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you are wrong. although I can only think of this one example, and if you have ever heard them,they are spectacular beveridge loudspeakers just a single diaphragm (albeit over 5 feet long) and a single stator. both the stator and the diaphragm are actively driven. then there is the acoustic lens...
please point me to a place to buy the stone.   I have all the tools now to start doing stone knobs   two are African blackwood, one is ebony, hard to tell the difference.   about 5 more to do, then on to other materials.
 funny that, I'm doing a pair of African blackwood knobs probably next week
dynaco stereo 400, I have a pair of them, upgraded caps. no opamps in the amplifier, just in the protection circuit which can be turned off.   crown dc300, I have one of them too, caps that fit are hard to get, no opamps that I remember.   phase linear 700, one of those in addition. no opamps there either.   magneplanar, I had a pair of tympany1A those were fun.   A50's, I blew up a couple of those, the woofers could not take the power.
 and the parts for that are even harder to get now. what would be possible is a mostly surface mount ampwith stn0214 and stn9360
So there is a reason I don't answer questions like this. I design an amplifier. I do not design an amplifier for a specific electrostatic headphone.(at most, an electrostatic bias change, 230v,580v,600v) there are 2 ways to do a 845 electrostatic amp. 1 is a pair of tubes, 1 per channel and a specially made SE output transformers.(not really my style, definitely franks style) (these transformers are very tough to make perfect) or 8 x 845 megatron style.  lots more fun this...
pro bias, maybe, should be 580v, koss is 600v   low bias, definitely not, do not even try.
 actually that is something that was planned for.more than 1 dht amp is in the works. 900v is more than frank did, and seems perfect for an 845 there is a version of that power supply board with 6 caps that cando 1150V, the pass fet is good for 1700 volts and the npn transistorsin the differential amplifier are good for 1200v
final version of the small power supply posted   suitable for   kgsshv(450v) BH (400v) Megatron(400v) carbon (450v or 400v) srx2 (350V) KGST (400v or 350v) etc   kgsshv 500v still requires the 4 capacitor board   final circlotron power supply posted (900v x 2)
there are 5 carbon's out there, soon to be 6.   there are multiple versions of the power supply and more for different size boxes every day. the latest ones use the 550V caps and are much smaller physically, but a fair bit more money.
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