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Do the low serial pairs (3000 or lower) have no temple pad sliding notches? My higher serial has locking positions on it, but not my lower one.
I was thinking about somehow making my own too. Pairs with completely flat temple pads can get uncomfortable with the drivers all the way out. I got a pair that has its temple pads held together with double sided sticky tape so I have to be careful. You can try cutting out shipping foam and taping it on, but it would look crappy
oh wow im buying that album asap
this damn headphone is the closest thing I found to the meaning of life
To be fair, it isn't so much the metal part of the headphone but the fabric or kevlar material that seems to easily get scratch. When taking out the cable connector, I scratched it a bit. Oh well.
You're in for a treat
Not sure if this is a response you are looking for but I find that the DT880 600ohm with a good amplifier to be very exciting and neutral. I haven't heard the T1, but that might be worth checking out too if it is a similar sound presentation.
Anybody near DuPage, Illinois that would let me try their HE90/HE60?
Is a KGSS/KGSSHV considered a big upgrade over a Woo Wee/Beta 22 combo that I am using now? I kinda maybe wanna build more amplifiers. I'm not doing tubes, at least not yet.
What pisses me off about this headphone is how easily you can scuff it.
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