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Is the sigma worth getting? Which one is the best to look for?
Better or worse than a Woo Wee?
All i can say so far is HD800 > HD580/HD650
What is your favorite position on the custom one?
After briefly hearing the o2mk2, I would say it is the best headphone I've heard that is not AKG
Get a K712 or K702.65
Ya the K812 is definitively something to try down the road
I own a stupid amount of AKG headphones. I can grab any pair I own and enjoy the hell out of them. Can't say that about any other company.
It's not a bad headphone but the midrange seems a bit off me thinks. The K712 sounds like a desperate attempt to make the K701 sound like a Sennheiser HD6?0/HD580 which resulted a mutant child that actually sounds really nice and perfectly complements my Q701. The K712 killed any and all my desire to own a HD6?0/HD580 again. I'm giving Sennheiser another chance with the HD800 soon.
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