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Trying to accurately evaluate the merits of different equipment in a shop demo is difficult. The best option is to find a dealer with a good return policy, or even better willing to lend you a selection of headsets (possibly against a reasonable deposit), which you then can compare in the comfort of your own home. If this is not possible, bring your own music, match volume as best you can (a few dBSPL difference can give a surprising change in perceived SQ) and take your...
Here`s my layout, nothing fancy, just fiddled around a bit with Colums UI:   ,   And admittedly a pretty fancy VST EQ (the SLP Passeq):    
Hi folks! I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my mod/upgrade of my old trusty W1000 with a set of new ATH-L3000 earpads I got the pads from Audio Cubes II : http://www.audiocubes2.com/product_info.php/cPath/27/products_id/458 really speedy and excellent service! These pads are so worth the money, they`re way more comfortable than the original fake leather pads. I can barely notice having the set on, this upgrade made my W1000 a perfect fit to my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Young Spade oeyhamre That setup looks awesome. Kudos man. I really, really want an iQube haha. Thanks, the iQube really is a piece of art and it makes ecellent sounds as well Quote: Originally Posted by hydora oeyhamre, I was really impressed with your mini to mini connector. Work of the art! Thank you, it`s Neutric plugs, Mundorf silver/gold alloy wire soldered with Mundorf M-Solder...
Here`s a few pictures of my rig: Attachment 27361 Attachment 27363 Attachment 27364 Cowon D2 8G with 32G card, diy cable, iQube V1 and Westone UM3X.
I`ve been using a 1200MkII for years and never found anything remotely close. This was Technics`s top bid at a making the ultimate TT and it shows! When buying used be aware of that quite a few of the ones on offer has been DJ (mis)used, so be sure to check the condition. The TTdrive is practically indestructible but the arm can be damaged/worn by misuse.
Quote: Indeed, there are lethal voltages inside, and i'm beware of that. I thought maybe all current would be gone after x days leaving it unplugged from the grid. But maybe that's a wrong assumption. That`s a potentially lethal assumption! Filter capacitors can hold their charge for YEARS if they`re not fitted with a bleeder resistor. Always probe with one hand when on faultfinding missions, keep one hand behind your back or in your pocket. Using a...
Very happy with my SL1200MKII bought in 1984. It`s been spinning problemfree all that time, just needing a few drops of oil down the bearing every few years. Currently a Shure M97XE is mounted in the stock arm. The rig is presently spinning an old russian pressing of Sgt.Peppers directly through a LC Audio phonostage, Pimeta & ATH-W1000
If you want an alternative to the Origin Live/Rega upgrade, look here: Technics SL1200 SL1210 -* SL-1210 SL1200* modifications When funds allow I`m going for the Jelco SA-750 arm and the PSU upgrade.
Many thanks for your help, I`m going to try audiocubes2. And its 60$ a pair by the way.
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