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lets look at this mess for a minute.max voltage 100 VAC (peak to peak!) into 2000 ohms.  This I agree with.I measured it. Any higher voltage swing and the amp happily violatesthe cathode to filament voltage spec for the output tubes. And from someof Mikhail's creations, we know what happens when you do that. power output 5.8 watts into 220 ohms load. Do the calculations and itsthe same exact 100 VAC peak to peak. Not possible. I measured it.Less than 1 watt. And way more...
go and find pictures of the accoustat direct drive amplifiers. they were about 2 feet wide, 1 foot deep and 1 foot high and were about 350 watts each. I owned a pair for quite a while. great rock and roll speakers. Played amazingly loud.
current source still not right.  +15 should be ground. And no reason to cascode it.
The load is a capacitor.  So at 100hz for example the effective load of the headphones is -J13M but a 20khz its -J66K. So for low frequencies the current capabilities are virtually zero, but at 20khz its about 5ma with 450V power supplies.   So you want the bias to be at least 5.5ma to keep the output stage in class A at all times.   my new beast is 20ma at +/-600v power supplies.
the -15 should be +15
What is the sound of one hand clapping?
nothing wrong with the topology of current stax amps, and the 727 can be fixed and pretty easy too. The issue with unreg power supplies is that of size. Cramming a fully regulated supply inside the same size box is a big problem. And the extra heat is a problem too. Much easier to put big external heatsinks on the box instead of inside the box.
all my measurements were at 100 vrms output. The standard for measurements.   10v of output shows but a small fraction of the issues. Not the least of which is the decrease of damping factor of the amplifier at higher voltage swings.     measured your way, my numbers are about -5db at 10khz   lets see some real pictures showing square waves at 100 vpp output   using only a voltmeter you have no idea what the real voltage is, whether there are any peaks in the...
The + and -350 supplies will end up at +/-175  so it will make some music. but the bias will be off, the voltage range will be off etc. Person obviously has no clue.
The master-2 is every bit as good as the fpb600, maybe even a bit better, but lower in power. compared to current krell product, every bit as good for 10% of the price.
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