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The master-2 is every bit as good as the fpb600, maybe even a bit better, but lower in power. compared to current krell product, every bit as good for 10% of the price.
nope. However if its the 240v version then none of the wires on the transformer have been cut like the 100v only versions, and then you re-wire it for 120v which is easy.
the usual place. there was a recent group buy of boards
the srm-t1 is a fully dc coupled solid state/tube hybrid no caps in the signal path.
if you are building the 30V version, then it should output +30V and -30V for a total of 60V
If there is no music, then there is no AC voltage required to build the bias voltage.
WOW, we are up to .05 ohms. Also a complete fabrication. you are telling me that the rkv-ii has the same impedance as a krell 402.Really, is that so. Not even for the first microwatt. What mighty tubesa pair of pcl805 must be. way stronger than 6c33. The output impedance of the BHSE is 5.1k ohms on each side. For safety purposesso that the diaphrams don't get destroyed. Same as...
 All stax made amplifiers and in fact most other amplifiers have 5 Megohm series resistors to the diaphrams from the bias supply limiting the charging currentand thus controlling the charging time. Anything that puts any amount of capacitance after this series resistor can damage the headphones.
The goldpoint uses a 23 position switch, the DACT uses a 24 position switch. Both seem reliable for many years but in my opinion both are too coarse and do not have enough positions.   For the crazy out there, there is this   and I do have one of these, also crazy expensive   The 48 step khozmo would be...
There are 2 problems with Light Dependent Resistors. The first problem is that they drift over time and need calibration.   These guys seem to be the king of in the field recalibration takes 10 minutes (20 balanced) to do a full calibration.   The other problem with LDR's is that they have significant THD in the range where you would want to use them. Nelson pass did a fair...
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