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none of the screws were ever glued in place.   they do however rust in place and are just loads of fun to get out. when you do, you replace with the stainless steel ones, and no more trouble.
amplifier part for part identical.  lots more heatsink   power supply, fully regulated vs completely unregulated.   T2 original spec is 18ma per tube
they are really nice with the carbon
you can look back to the T2 project to see how this is going to progress. the only difference is that I'm not doing custom chassis, because   1) I don't need to this time 2) I would rather not up front $35k and loose $2k in the process   I will be supplying drill files for the heatsink etc. So in the end, this will be as easy to build as a T2.   if you want to build it earlier, and you have the abilities to do the chassis work, then by all means make it easier on...
I do not post pictures of hand wired prototypes that run on stacks of bench power supplies. Sorry, don't want people trying to duplicate stuff like that.
The form factor of that dual 900v supply does not fit the box.   There is a singles version of the power supply (you need 2 per channel) that is form factor compatible with the 5U amp chassis. The latest version of the singles 900v supply also includes the layout for the 4 wire mundorf electrolytic caps, which are very sweet. (non magnetic, copper wires etc)   This really needs to be a one box amp for safety reasons.   There are also the "fat" versions of the...
The name of the amp is "Nanotube"   works with every electrostatic headphone. koss and he90 included.   amazing on sr-002   someone else can answer the rest of the questions.
all of the circlotron boards have now been published and i believe that they are all final versions. There were a couple of very minor changes in the last few weeks related to moving connectors to various places etc. i'm super happy with it. there are a total of 4 floating high voltage power supplies, 2 high voltage power supplies referenced to ground, 2 low voltage power supplies referenced to ground, and a bias supply also referenced to ground. Then there are 2 driver...
not even close to truehttp://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/oxford500.jpg 11.7 teslathe core weighs in at about 800lbs, 25 miles of wire active field in the center of the core is only 5mm wide and 3cm vertical whole body nmr's are a completely different thing, and run at much much lower field strength.even then, the active field is 1 foot in x and y and about 3 inches in z twisted cables when checked on a time domain reflectometer show all sorts ofissues with respect to...
history lesson   back in the picture tube color television (ntsc) days   there was a specific inductor in every single tv. this inductor was about 50 turns around a ferrite core with a magnet on one end.   This was specifically to change its inductance on the positive sweep vs the negative retrace.   magnets used with cables for audio purposes can actually do damage to the signal.
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