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Oh, noes... I was *so* hoping to see some news on the successors to the 4070... :( :( :(
Do you by chance have a 4070 that you wouldn't mind letting go of? ;) I would buy it in a flash.. :)
I am looking to buy an SR-4070, ideally "as-new" or as close to new as possible. If you have a pair that is gathering dust (hopefully in its flight case) since you've got your 009s, please let me know. Thank you -- Dmitri
Dear Audiofillet,   This item is pretty much brand-new, and the price includes PayPal fees, shipping, and a transformer.   Cheers,   -- Dmitri
For sale these immaculate Shure SE530 in-ear monitors, with full complement of the E500 PTH accessories.   I originally bought the E500, but its cable cracked, and the monitors themselves were replaced for me. You can see in the pictures that the monitors are SE530. The cable used on them is very different from that of E500, and I used them for a good while without any problems.   Sound quality is excellent, and there are no cosmetic problems with them...
Anybody with a KGSS/KGSSHV and/or KGBH/BHSE here from around Melbourne (Australia)? I would love to see if I'm missing out on anything that would be audible/noticeable enough to me vs. my current combination..
Brand-new, unused DACMagic Plus, with brand-new, unused BT100 module. The included power supply is universal (110/220).   The price is all-inclusive - trackable postage and PayPal fees covered.
Brand-new (3 months old, pretty much unused) SRM-007tA. Purchased from PriceJapan (therefore apologies but the serial number is blurred, as suggested by PriceJapan so that they can provide support should you need it).   Comes with PriceJapan's transformer, which, as far as I understand, can take either 220/240 or 110/130V and turn it into 100V.   The price is all-inclusive - trackable postage + PayPal fees are all covered.
I'm immensely enjoying my Transistor-Amp V4, built for me by Andreas ( When paired with the SR-007A, it is very clearly superior to my Stax SRM-007tA, which is collecting dust now. To my ears the sound is noticeably more open and transparent.   I believe it pushes 1500V stator to stator. Cost-wise, it turned out very comfortably within the price range you're considering.   One thing I'm not sure about is the availability of some of the components...
Peter,   I have sale pending; if it doesn't go through, I will have a look for you re: board revision and what the mod looks like.   There is no power adapter included with this.   Cheers,   -- Dmitri  
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