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 Does the OR5 only work with USB? and is it really $1300!! When you add the price of the OR5 to the already greater price of the M7 then I would expect any SQ advantages of the M7 to be mitigated by the big difference in price.
Neutrality, tightness (bass?) and agility are also IMO technicalities and it's nice to hear that those areas are still the domain of the NFB-7. Surprised you feel the M7 is more dynamic as that is a strength of the Sabre32 chip and a weakness of many 1704 dacs including older Audio-gd REF series. The NFB-7 is very far from being bright or thin so your second comment makes me feel the Master-7 is overly lush/full to be neutral, I know the old REF 7.1 and 5.32 were. I am...
I am still surprised that one would consider the HE-6's bright. Maybe I got lucky but mine have never sounded even slightly bright, I even bought a silver/gold cable to brighten the sound but used with a Sabre32 dac and neutral SS amp still not an once of brightness.   In fact I would say they are as warm as my LCD2.2 but with neutral highs.
Most people seem to think that the Mjolnir + HE6 is a bad combination. Most common complaints seem to be lacking body and dynamics and some harshness.   If the Rag is no better, hard to believe given it seems to be a significantly superior amp with almost twice the power, then I will be very happy to stick with my Master-6.
 Hell no, 'demand' is rather excessive in the least IMO. My SW is stunning with the HE6's as was the SP before it. Also what 'honkyness', 'hardness' or 'metallic sound'. I never heard any of that even with stock cable. These are adjectives used to describe the HE6's only when severely under amped.
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Please...not on a Sunday   Please...not on a Sunday 
 I respect your experience but using just one amp will not give you a proper insight into a headphones performance. When I had the HD650's, with Silver Dragon cable, I did not have the system I have now but I managed to get a balanced HD650 to try last year in my current system. It was the best I have ever heard them but they were still soundly beaten in most areas by all my other phones.I have heard the Hd650's through a number of different systems now and although I...
 I have owned the HD650's and currently own the T1's and LCD2.2's ( as well as the HD800 and HE6 ) and the T1's are far superior to the HD650's on almost every level, and so are the LCD2.2's. If you feel this is not the case then I would really like to know what amps you are using to ruin the sound of both the LCD's and T1's so I know what to avoid in the future     PS Just realized this is the HD650 impressions thread so would expect this thread to be populated mainly by...
The HD650's are far to much of a drop in quality IMO.   If you can, and if it is in budget, try to find a second hand non fazored LCD2
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