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I think that they are different company's, Logitech owns UE Brand, but they still independent! 
That's good news! UE900(S) it's a fantastic product, unfortunately is one of the last UIEM from UE! 
I just check there and put the UE900s in the chart, i don't know if the purchase can be completed but.... that's bad news, because the blue cable from the UE900 is one of the best cable for control the iphone! never fails
But, if you go to the ultimateears web page you still can buy a new UE900S, that don't make any sense
I think that these phones are made to be reshelled, the sound is great, much better them the TF10, just a touch of V shape, but my westone 3 has the same problem so...  for my taste only the HF-5 it's really accurate 
Seriously? to my ears the UE900 it's REALLY loud, i think that when they start to distort, that volume lvl isn't safe anymore 
After years wanting an HF% i finally bought one, man what a sound for just 130 dollars absolutely stunting 
Hey man, how the audio signature is now? better?
I have the MX680i, what i can tell, the sound it's great, you can tell the all the spectrum is there, but, the fact of being an earbud sometimes make it suffer with a lack of Bass, but if you adjust the earbud again the bass is there!    The top end of the frequencies sounds great like all sennheiser to my point of view!   to run they are perfect, never move 
The focus of that cam it's be good at the gym not in a daily basis use, to workout the work well
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