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Regarding the RME Babyface, from another thread:   AD is AKM 5385 and DA is a TI PCM4104 AD from Fireface 800 and DA from M-32 converter (very pricey) DA   I did buy a linear power supply for it, which replaces the USB 5V rail but don't have the details with me (PS also available from RME).    My son has used the Babyface to sample my older vinyl with a Rega P3 24 table and a Dynavector P75 phono pre with a 10X5 cartridge and been happy FWIW.  
Wish I could help with advice, but hard for me to judge the DAC on it's own merit.  My combination of a tube preamp and fairly neutral speakers in a fairly well treated room may be just a unique synergy.     The only DACs I have on my shelf right now are an original VALAB and a Gamma2.  Comparisons probably not of much value and I don't have the time or energy right now to try to volume match and crawl around hooking them up.   My son has a RME Babyface which has...
I thought the headphone out used with HD600s wasn't very good, but only had a hour or so to listen.
  Website is rossmartinaudio.com.  I ordered and received a 1794 dual Bare Beast with OPA627 and OPA1612s. It is on the second page of the web site "More Ear Gear."    Case construction is fair at best (the selector knob obscures the source labels).  Communication is fair.  Time from order to arrival about a month. Sound is still settling in, but very detailed and PRAT is improving.  Used with a modded Belles 21A preamp and PMC AML1 monitors on Sound...
Now available and can be ordered 110V.  I asked again and received this email:     Our Online store is launched and you can order & payment online. http://shop.reinaudio.com/   Actually, we can made US voltage version as pre-order. If you has hesitation in using Power Transformer. You can order now with payment and we can tailor-made for you.   Best regards, Jason S. Tornald Rein Audio .com       Sorry for any confusion that I might have caused!
220V only per email from Jason at Rein.
Email reply from Jason at Rein sounded like only available in 220V.  Await clarification from him.
Thanks very much.  Good deal on HD600 right now.  Would your HD650 EQ curve apply to it or require changes?  
Pulled the trigger on this one.  Seemed like a pretty good deal.
Question regarding  EQ curve for LCD-2:     Rev 2 or "rev 1"?   Thanks, appreciate your efforts.  
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