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Why, thank you! :)  
Originally purchased in December 2006; upgraded with Audiocats' "SuperFatCat" pack - capacitors and 8599 opamps in Jan 2009. Works beautifully, cosmetically - as new.   Please note that it has NOT been converted for Li-ion battery use, and expects a regular 3-4.5V DC, just as the original.   If you like, I'll throw in for free my "ghetto-style" Stax Pro adapter that will allow use of these with any Stax Pro amp/energiser - works 100%, as I used them with my...
In "as-new" condition, this original EF-2 headphone amp with a built-in Burr-Brown DAC has been upgraded with Mullard 1984-vintage tubes. Works perfectly and is being sold only because I no longer need it as I have a better system now.   Power supply is 220V only, with pins twisted to fit into Australian power sockets. If you are located in a country with 110V mains, you will need a transformer or a compatible power supply.   The price is all-inclusive - postage...
This is an original ALO-made cryo-treated dock adapter, made in January 2007 with Jena wire and Neutrik right angle plug.   This cable will NOT work correctly with newer iPods and iPhones, as they require a resistor between certain pins. It will work fine with Gen 5 / 5.5 iPods and first gen iPod Touch.   Price is all-inclusive - postage and PayPal fees, no more to pay.
Dear spritzer,   Apologies for inadvertently "advertising" the BM - I certainly didn't mean to use my post to propmote commercial interests of any kind. I only wanted to share my personal positive experience with a product that appears to work very well in my particular circumstances.   Cheers,   -- Dmitri
Following up on my quest to find a replacement for my DacMagic Plus (DMP): I think I'm settled on the Beresford Bushmaster (thank you for pointing it out, SquireC!).   I auditioned Audio-gd's Reference 7.1, that was kindly recommended by the AddictedToAudio's folks, and found it a very noticeable step up from the DMP. However, at the price point of the Bushmaster I just could't pass it, and boy was I rewarded. It sure delivers in spades; and while I somewhat lament...
Thanks so much to everyone who answered. Looks like I have busy times ahead! :)   -- Dmitri
Dear all,   Wonder if anybody could help to guide a newbie here. I feel that an upgrade is probably in order for my Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus, but what to, is a big question. There is a nice local shop with a good selection of equipment nearby, and it would be great to know which particular items from their offering are worth paying attention to.   If somebody would care enough to have a look at what they have on offer and single out a few models worth...
  Hi Georg,   Check this post earlier in this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/223263/the-stax-thread-new/18960#post_8556506
  Thank you, sir! :) Considering that the piece of plex was actually a self-adhesive coat hanger that got a bit of a trimming and whatnot, too. :)   And thanks for the idea on how to pretty it up, I'll see if I can do it when I have time.   -- Dmitri
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