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This might be interesting to some people...
After trying the K701, K702, Q701 and K712, I would have to say that the Q701 is my favorite out of the three. The K1000 still is my favorite AKG headphone but I've yet to try the K812. Really I'd just be happy with a sextet lol
Stax SR-007 MK2.5 Black ($1300 shipped): Comes with the storage box. Headphones are in great condition but with a small scratch on the left cup. Pictures are in the next post. Final price drop.   HD800 ($950 shipped): Headphones are in above average condition with some mild scuffs. Comes with the storage box that has some scuffs on it too. I don't need to get rid of these, I just don't use it very often to justify keeping it.   AKG K712 ($275 shipped): Headphones are...
i think i could live with the q701 as my only headphone. i like the k1k better but not a whole lot more. i like the q701 over the k712
I drive a silver 2001 Toyota Echo. I wouldn't have it any other way ahahaha
I used to drink everclear straight from the bottle. Go hard or go home.
I been a big derp lately and gotta pay future medical bills that would have been completely avoidable. This headphone has the original storage box. It has a small scratch on the left cup and i don't think it would show up in a picture anyway. Maybe i'll post a picture of the actual headphone once i get interest. Also might get rid of the rest of my Stax related stuff like my Woo Wee energizer, two 2.5 meter extension cables and SR-407 with SR-507 pads. Paypal gift and I'll...
hate to break the rules but this is a great headphone, grab it!
i am maybe just a little bit curious how the k812s sound
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