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 Ha, I actually own and use these as my  workout headphones right now. They are pretty good, but still not quite as deep an insertion as I would like - it takes some doing even with the flanges to get them to really lock into my ear canal and stay put.
Hey-   I tend to burn through headphones at a fast pace when I'm working out, so I'm trying to find something that meets the following criteria:   Most important: -Inexpensive (<$50) -Deep insertion into the ear canal (Soundmagic E30 was too shallow) -Built to be worn over the ear   Nice to have: -Decent sound quality with a bass emphasis -Durable cable and strain reliefs -Straight insertion plug   What can you guys think of that fits these criteria?
Hey-   Rethm is still alive and kicking, unfortunately that headphone amp never went into production. I still have the only unit of it sitting on my desk next to my computer, haha. The "Gaanam" name that was attached to that amp is now used as the model designation for Rethm's integrated speaker amplifier:         
The proportions and design look similar to some of the Audio-Technica stuff, although without the "wings" on top
EDIT - Sale Pending   Hi guys-   I'm selling a pair of HD650s on behalf of a friend. They have been recabled with Blue Dragon, as you can see in the photos. Details on the condition:   -I'd say they're in "good" to "very good" condition - the paint job is unblemished as far as I can tell, hasn't succombed to the cracking/chipping that happens with some of these   -They are functionally flawless - I'm listening to them right now and they sound very...
First, you should understand that IEMs v. Full-size headphones are totally different listening experiences. Full-size headphones will give you a much better sense of "space", they will probably cast a slightly more honest soundstage, and they are likely to have more visceral bass because they'll be moving a lot of air at your ears. They will get you one step closer to (but still very different from!) what a speaker setup would sound like, especially if they are open...
Don't worry, AndreyS. Everybody is happy for the reminder that the picture at the beginning of this thread exists.
I despise the GS1000 and really like the other three headphones you are looking at (maybe because I don't listen quietly?). The treble is really painful and the mids sound sucked-out and weird. I wouldn't bother.
Hey guys-   Just got home a few hours ago, and thought I'd share some of my brief impressions of a few things that really impressed me.   The transparency of the SR-009 - Wow, just wow. The SR-009 fed by the Woo WES is the most transparent headphone system I have ever heard. Absolutely, phenomenally impressive. But, of course, everyone knows the SR-009 is a stunner.   The bass of the LCD-3 - You don't realize how much visceral texture and impact the SR-009 is...
To be fair, I first heard the LCD-2 at RMAF 2009, and it's now RMAF 2011. It has been 2 years since the LCD-2 was first debuted, and almost a year and a half since it was officially released. I don't think of that as an unfair upgrade schedule at all, and, at $1,000 more than the LCD-2, it's not just meant to cannibalize LCD-2 sales and leave LCD-2 owners in the dust. They spent 2 years figuring out a way to take their headphone to the next level and released it once...
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