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Apologies for a newbie question, but what is the "correct" position of pads on SR-007A? Is the flatter side of a D-shaped cut-out supposed to be pointing back, or toward the face? I'm a bit confused by it - if the cut-out is to follow the shape of the ear, then the flat side should be in front; however pad is thicker there, too - which I would have expected to be at the back, so as to position the earspeakers angled toward the listener...   Confused. :(  
From     There are a few more interesting points there on that page; please read as they are, of course, important. :)
Would anybody know what kind of SQ improvement out of an SR007A could be achieved by swapping the stock tubes in an SRM007tA with a set of US-made Raytheon 6CG7s?   Thanks! :)
  Thanks for the info. I'll take it one step at a time - I know Kevin's amps are great, but I guess it will have to wait for a little bit more. :)
Hello everyone,   Just pulled a trigger on a Stax SR-007A with SRM-007TA combo, which will be my first full size Stax set (I have had a SRS-001 mk2 for a while, along with a bunch of various dynamic headphones and in-ears).   I intend to feed it via XLR connections out of a Cambridge Audio DAC Macgic Plus, connected via USB to an Apple laptop playing lossless audio files.   As I bought it sight unseen over the Internet, I would much appreciate anything...
Does anybody's DMP exhibit the following problem: when turned on, the "Incoming Sample Rate" LED doesn't come on? I have to turn it off and on a few times until the LED comes on. I'm powering the DMP while not connected to the laptop. If I connect DMP to the laptop when the LED hasn't come up, there's no sound.   DMP is in USB2 mode, I'm feeding it from an Apple laptop.   Cheers!
Well, that's good-bye to my EF2 - being superseded by DM+ :) It served me very well, must say! :)
Mine exhibit exactly the same problem, when source sound volume is low, they cut out and play some buzz/noise. What I've done, which has helped a bit, was to decrease volume on the headphones themselves and increased the volume on the source (TV's headphone out).   Frankly, a bit of a disgrace...
Got one today, with the BT100 module.   If you are interested whether to get a BT100, here's my thoughts:   1) It works only in 44.1kHz 2) At least with my 2011 MacBook Air, sound audibly clips if you set volume on the Mac higher then ~50%. Sound quality, compared with the USB 2.0 connection is notably worse (which is understandable, as there is compression used on the Bluetooth radio interface). However, the convenience of not having to lay in bed with my...
Boomy/Larry, Thanks for the thoughts, certainly appreciated! As Larry pointed out, when the EF2's volume is set to "normal listening level", the background hiss is barely audible, so I guess it is normal. Now, back to listening.
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