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 Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Interesting note about the need for desktop setup; I was hoping for exactly the opposite. To my ears, TH-900 works scary well straight out of iPhone, and I'm also not too sure about the "recessed mids" sentiment, since when pitted against SR-009/KGSSHV with the same upstream (DAC/source) the only major difference to me is in bass. Shame about Z7. Oh, well. :)
Just came back from Sony store after a quick listen to the Z7; I'd even say "embarrassingly quick" listen, because they immediately sounded very "congested" to me, on any track I tried. Source - iPhone 6 with lossless tracks that I know very well and listened to many times, both straight out of iPhone with TH-900, and via my bedside rig to either TH-900 or SR-009.. And I'm not talking some minute differences - it was very, blandly obvious.   I saw here a few comparisons...
Sold :)
Sale pending..
I've upgraded to a KGSS-HV, and thus selling my trusty Transistoramp V4 (see for full details, schematics, and specs; and for a brief review).   This one is built by the designer himself (Andreas). I have had no issues with it since I got it new in September 2012. I used it with SR-007 mkII, 4070, SR-001, and SR-009, and it performed flawlessly with...
 Reporting back after getting one and trying it with the TH900: it mates absolutely flawlessly. There is also a -20dB switch which is there specially for low-impedance headphones. I'm using mine with this switch off, don't really see any need for it.
  David seems to like his TH900 with this amp:
  This isn't an SS, it's one of Andreas' tubed amps.
  The guy who sold me these originally paid 2100 euro for them, as he bought them in Europe. Yes, I know they were about $1,600 from pricejapan just a few years ago; but the last one I didn't manage to win on yahoo JP only ~3 months ago went for more than that, and it was in worse condition that mine, also missing its flight case, IIRC.
Because I spent euros buying them.
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