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kingsound documentation is clearly wrong and probably for a reason. The measured bias on both the solid state and tube amp are the same as high bias stax, if not a little higher on the tube amp due to an unregulated power supply. Got the upgraded headphones back from drew and they are better than the original, but really about the same as the low end stax headphones.
The reason the stax transformer boxes are "safe" is because the power plug is polarized so neutral is always ground, the voltage multiplier is different from the one you show, and the output of the multiplier feeds a very high resistance. But in general doing this is a bad idea.
where is the ice?
 will be fine other than the mismatch between real stax jacks and the amphenol parts
6 pin plugs have 2 bias wires, one for each side.
none of the new boards are  designed for 2sk389 anymore.   use lsk170b singles, available from or lsk389b available from trendsetter
I think these are all the current boards
this is the female jack, but the numbers are the same (in inches)   2.5mm is too large in diameter.
well these guys from here   but they cost more than buying the neutrik connectors and they don't have the umbrella flair that keeps them in the hole. The pins come out in seconds with an appropriately drilled piece of aluminum and a small bench vise.   Its not about cost, its about having the perfect...
from an idea by chinsettawong.   I trashed 2 x neutrik male gold xlr's. which makes the piece above about $20 so far plus the machined cap   they are exactly the correct size, 3/32 inch
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