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Quote: Originally Posted by ezkcdude This is some of the most annoying metal I've heard in a long time. .
Now Diabolical was trash
Autopsy should do ya good.
Does anyone else listen to Brutality? They have some of the best riffs I've ever heard.
Not trying to make an insult at all (I do love my punk) but most of it is 2-4 chords haha
When I listened I came to a different conclusion :P
If someone thinks Black Sabbath, Toxik, Suffocation, and Hibria ALL SOUND ALIKE, they have something wrong with them. Hell, going from Suffocation to a band like Possessed is still a noticeable difference. Also I really hate the "Metalheads only listen to metal" thing. While some do, that clearly isn't representative of the whole of the genres fans. Just look here: ZackP1992’s Music Profile – Users at
Not death metal, but Toxik is some of the best thrash ever recorded.
Eww br00t death
EyeHateGod is sludge, Neurosis is crazy weird sludge w/ metal, tribal, and ambient influences (well, their early stuff is hardcore), Earth is drone, and Boris is all over the place. PS: Just giving genres out for the people who are wondering.
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