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I need to re-cable my HP1s. Any suggestions for a non esoteric replacement?
Came back from a nice sunset run and popped open a Saison Dupont. It's just a perfect refreshing dry beer for me, with a bit of fruit and spice upfront with a light bitter citrus (but not overpowering tart) finish. It's all so well integrated and lively. Love this one.  
Check out the Daptone label in general the producer behind the record has really done allot of work recreating the analog process of old and the talent on the label is solid.
Some braniac could probably whip up a thing out of a few old floppy drives....
With the sprung PMB100 headband, the headband could possibly cause reflections if it hung down over the back of the driver. There may have been other differences between the two, but it's been a while since there was much discussion about them here. It's great that you've found another. I don't know if we have any idea how rare they might be. They are a mass produced electronic item- there must have been thousands made. 
Trying to get "moar bass" out of the PMB100 seems to require the elimination of allot of what make the headphone interesting. Instead, I ended up accepting that there were limits to the design. I think the open aspect were unique to it and worth preserving.  Is the headband on it fixed or suspended on elastic?   
Yes! So many freaking great tracks. I've been listening all night. Super happy. Some of the tracks bring me way back.
My father and father in-law both have had an ICD implanted. I've not heard anything about headphone cautions. I know my dad has used them. Cautions against the use of chainsaws or working on engines have been mentioned. Certainly if you have concerns ask one of the doctors. Do take care, and I hope that all goes well. The ICD along with some drugs seem to do the trick for both guys.
Well said dBell. Looking at the roots of the thread and you can see people colectively re-dicovering an almost forgotten technology. At a time when everyone was looking for the next big thing, some ninjas looked back, took some felt and tape to try their hand at tuning. I think this thread has been amazingly inclusive of different opinions and digressions. In general, this thread has had very little in the way of dogmatic battles. 
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