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 Funny, is this a joke?
or he could just markup the BHSE to 12K like other manufacturers might do... ;)
That is hot!
Waiting 4-6 months for something from Justin is nothing, totally worth the wait. 
 Wow, I am amazed by the incompetence. 
Free bump for an outstanding amp and some very nice tubes!  
 Oh, a loaner program is very tempting but I fear it may be bad for my wallet.  I bet this sounds great with the HD800.  Looking forward to the Monkey's impressions!
Great looking amp Todd and Pete!  Hope I get the chance to hear it one day. 
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I had a bunch of guests over my house today and was just able to check my messages.   I've sent you a PM.  
SOLD:  Woo Audio WA5-LE (stock)   Here is your chance to buy a great amp that is one hardly ever sees for sale on the used market.  I bought this from Woo Audio in February of 2009.  It is a really wonderful amp, one of my favorite amps for the HD800, but I bought a BHSE (and I need to create room for it) so this has to go.  I am going to miss it dearly.  I love everything about the amp except, like all the non-hybrid tube amps I've owned, it has a bit of hum that is...
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