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el34 and 6ca7 are identical items.  kt77 is a bit different, rated more for extra current than voltage, I would not use those in a BHSE, bad things have happened in the past.
I don't make my Teflon jacks anymore, I buy them from Justin. A whole bunch easier. Although I did make a batch of male jacks.
piano counts right?   jelly roll morton   oscar peterson   art tatum   thelonius monk
i actually went to the trouble of building a rkv2. boards files available to anyone. Listened to it. Compared to many current amplifiers out there, its just awful. Very high feedback, high TIM design. (otl: lcd2,hd800,he6 etc) No way am i going to buy a verto to test it. just the passive music driven bias part alone is horrible fail.
el34ph not suitable as a replacement for pcl805 in rkv circuit due to very low B+.   only mikhail was nuts enough to do 650V B+ on an otl amp. (actually about 800V on one particular unit)   lundahl however is a great idea.  Costs a bunch more too.
 This has nothing to do with money. Nothing I do is cost effective. This is like timepieces.  There are timepieces, complicated timepieces, and grand complications. This thing is a grand complication. Just like the diy T2. Yes the transformers are a significant issue, and run of the mill stuff is going to arcy-sparky acrossthe secondary to the primary. This will require transformers that have 4KV wire and isolation. And I won't be doing microvolt noise 1000V power...
here is the preliminary amp schematic. I'm definitely going to change the output stage bias to the nelson pass opto isolator thing. there is no power supply schematic yet. i have not started on the boards yet either and this is definitely going to be a 2 box thing. all current version boards and some schematics (its a work in progress) here
maybe the next version of the verto will chuck the music driven bias and the improper loading of the transformer that attempts to control the ringing. And then it will be just like a srd7 first version of the electrostatic circlotron actually works and no flying parts. There is some output stage crossover distortion due to me running at a 1ma bias, which i will change later. Not sure that many of the diyers will like the 4 x 1000V floating output stage power supplies...
not going to be that big. The atmaspheres are AC coupled and into high impedance can probably only do 100 vpp mine are dc coupled and 2000 vppss
I guess it was time, but the stax mafia is working hard on a circlotron for electrostatics. I have 2 versions, one of which is all solid state, and fully dc coupled, and the other uses a pair of 6s4's for the gain stage, and either triodes, or ultra low capacitance silicon carbide fets for the outputs and is also fully dc coupled.   circlotrons make my brain hurt.  Its all Jason's fault.
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