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I felt the SE530 lacked note thickness to present the dynamic range in a meaningful manner. It was kind of the same problem with the PFE. I view both kind of similar in how they handle the note and dynamic range. Dyanmics seem almost bottomless with a high amount of energy and no perceivable limit. Poor sound quality and glitches of some of my old mp3 files where quite annoying with either earphone because a little glitch/scratch would pretty much bite your head off. ...
In terms of hours, I'm not sure. I've owned them since last Fall, but they have never really been my main earphone. Most of their used was during comparisons between other earphones or for infrequent casual use.
If it's not purchased yet, I'll take them, and I'm only an hour south of you.
The nice thing about harddrives is the data is still there. Being able to get it depends upon what happened. At least you already wrote them once. The next time gets easier.
Quote: Originally Posted by kostalex You should try RE252 with inline resistor too. Bass is deeper and weightier, mids are smoother, highs are slightly tamed. Overall sound is more warmer and laid back, closer to SA6 signature. I've done that with some earphones. I have a feeling it's more an amping effect than earphone. I've only found the sound of the RE252 thin when the seal wasn't air tight.
The UM3X is one of a couple IEMs I've used that is very sensitive to recording quality. The better the recording, the better the sound. The worse the recording, the more crap it will show you.
I want to say no, but it's something I noticed playing out my laptop phone jack. If there's not enough, the bass can come across muddy and pretty incoherent. Add a small amp, and it snaps back to a coherent, clean bass. It's kind of goofy. The main issue is with the tip though. It's just that the stock Comply is a bad choice, and I don't know why Westone insists upon pairing it with the earphone. The Shure tip is a big improvement. You will need a fresh pair of...
BAs simply don't burn in like dynamic drivers do. How it sounds after a few minutes is how it sounds. However, I strongly feel the stock, short Comply tip is a horrible match with the UM3X. It sucks out a lot of the high end and some midrange even and adds an odd midbass thump. Shure Olive tips are the way to go. Feel free to try out some other options. Amping helps too, but that's if the source player is really weak. With a really weak source, the bass is very...
Oh, the big 60. You're getting old.
lol. Whatever you can get away with, do it. Bring a lot of familiar music too. It'll help you pick out various details quickly. Bring a variety. Bring high quality music. I will say there are differences between first impressions and long term use. There are certain wow factors associated with initial impressions that you get over once you start using the product for a while and the finer details start showing through. It takes some time to really analyze a...
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