother tone of the A18 and D18 models. Then again, it shares a lot of the design with DA8 which was more neutral than D18 but still warmer than D100. So who knows. 
Hopefully the dual-core brings with it a better UI, since there's more horsepower on tap. Also maybe raise the limit from 16-bit/48kHz. Let us know how it goes!
I also thought Aries the moment I saw that. Aries was supposed to be $999 initially, and then they recently mentioned a premium version for $1600 or so. I hear the actual case is surprisingly compact so keep that in mind when you look at this picture. 
Looks like eBay has some listings.
Ha! Sorry, I'm not deliberately holding back. Just need some time to spend with the combo.
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