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Isn't a E7 basically an external sound card? It better sound better than let say the onboard audio or the product is useless. And you have mentioned you are using 15%-20% volume range. You do have a volume problem and most people don't recognize this as a problem. If your software volume is not at 100%, you are probably not getting bit-perfect music. Most likely, the OS or audio driver will be decimating your audio data to the point you lose a ton of fidelity. The music...
Talking about brick and mortar stores, have you tried any Best Buy Magnolias? They may have higher end Sennheisers and AKGs available for auditioning.
The textile on the ear pads are sometimes referred to as velour, may help you search English-based retailers better. The clicking sound might be a piece of hair stuck against the diaphragm. I notice you don't have the fuzzy pads over the drivers.... I don't know if DT-831 ever had them. Be careful replacing your ear pads. Some of the older Beyers do not make it easy to replace the pads.
Consider yourself lucky if your encounters with Beats are far and few. I see them in the train, on the bus, on the street, at work.... They also sound weird. One coworker lend me his for awhile. The sound signature totally panders to a specific audience. It made all my lossless music sound like mp3 rips with that strange compression sizzle.
I assume the wiggling is normal. Mine feels cheap, but I guess it cuts down cost of manufacturing. Putting the whole thing back together is not as simple as one would think it would be. The chunk of metal in the headband is not polished and feels rusty. After opening the headband, I feel cheated. Good thing I got these on an Amazon fire sale a while back. If I paid full MSRP, I would have expected much better workmanship on the parts I can't see form the outside.
In my experience, BA IEMs don't burn in, they burn the user with their sonic blasts. If you decide to try to burn in your IEMs, I suggest be careful and not blow them out. SE535 should be relatively resilient, although some claim they are very sensitive. My suggestion is to listen to them while burn in and not worry about burning them in at all. If this is the first pair of IEMs you have every used, you may have a psychological hurdle to jump over (ie:...
I think you have the right be really angry now, blow a tantrum, lose several days of sleep, and not feel silly about it later. I hate to see what would you do if you have buyers remorse after the vacation.
Another thing about ear plugs - figure out your uses. Do you need to talk to people in a noisy environment? Is the noise constant? Do you want ear muffs versus ear plugs? Do your coworkers have suggestions? etc... Some fancier plugs may be super niche - like the ones that attenuate more as the sound gets louder. I suggest reading some reviews before paying for expensive pair. Otherwise, I think the cheap foamies rated at -32db, usually available at a local drug...
I cranked my buffer to 4096 kB (4MB). I use ALAC, so its like typically a good chunk of a song. To do this: Preferences-> Advanced-> Playback-> Full file buffering up to (kb) I do this in hopes of reducing hard drive activity. I am not sure if it really does anything as foobar2000 documentation is usually spotty or old. You can change your thread priority hear, but I wouldn't do it unless you have a dedicated PC for playing audio back. Try defragging your hard drive. ...
This is why I still have a PC desktop at home, using foobar2000 and media player classic home. I use iTunes to sync my phone and buy apps.IMO, iTunes is also an embarrassment to a company that excels and demonstrates over and over again they can create excellent user experiences. It needs to be redesigned and rewritten. Its passed its prime as a swiss army marketing tool/online retailer.
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