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  Sure, see below, hopefully what you wanted to see is visible..   Plexi seems to be pretty much fine for the voltage - there's quite a bit of it between the pins; there's much less fibreglass between the traces on the PCB.   Speaking of which, I had to peel off a couple of layers of fibreglass off the PCB to get it to the correct thickness of around 1.2mm. If you do it - please be super-extra careful, peeling is not fun. Get your PCB fixed nice and tight and use...
Hah, I hacked me a ghetto-style adapter for my SR-001 mkII to plug them into my SRM-007tA today (ripped pins from a couple of el-cheapo XLR sockets; a small circle cut out of plex with 2.5mm holes to hold them pins in their correct places; a bunch of nice colourful wires, and a small piece of PCB cut to size with groves between traces cut by a dremel grinder), and boy, what a reward! These tiny things are very, very sweet when driven by a proper amp!   Now, if you...
  Weird - I swear I remember replying to this, but can't seem to find my answer post. :( Apologies.   I'm using SRM-007tA at the moment; finding the combo very good, but wishing for a bit more bass. There is a new solid state amp on its way to me from, which I am hoping will improve things.   -- Dmitri
  Thank you, looks like this is exactly the way I'm using it!
David,   Thank you, this is what I'm thinking, too. Tried to turn them the other way - doesn't feel to be very comfortable, and doesn't seem to make much difference to the sound, either...   -- Dmitri
Apologies for a newbie question, but what is the "correct" position of pads on SR-007A? Is the flatter side of a D-shaped cut-out supposed to be pointing back, or toward the face? I'm a bit confused by it - if the cut-out is to follow the shape of the ear, then the flat side should be in front; however pad is thicker there, too - which I would have expected to be at the back, so as to position the earspeakers angled toward the listener...   Confused. :(  
From     There are a few more interesting points there on that page; please read as they are, of course, important. :)
Would anybody know what kind of SQ improvement out of an SR007A could be achieved by swapping the stock tubes in an SRM007tA with a set of US-made Raytheon 6CG7s?   Thanks! :)
  Thanks for the info. I'll take it one step at a time - I know Kevin's amps are great, but I guess it will have to wait for a little bit more. :)
Hello everyone,   Just pulled a trigger on a Stax SR-007A with SRM-007TA combo, which will be my first full size Stax set (I have had a SRS-001 mk2 for a while, along with a bunch of various dynamic headphones and in-ears).   I intend to feed it via XLR connections out of a Cambridge Audio DAC Macgic Plus, connected via USB to an Apple laptop playing lossless audio files.   As I bought it sight unseen over the Internet, I would much appreciate anything...
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