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 absolutely not true. ayre, audio-gd, bakoon and a few other companies make audio products that have no feedback of any kindand therefore have no TIM. All are based on multiple Wilson current mirrors. now getting something like this into a portable is going to be tough.
 These two calculate to a 145 ohm output impedance.And actually its significantly more than that when you calculate fromthe voltage into a 2000 ohm load.
I finished my T2 almost exactly 5 years ago. There are 22 out there with my chassis.   There is another run of chassis from someone else, may or may not be issues with that one, I'm not keeping track.   Someone I know well will be producing a run of about 10 with newer parts. And incorporating all that we have learned in 5+ years on the T2. Board files and schematics in the usual places if you want to build yourself.   Its a bunch of work.
After a recent accident where someone built an electrostatic amplifier and then modified the bias voltage generator to get 580V into a 10M load (the DVM) and then removing the DVM and almost frying the headphones...   Here is a simple and more than 1% accurate way of measuring the bias at the stax jack without expensive or antique equipment.   This requires the DVM to actually have a 10M input...
for about the 10th time you cannot correctly measure the bias voltage at the headphone connector with a dvm with a 10M input impedance. go and find a 50 year old vtvm or a keithley
The WES is NOT my design. Not even close. I would never do that.   The GES IS my design.
that amplifier has a multiple tap output transformer to drive both kinds of headphones.   stax amps have no such transformer.   there are a couple of other amps that are built like this. I would stay away from all of them.
first picture has no voltge levels. could be 10 volts lots of conflicting published information, but no picture of 10khz at 500vac why? piles of misrepresentation here.
I was referring to the square wave graph linked to here (pic3)   because a triangle wave is useless for measuring rise times. in fact triangle waves are usually very sharp at the top and bottom peaks, something that looks very rounded in the graph above.   And yes I own 100x Tektronix probes suitable for making accurate measurements at 1kv levels. 20pf loads.
Eric I will bet you put a fair amount of work into that. Trouble is your complete lack of understanding on how electrostatic amps work.   Just about every electrostatic amp out there is balanced push pull. (frank's amp is one of the exceptions)   That means that the active element (top element kgss,kgsshv and all late model stax solid state) (bottom element stax tube, kgst,T2) is capable of way more than 9 ma of current. The 9ma of current is just the class A...
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