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am I weird if I like the lambdas more than the omegas so far?
At one point I owned 5 pairs at once and now I am down to one pair. My personal preference are the black box or lower serial pairs due to noticeably weightier bottom end and less shrill highs... but the difference isn't super huge. Even though I'd say that the K1000 is the best sounding headphone I've heard so far, the AKG K240DF is my favorite overall. Anyway, AKG should really release an updated model like a K1001 since I'd buy it almost instantly. I agree that nothing...
AKG K1000 ($1300 shipped) - This is a low serial pair. They sound soinically flawless to me. As you can tell by the pictures, they are recabled with a robust cable. The temple pads were replaced at one point in time and are held together by double-sided tape (originally, K1000 temple pads are held together by blue sticky "goop"). I am selling at the same price I bought them for but the previous owner didn't include a pigtail cable in which I will include on the...
I was a dumbass and sold all my pairs, i still want one back. holla if u got it
I think my goal was to find the headphone that would help me release the most DMT naturally, the K1000 is the closest I've gotten so far
im just saying if people are interested in fiddling around with sound processors
VST plugins like 4front headphones should mimic something like the BAP-1000 I would think.
Stax SR-507 is my favorite lambda so far after trying the SR-404, SR-407, SR-303 and Nova Basic. I like it when an electrostatic headphone just happens to be really bassy.
Yep, it is still my favorite but only if I adjust it correctly. I remember having tried it seven years ago and disliked it but I didn't know you could adjust the temple pads at the time. I always have the drivers all the way out and the temple pads pushed all the way out. People that complain about the bass being too lean when the drivers are too far probably haven't heard my pair that I replaced the back-foams with thick foam cutouts. Some K1000s just sound different...
The AKG K1000 is love. The AKG K1000 is life.
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