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so here is how this works   Required Slew Rate = 2 x π x Frequency x Peak Voltage  x K   we can argue about K later, different people have different ideas about the value The load is a capacitor and it takes a particular amount of current to charge/discharge the capacitor at a particular frequency and voltage.   Lets reference the maximum peak to peak output voltage of the amplifier at 1khz as 0db.   Now lets calculate what amount of current is needed to do 20khz...
its all about the voltage ratings which you really will not find in the data sheets   kt77 and others do not like 800+ volts on the plate.
http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/dsc00034.jpg http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/dsc00040.jpg   significant output dc, and the balanced inputs don't work. output stage power significantly limited, 4 x 10m90s on a single piece of metal   will see what modifications can be done   power supply +310v, -390v
birgir just got one of these, its the right idea, but at the moment is dead https://world.taobao.com/item/529487684775.htm?fromSite=main&spm=2013.1.w4023-8303326841.4.NZ9TvG   at least its cheap   6c5 on the outputs with 10m90s current source ecc83 inputs with tail current source
Kapton has high electron mobility so I think it would be very hard for it to hold any kind of charge.
  Yep, someone understands. You could do it with a pair of transformers, but then whats the point.
The high voltage switcher in the e90 is regulated, +600,-600,+15 and -15 all come from the switcher. Designed to run on D cell batteries.
upgraded power cord on a wall brick?   clearly you have never seen or listened to the koss esp950
that is what the output transformers are for, driving dynamic headphones. This is the opposite of what most amps do.
That amplifier is ac coupled, phase splitter driving 6ca7 output tubes. So similar to my all triode amp with 6ca7 replacing the 6s4 output tubes. Resistive plate load. Absolutely nothing like a T2 which is fully DC coupled and has a constant current plate load. It probably does sound pretty good, but for that price there are a number of other amplifiers out there.
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