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Or buy the HD800's and realize there is no need to mod them at all.  
 With good and synergistic amp & dac no EQ or modifications are required IMO  
 Good Sabre32 implementations don't need 'taming' and Audio-gd don't do bright or harsh sounding gear.  Unless you have a particular likeness for the R2R 1704 chip you will find that the NFB-7 would be an significant improvement over the DAC-19 which is exactly what it is meant to be given its design and price. 
 To be fair no headphone amp will cost anywhere near the price of a TOTL speaker amp and no TOTL speaker amp is going to have the versatility with different headphones a headphone amp will.
"Don’t let the naysayer force you out of this thread. They are showing up EVERYWERE and think that they have the correct answer and the right to preach it, often without even testing/hearing the gear we are talking about (role nr1). Some of them don’t believe in SQ difference in DACs others in AMPs and others in cables. That’s ok by me.   Why they feel the need to ventilate there disbelief of gear they have not heard I cannot understand. It’s like I would I say something...
And those people have obvoiusly never heard the Hd800's, HE6's or probably the Abyss, though have not heard the Abyss.
I don't have the Master-9 but do use the Master-6 with the HD800's and LCD2.2's and it is anything but lackluster. I find it a very exciting, energetic and engaging especially with the HD800's.   I certainly would not expect the M9 to be any different.
I see the thought police have arrived again.    Boring....
 Had my pre fazor LCD2.2 for more than two years with no problems. Although I will admit they don't get a lot of head time.
 Really!! Have not heard the Master-7 but my NFB-7 has eye blinking impact when required (far more than any PCM1704 DAC I have ever heard). I certainly would not want any more impact and that is saying something from a rock/metal fan. 
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