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Where did you get your cable from? What were the differences from stock? Thanks in advance for any input!
ARGH! There was a Vancouver Audio Show?? How on earth could I miss that?
Nice! Where did you buy them in Canada? They might be my next purchase to compliment the W60.
I agree about the build..I mean it's pretty much the same as the rest of the 'W'line (which already isnt anything to scream about) but with shinier plastic face plates.I mean for the flagship you think they might've put a bit more effort into it. SQ...that's a different story. I'm totally enthralled with the sound signature.
What cable are you using? I'm thinking of picking up a new one too.
Dbl post!
It's a terrific IEM. I went into a shop to purchase either the W60, SE846, or Angie's and just by chance was able to audition the Noble 6 as they had just arrived. They entirely stole the show and I felt outclassed the other 3 in terms of air, clarity and dynamics. The only issue was that the nozzles are just about twice the size of the other IEMs and I to struggle to get an optimal fit each time. Build quality is also a little less polished than the others, but thats too...
I've tried numerous aftermarket cable from reputable companies on my full sized headphones and never could discern any real difference. I was a big skeptic for the longest time until I purchased a Whiplash Audio Scscag cable for my JH13pro and it markedly changed the sound signature. Clarity and dynamics improved to the point where my impression of the JH13pro changed from lukewarm to extremely positive. However, low flexibility and pliability of the cable made it entirely...
I would place the HD600 above my JH13PRO too.
Noble 6 JH Angie Westone W60 JH13pro SE846 DUNU D1000 SE535 E4C E2C
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