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i have a feeling it might be overhyped 25 bucks not too bad tho
I'm looking for the same but under $50.   I've enjoyed the Hd201(broke) and just got the monoprice earbuds 8320.  Want something with more soundstage.
ive read the "new" white box, light blue top m50's are more balanced than the old ones(dark blue box). I don't feel like its bloated with bass at all and i ttested for all different kinds of music.
One question, the cable was quite long on them as any other cable...i was wondering if this is safe to do. I know the bends might internally break a cable but....     safe? or just keep it coiled up like how it came?
I went ahead and returned the senn hd380's. Picked up the "new" m50's with the white and light blue top. I didnt see the old pair, which im told that has the better bass response but. I like the bass in these as it is, not overpowering at all. I let'm burn in with the pink and white noise for about 4 hours and the warmness in the vocals showed through. So far, i like them better than the hd380's. Not as comfortable as the 380's. They clamp alittle more, and the pads...
I recently bought some sennehiser hd 380 for about 120$ from guitar center, price matched some store i found on google. Anyways long story short, im not "wowed" with the sound.Vocals for some of the songs are kind of bland, its clear but some songs get muddy in the low end. In the past ive owned some IEMS. My latest one was the shure e3's and after 5 years they served me well. I would like closed cans, cause i go to school and don't want to bother people, isolation would...
bump , they're still for sale
SOLD!!! Thanks everyone for the emails.
I had some mipros, they worked so well, but sadly, the wire came off after only 6 months and they costed me 60 bucks.(I didn't bang them around, i took care of them..i had shure e2's for like 5 years before they broke)...But i just picked up a pair of shure e3's and they're fantastic.(Picked'm up at sam ash for 100, they'll match the price at
I just the mipros in today, and i must say they are smaller than what i expected to be, and for me thats a great thing! Sound: More bass than the e2c's, and more detail. Sounds much warmer than the e2c's also. Wires: The Mipros has this memory wire i just despise, and i havent had it for a even 2 hours yet and its really annoying to put these things on. But like rapier said, once you get'm on, they fabulous. Also, the Mipros has thinner wires, it has a negative and a...
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