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flat cable has pin 1 marked, bias are pins 2 and 5   always
the nt503 has a real oled display (I just took it apart and looked) but the one in your picture sure looks like a VF display. and all VF displays do this.  likely a standard part, take it apart and look for the part number and manufacturer.
 no that is not how they did it.  They clipped the 120v primary wire on each of the 2 windings leaving 2 x 0-100v windings most of the time you can get at the wires and repair them. If the sticker on the back says 100v only, then the primary wires are probably cut off.
Unplug and turn 180 degrees so it points at 117 Works as long as transformer wires are not cut
the original bias headphones were 230v bias, and each one had a separate resistor to the bias source hence the 6 pins (resistors inside the amp box)   so using a pro bias cable would put both diaphrams in parallel, and any possible arc in one diaphram might do damage to the other one. remember that the original bias headphones had closer diaphram to stator spacing, and higher capacitance.
not true, one channel of a normal bias headphone would have no bias if used with the 5 pin pro extension cable.
making your own stax male jacks is easy, chinsettawong does them with a 3d printer I made about 50 of these, they are all gone now   my original prototype   production   all Teflon version   I will post featurecam source code once I find it. each one needs the parts from 2 x neutrik male xlr connectors, so it...
and measure the resistance at the power plug before and after (with the power switch on)
  I think this is right  (yeah the text is small)   top row blue brown grey purple green white yellow second row 6 5 4 3 2 1 third row 2 1   for 220v disconnect both jumpers   move the white wire to pin 6   add one jumper between 3 and 4   for 120v white wire goes to 3rd row pin 1 jumpers 1 to 4 3 to 6
Need better picture of the board, but all stax are identical circuits Unsolder the 2 jumpers Use an ohmmeter to find the pair of 0,100,120v windings Wire one side of ac line to appropriate 0. (This one should be hard wired) Then 120v to 0 of other winding, and then 120v of that winding to the fuse Will look up other pictures I have in a few hours
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