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Yeh, not sure what these guys sell.. Sad to hear about the sell-off, too..
  4070 been discontinued for a good while. Took me a fair bit of patience and luck to track my pair down. Considering that you're in Mel, so we could get together someday, no prob. I'd love to check out your Omegas, too.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think I'll try to use an old credit card to scrape off most of the residue, and then clean with ethanol. Actually, the box with the 507 pads has printed instrustions on it, which recommend ethanol or benzene.   For your enjoyment, here's probably the only 4070 with different pads on (I just can't get myself to torture my fingers doing the second driver at this point):   ...which in itself is an interesting experience - to...
If anybody could suggest the best way of taking off the old pads from a 4070 (or a Lambda) without tearing/blistering skin on one's fingers when trying to "roll" the residual sticky off, I would be very much obliged...   Thanks :)
Seller has 0 feedback. Hmm. :)
Oh, noes... I was *so* hoping to see some news on the successors to the 4070... :( :( :(
Do you by chance have a 4070 that you wouldn't mind letting go of? ;) I would buy it in a flash.. :)
I am looking to buy an SR-4070, ideally "as-new" or as close to new as possible. If you have a pair that is gathering dust (hopefully in its flight case) since you've got your 009s, please let me know. Thank you -- Dmitri
Dear Audiofillet,   This item is pretty much brand-new, and the price includes PayPal fees, shipping, and a transformer.   Cheers,   -- Dmitri
For sale these immaculate Shure SE530 in-ear monitors, with full complement of the E500 PTH accessories.   I originally bought the E500, but its cable cracked, and the monitors themselves were replaced for me. You can see in the pictures that the monitors are SE530. The cable used on them is very different from that of E500, and I used them for a good while without any problems.   Sound quality is excellent, and there are no cosmetic problems with them...
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