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The focus of that cam it's be good at the gym not in a daily basis use, to workout the work well
they look nice, i expect a nice sound too! i hope so
I jest can say about the Sony, what can I say? Well the sony for the price it's absolut stunning! I was searching for a gym in ear, I was high surprised! For the price go for it, nothing can really go wrong with them
Sometimes I fell like it has too much bass but when I hear my monster turbine I change that opinion right away
sensational! really nice job man!
it's really a nice earphone!
yeah, i'm in that way too, i'm thinking to replace them for the westone 4! or a custom brazilian brand Xtreme Ears! by the way tks by that tip! i think the filter will resolve my problem! but i'm really disapointed with UE support! when they don't bellong to logitech the service was WAY betther!
i have the same problem, but have no warranty anymore and the logitech says they don't have a tech team to fix it! i really don;t know what to do, should i take the other filters too?
well done man
nice review!!!!
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