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So the problem with linear wall bricks (like the one supplied with this unit) is that the regulation is very poor and the current capabilities are very limited.   The back of the amp clearly states 9 volts, 1 amp maximum.   Unlike the srm212,srmXh and other stax battery amps which run an open loop power supply the E90 does attempt to regulate the power supply voltages, and since its NOT a class A amplifier like the stax units, audio will make the power supply...
here you go eric   does all headphones including stax, also does 30 watts speakers far lower distortion, much higher damping factor balanced input, balanced output and more important both better built, and a significantly cheaper
 They measure single stator to ground, equivalent 1600V OTL mode. There is none. That is the point. No nasty output capacitors, andmuch better transformers. power into loads... At least 4 times greater and at much lower distortion
the malvalve is direct drive for electrostatics, with push pull inductor load, same as the electra. for dynamic headphones, it has at least 4 times the output power.
due to a massive ordering failure, I have a bunch of venus sacd's, single layer brand new in original packaging, $30 each plus shipping   new York trio, blues in the night tsuyoshi yamamoto trio, speak low phil woods with strings, the thrill is gone david hazeltine trio, alice in wonderland nicki parrott, moon river Massimo farao' trio, luiza eric alexander quartet, gentle ballads iii eddie Higgins quartet, my foolish heart eddie Higgins quintet a handful of...
SET and electrostatics typically don't play well together. So you would need 2 of them, one for each channel and then have to completely rewire everything and put in an extra tube hole so that you can run balanced in and push pull output. And then you still need a pair of output transformers per mono block. So you are already at $10k+
at least $10k. and remember that I don't build anything for sale. nickel/silver transformers are probably $1k or more each.
I want to see a bigger picture of the fish tank.
if you short the input to the amplifiers, and if there is still noise (likely) then that is all you can do. Speaker amplifiers driving high impedance headphones are designed for different purposes.
If i was going to do a 300B multipurpose  amp, it would be very expensive.   First it would be a push pull amp, fully balanced. So 4 x 300B. And since its a DHT amp, might as well make it an all DHT amp. So the input and driver tubes have to be DHT too.   There would be 2 different output transformers, one specifically designed and wound for electrostatic use (controlled leakage impedance) and the other would be wound very differently and multi-tapped for...
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