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replace the sg3254 and the 2 transistors between the inductor and capacitor next to the transformer  (q31,q32)
if they don't light up, the switcher has likely died. or the power brick is in major trouble. check the internal fuse if it has one.
 6+ year old laptop wifi to nas storage box playing dsd native over usb with foobar, never a stutter yet.(uncompressed dsf)
9V  DC.  don't use a 9V AC power brick. very bad things will happen
So open up your books on transmission line theory The stax extension cable has a characteristic impedance of 125 ohms The source impedance of the amp had better be 5.1k ohms (or more) The load is a varying imaginary impedance between j1M ohm and j20k ohm The system cannot operate like a transmission line! Since the extension cable is a signifcant percentage of the load, It will absolutely Have an effect.
I would be very careful with the volume knob. That amp is at least 3 times more power than you need. if you have a spl meter, definitely keep the peaks under 95db. The stax extension cable i have here (one of the old ones) measures at about 35pf. So about 1/3 the load of a set of headphones.
The woo is like every other single transformer box out there. There is no protection of any kind.   Drive it with an amplifier that is too powerful (and that is fairly easy) and it will produce voltage swings well in excess of the 2320 VPPSS that the headphones can handle.   There are additional issues.
 after owning a number of each, I completely disagree with this. DOHC is a bunch more parts, less reliability, and more weight and a larger vertical footprint.GM has the LT4, 650 hp, and the new LT5 with 750 hp.dodge has the hellcat engine at 707 hpford has the flat plane crank engine more than 650 hpall 3 have heaping bunches of torque, something the dohc engines don't seem to be able to do.all are single cam pushrod. all have variable valve timing, something a fair bit...
you do have to give msb credit for being the second push pull electrostatic amp out there. Koss esp950 being the first one.   newer parts make this much easier than some of my very complicated previous attempts. ( I should have been paying attention...)   but I think I  have a better version that really is dc coupled, no input transformers, current feedback et all. and a rational input impedance. Thanks to Jason even if he does not know about it yet.  posted in the...
 Nope, not going to happen. Way to busy, and the very few amps I have built for others were presents and given away.
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