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that's unfortunately 
CIEM almost done  
Making some changes before the finished product
It's not totally neutral, but the UE900S it's just an amazing sounding in ear!    The sound signature it's quite nice
Here in brazil the taxes are charged in the price of the goods plus freight, so if you buy something like that just add 60% more 
 Thanks man. The CIEM costs arround USD$1499 or R$4599, but really like to see a UIEM version to sell as well
XE8 / PRO Test Model UIEM 8 Balanced Armatures -  4/L 2/M 2/H     Xtreme Ears it’s a brazillian company focused in making in ear monitor to Brazilian artists, there even some famous Rock musicians like Aquiles Priester (Angra/Hangar) and Felipe Andreoli( Angra/ Paul Diano)that make an appearance in the Dream Theater drummer...
They're funny! so if you buy in euros they'll won more kkkkkkk
I have both! and like both kkkk i have an westone 3, being reshelled right now, and the UE900! the W3 i have a problem with the driver, but at the end of all the problem was the f***ing cable! dam inear without detachable cables 
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