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*Sigh* my honeymoon with the 4070 is over. :( Too heavy and not deep enough for my my ears. Off to the "for sale" forum..   Sad panda. :(
So, my honeymoon with the 4070 that I was hunting down for almost a year is now over - I've found them to be too heavy and not deep enough for my ears.   I'm very happy with them in all other aspects - sound quality is excellent; I suspect they would pair with tube amp better than an SS, as their upper end is slightly elevated. Outward isolation is good - I can listen at normal volumes without causing any complains from my better half.   I've swapped the original...
  Thanks for the info. I do understand that a lot of the home chemistry isn't good for one's health, so stick to well-ventilated environments and short exposures.   The stuff that I used is sold under the name "Shellite", which I assumed, probably incorrectly, being the same as benzene. If it isn't the same, then that would explain the absense of problems with the CD jewel cases.
milosz, Michgelsen - thanks for the info; I think I'll stick to the ethanol.   spritzer - in my original post I've included a picture of the instructions printed on the original Stax box, which says, verbatim: "The remaining old double-sided tape should be cleaned by rubbing with absorbent gauze soaked in alcohol or benzene. It can be removed by trimming little by little with the fingertips. Under no circumstances use solvents such as paint thinner."   So benzene...
  Correct. And considering that I stuck the first pad onto the wrong driver, I just oredered a second set (from audiocubes2, because PriceJapan told me these are backordered at the dealer they are buying from, with ETA of 4 *MONTHS*).   I'm guessing that the fact the the instruction steps for replacing pads are written bottom up (step #1 is at the bottom, see picture I posted) didn't help the matters. :) Anyway, live and learn, and hopefully my fingers that I buggered up...
Yeh, not sure what these guys sell.. Sad to hear about the sell-off, too..
  4070 been discontinued for a good while. Took me a fair bit of patience and luck to track my pair down. Considering that you're in Mel, so we could get together someday, no prob. I'd love to check out your Omegas, too.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think I'll try to use an old credit card to scrape off most of the residue, and then clean with ethanol. Actually, the box with the 507 pads has printed instrustions on it, which recommend ethanol or benzene.   For your enjoyment, here's probably the only 4070 with different pads on (I just can't get myself to torture my fingers doing the second driver at this point):   ...which in itself is an interesting experience - to...
If anybody could suggest the best way of taking off the old pads from a 4070 (or a Lambda) without tearing/blistering skin on one's fingers when trying to "roll" the residual sticky off, I would be very much obliged...   Thanks :)
Seller has 0 feedback. Hmm. :)
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