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Thanks for the impressions. I do like the Yamaha sound quite a bit. A touch more soundstage from the HP-1 would be alright. Just for the design, it's a classic. Considering the pair I have is likely 20+ years old the build (minus the now departed headband) is very good. With the darker recordings that have issues are given some rounding off on the top. Enough bass to give body to music where it's needed. Mine are a tuned a touch loose in the bottom end, but it's a nice...
Hey Vintage Orthoheads, I see there a bucketload of new Orthos out there. Don't think there's a Volkortho (Pro30 replacement) out there quite yet. Some of them look promising. Anyone who's got some experience with the Yammy and old Fostexen had a a chance to listen to the new breed of Orthos? If so, what's the opinion on the olde ones vs new? 
Nick, thanks for the lineage info on the headphone. The pads are pretty thin. Opening is 6.5 X 4 cm with a bit of a teardrop shape. Some foam cover the baffle plate to protect the driver from the ear and the world. Zero attempts at any treatment of the headphone backwave took place from what I can see. It's just empty box with the one big grilled port. A quick tape-test of the "port" (really giant hole in the back) doesn't do too much, maybe a tiny bass hump and loss of...
Not sure where else this would go, but I figure some of the thread subscribers would have some interest in a non-ortho that arrived in my mailbox today. After years of waiting, a ESS Heil air-motion Transformer headphone appeared for adoption. The phones are well designed and comfortable. Sound wise they are bass light and polite. Thankfully, these are not head tweeters as I had feared. Initial impressions are that I prefer the Yammy HP1 or AKG k340. I was thinking this...
Looking at the recable that Nick is doing. Reminds me that I've got a bunch of orthos (and an AKG340) that all need a recable job. Looking for a good source for replacement cables. Any suggestions out there?
It's usually not the grass- it's the fence.
Headphone from the same mould as the Pro30 showed up on a thread about a Japanese headphone show.
In my case the driver is a T20 - I had to replace the original driver after I damaged them. The T20 driver fit perfectly as a replacement. The tensions could have been different, but the two parts were interchangeable. 
The Grundig OEM was also made for a US company and called the Concept "Constant energy headphone."  It's a T20 driver inside, and stock it came with a small bit of foam and some black mesh over the "L" vents.
I need to re-cable my HP1s. Any suggestions for a non esoteric replacement?
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