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 Pity you don't have the HE6's to compare. Would be interesting to see if the extra power can compensate for the higher quality and balanced design of the M9. Kingwa told me it wouldn't but would be nice to have that confirmed.
 No don't agree, especially with the Audio-GD master series amps or Sabre32 DAC's.
As I have mentioned in other another thread, Audio-gd don't do 'bright'.   They do neutral, dark and warm.
 Well you were warned!! 
 I left mine disconnected, as recommended, when I re-terminated mine. No idea if it makes a difference sound wise but no electrical issues noted.
 I doubt if the Master-6 will need to get anywhere near class B driving the HD800's. I have absolutely no issues with treble peak with my M6/HD800's even with silver cables. 
 I do prefer a little bit of brightness to a dull or dark sound. However I still do not consider my HD800's bright mainly because the treble is very smooth and non fatiguing and there is plenty of deep tight bass and quite full mid-range. So the HD800's don't come across as bright. However if you do have issues with fatigue then yes warmer copper would be better.
 Brighter signature than the Wolfson or PCM1704 maybe but Audio-gd do not do 'bright'. Also if the M9 is anything like my M6 its treble, although very extended, is also very smooth. I also use silver cables (Digital, interconnect and headphone) and its still not bright. All IMO of course. 
 Why not? I do it, and it sounds great 
Whats your budget?   SS or tube?
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