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That is not the standard method of measuring damping factor used in the industry and probably gives different answers. Especially on high power amplifiers where you would have to load the amplifier with a resistance far lower than the desired load.   What you can do is use one amplifier channel to drive the other thru a resistor, then use a sound card as the signal generator. you can even use the sound card to measure back both the driving and driven channel. Get a...
The minimum you need to do this is a true rms reading digital voltmeter, a low output impedance signal generator, and a resistor, typically 10 ohms to 50 ohms.   you use the signal generator to force feed a signal thru the resistor back into the output of the amplifier. you measure the rms voltage on both sides of the resistor and calculate the impedance of the amplifier.   if the amplifier has a high damping factor you will need a signal generator that can put out...
Actually, a balanced version of the GES board will be available soon.
 The 6s4A output tube, the fet current source, and the higher and regulated voltages make a substantial difference. And coming VERY soon a much easier to build T2 in a standard chassis(that said, its still a massive amount of work)
So that is 20 watts per fet, 40 watts And its at least 40 watts for the power supply per channel since the power supply is at most 50% efficient plus the rest of the power supplies, it is probably close to 90 watts per channel.
full power circlotron testing this weekend   target is 40 watts of heat per channel.   All 3 of the 1700V SiC mosfets are to247 cases so the final chassis work is going to be brutal.
there is no reason that it could not be, but I'm working on the solid state version first. The circuit would otherwise be identical. You just have to add floating filaments. Which means 4 extra windings on the transformers.
  That picture gives me vertigo. I like that. Thanks for the names.So it will be KGSSHV-CARBON edition  (very soon now)and KGSSHV-CARBON-CIRCLOTRON edition  (the power supply scares me)
el34 and 6ca7 are identical items.  kt77 is a bit different, rated more for extra current than voltage, I would not use those in a BHSE, bad things have happened in the past.
I don't make my Teflon jacks anymore, I buy them from Justin. A whole bunch easier. Although I did make a batch of male jacks.
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