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Just received my Angie's this morning. Initial impressions are overwhelmingly positive!! Had to fiddle with the tips and fit for a little bit - but once everything was optimized the sound is abso-freaking-lutely amazing. I got these as a compliment for my Westone W60 which I am entirely in love with, but these easily eclipse them and seem a notch above in performance. I'm a little dumbfounded right now as I thought the W60 were already amazing and didn't think the Angie's...
I'm currently debating on this or the Sony ZX1 as they seem comparably in the same class. What do you guys think would be a better choice overall? Any input is appreciated.
Nice. Ive been eyeing the same amp as well for my W60 and incoming Angie's. What sort of DAP are you using?
I agree...IMO.
 Didn't play around with the filters at all. It was just the demo unit so I assume it was whatever stock/default filter that was pre-installed. But similarly, I'm not too much of a fan of the multiple sound-signature tweaking deal either. 
I demo'd both the SE846 and W60 and Noble 6 for about 1.5 hours before ultimately deciding on the W60. I personally wasn't too much of a fan of the SE846 asides from its stellar build quality and aesthetics. The mids were much too forward for me and almost fatiguing and the overall sound didn't seem all that balanced. The W60 had the impression of more air and had a more natural and balanced sound. I could hear more nuances in the music more effortlessly whereas I had to...
I've had these for a good 3 weeks now and am so enamoured with them. I literally have not touched my desktop rig or any of my full-sized headphones since having these in my possession - they are that good. The sound is so lush and addicting I'm seriously considering selling off my other gear and focusing on a high-end portable rig. Got a pair of JH Angie's incoming so hopefully they provide a good contrast. 
Looking to buy a JH Angie off of someone here in good condition. Shoot me your price and maybe we can work something out! Located in Canada.
Where did you get your cable from? What were the differences from stock? Thanks in advance for any input!
ARGH! There was a Vancouver Audio Show?? How on earth could I miss that?
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