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German ebay ( usually has them for $950-$1000 which is the cheapest I've seen them go for now. You might find a pair in the for sale section here and USA ebay between $950-$1750. You would be extremely lucky to find a working pair in decent condition for around $700.
I like the more forward and engaging presentation of the K1K and sextett. Really I could live with just one headphone overall of any of the top five.  I agree, The K701/K702 had a bit of harshness that isn't as noticeable on the Q701.
Probably will change since I'm throwing a stax to the mix in the future:   1. AKG K1000 (I used to not like it as much... I'm using a different amp) 2. AKG K240 Sextett (a close second) 3. AKG K240 DF 4. AKG Q701 5. AKG K240 Monitor 6. Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm 7. MB Quart QP400 8. MB Quart QP250 9. AKG K260 (could be higher, don't use too often) 10. AKG K340 (could be higher, don't use too often) 11. Grado MS1000 with wood cups 12. Denon AH-D2000 13....
If you hold them to the light, you can see the color of the passive drivers as either white, white with orange edges or completely orange.
Dammit, you guys are making me want to get one but I really think this headphone should be at least $100 less...
What color are the passive drivers?
nvm they sound better out of a vintage receiver i found at the salvation army.
Going back from different AKG headphones, the Q701 seems so distant sounding. Not that it is a bad thing but they are definitively not forward sounding.
The first thing would be the comfort rather than sound
Is it worth buying if you already got a Q701? I am so damn curious about this one...
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