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the resistance of the headphones measured at the headphones, disconnected and discharged is something like 700 megohms. Mainly due to typically 30% relative humidity plus other particulates.
no it is not an open circuit.   It is the impedance of air over that distance. Its several hundred megohms.   There are voltmeters with 1G input impedance, and these work just fine.   Or measure the bias before the 5M or 10M resistor
sr-001smallest, lightest and fastest diaphram of all electrostatics
I think the added transformers are a pretty simple thing to do.   eric, you now have to buy the burson, the various audio-gd discrete opamps, and a few of the others and start opamp rolling with your tube rolling.   you could keep this thread going on forever.
I am sure that wink can build a rkv if he wants to. Complete with tesla coil on top. Someone needs to bring a GSX2 to the meet so eric can hear it.
 Don't know how you calculate, but each he6 needs 4 to 5 watts. So say a minimum of 64 watts of power. That's not going to happen on luminare
 An amplifier like this designed for speakers would have absolutely no trouble driving 2 x k1000 @ 120 ohms each, and 1 x he6 @ 50 ohms all at thesame time. In fact the combined impedance of about 27 ohms is still high compared to the 8 or 4 ohm load a speaker would have.
I am absolutely convinced that I can build a KGST and a SSDynalo balanced into one box, not much bigger than a luminare.   No compromise. Best of both. At the same time.   For about $1500 including chassis.   Could do the same thing for a T2 and a SSdynahi, but the box is going to be a whole lot bigger.   Find a singlepower concerto. Does electrostatic and dynamic.
 I am sure this is true
nonsense?   Corvette C7, 4 rotors, 4 sets of pads, plus labor  $1400   Audi R8, 4 rotors, 4 sets of pads, plus labor  $3700   Carerra 4S, 4 rotors, 4 sets of pads plus labor $5600   Bugatti  oil change $21000
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