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original price of he90/hev90 was $14k in usa date: 1991 so $40k not really that out of line due to inflation.
ever seen terrazzo?   also notice that all the tubes are the same, and there are 8 of them.
MSRP  =  $40k USD   the chassis is made of stone and glue, same as granite audio
vacuum deposition.
I'm finally getting around to making my own   http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/electrostat1.jpg   hope to make at least a few stators out of the same glass used in the he90
warning to people that might buy fancy umbilical cables.   tom had a real krell ksa5 destroyed by such a manufacturers product because they did not bother to ever measure a real cable and ended up getting the power supply voltages flipped. Blew up a bunch of parts and took me several hours to fix.   something like that happens to a bhse or gsx, and the repair price is going to be almost the price of a new one.
none of the screws were ever glued in place.   they do however rust in place and are just loads of fun to get out. when you do, you replace with the stainless steel ones, and no more trouble.
amplifier part for part identical.  lots more heatsink   power supply, fully regulated vs completely unregulated.   T2 original spec is 18ma per tube
they are really nice with the carbon
you can look back to the T2 project to see how this is going to progress. the only difference is that I'm not doing custom chassis, because   1) I don't need to this time 2) I would rather not up front $35k and loose $2k in the process   I will be supplying drill files for the heatsink etc. So in the end, this will be as easy to build as a T2.   if you want to build it earlier, and you have the abilities to do the chassis work, then by all means make it easier on...
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