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Although this is the stax thread... The singlepower sds and sds xlr are both white cathode follower output stage circuits. A shared dual triode is the input gain For both channels (or balanced phases of one channel) and the output of this stage is DC coupled to the top cathode follower Output tube. A resistor between the plate of this tube and B+ is capacitvely coupled to the grid of the bottom tube resulting In a push pull output stage. Due to voltages involved,...
 I designed the grlv power supply boards. And they are used for all sorts of stuff now.  ssdynalobal, ssdynahibal, uberamp2 (30v for unbal/bal/cast front end, 40v for output predrivers) and a couple of other things that have not been published yet.
is the grlv supply better, yep also more money and more physical space.   some say they can hear the difference.  If you have $35k in top of the line audio precision you can definitely measure a difference.   the diy-T2 had the option from the start of dual mono power supplies.  Don't know anyone crazy enough to build it that way.
the input circuit with the jfet and the top current source is a folded cascode. (one of john curl's favorite things) followed by a voltage translator which the integrated circuit folks have a name for which I forgot.   the load for the (tube or transistor) at the output is a cascade.   not the same thing.   edit:  folded telescopic cascode
a picture of the plug would be helpful
ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT.  I don't do anything (and I do mean anything) with transformers in the audio path.The woo wee is a srd7 done wrong. The woo ges is my design.And woo audio builds it very well.
2 fuses required for EU and 240V
I just received information that Chu Moy passed away in Reno Nevada on February 12,2016   Very sad.
 fine, that's the new name.  do I put it on the driver, output or power supply?or all of them?
ripping off the front panel to get to the screws to open the thing up probably does void the warranty.
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