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Yep. It took a little bit for me to get a solid seal. I ended up hacking up a large Comply T-500 tip, cutting off the end so it didn't block sound (helps from soaking up some highs too. I would normally use a medium with my TF10, but because of the shallow insertion (still with gummies) with the Comply half as long after cutting it up to the nozzle, the large made it work.
The Pro and VI are the same earphones. There has always only been one version of the earphone. The VI version simply adds an in-line mic into the cable.
And the UM3X is sold to jfourc.
Sleek Audio SA6 is a nice option.
Yeah, the Monsters are definitely interesting earphones.
SOLD Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10: SOLD I bought this pair last fall along with a pile of other high end earphones I was trying out. This was the only one of the bunch I ended up not selling because of the Amazon thing hitting right when I was selling. Prices are almost back to normal, so I'm not pointlessly selling them at such a massive loss. I'm still selling at a sizable loss, but that's unavoidable since I bought new and given the market. The Triple.Fi 10...
Unfortunately you're still young. You're at a point in your life where you want adult things. Between the ages of oh around 10-15 years old you want to stop being treated like a kid. You sneak around attempting adult stuff like smoking, beer, sex, stealing the parent's car, drugs, go to parties, yell at your parents saying "why won't you let me X. All the other kids are doing it.,"etc... To want to be treated and feel like an adult is normal. However, it's an age...
Quote: Originally Posted by kostalex How would you rank it in my chart against other cans? I know we're getting off topic here. If you want I can shorten this, remove it, or simply go to PMs if we want to chat. Unfortunately, it gets to a point where personal preference takes a big role. I think it's more of an understanding of how your ranking system rewards and penalizes aspects. As well, I have not really gone into the headphone world of...
Strictly IEM, tough choice. I've used a lot of great products and consider many the best in different lights. To pick one is to exclude a lot of other great options. As far as a great bang for the buck, no hassle, high sound quality, excellently balanced, toss in ear and enjoy IEM, I'd lean most heavily towards the RE252. Runner ups might be the CK10 (hot top end), UM3X (cost), or IE8 (cost, dominant low end). Sometimes these choices come down to budget or personal...
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