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Just received my open box pair from RazorDog. Initial impressions are extremely, extremely positive ...soon as I pick my jaw up off the floor, I'll report with more . So far, these have far exceeded my expectations of them. Amazing job Hifiman!  I've never had this sense of awe from any  headphone I've owned before - including HD800/LCD2/JH13pro and HE560 (don't own but have auditioned for several extended occasions). Very pleased!
^ I know what you mean. I ultimately preferred my HD600 to the HD800 and LCD2 which I both sold off.
I have the Samsung Note 3 and think its way too big. Got it kind of impulsively as it was a really good deal but hate the real estate it takes up in my pocket. Will most likely go back to something smaller once my contract is up. Kind of miss my old iPhone 4 brick. 
Out of the HE400i and the HD650, which do you prefer overall? I have the HE400 and HD600 and love them both to pieces and am torn between which successor to get. Love the energy, impact and dynamism of the HE400 but also the lush, effortless organic sound of the HD600 - which I understand the HD650 improves upon. Any input as to which is your preferred can would be greatly appreciated :)
Think these might just be the best headphones I've ever heard for jazz. Piano and cymbals just shine on these. 
Hey everyone,   Seeing if anyone has a pair of HD650 they are looking to let go of. Looking for the newer ones with silver drivers and in good condition. Looking to spend ~$300 USD shipped to Canada as that seems to be the ballpark asking price lately. Open to shelling out a little more if it comes with an aftermarket cable.   PM me with any offers :)   Thanks, Steve
 Indeed! Instrument separation is really impressive on these as is the controlled punchiness of the bass. Nice blend of the energy and dynamism of my HE400 and to a lesser degree, the separation and tonality of the HD800. Kind of hits all the right spots (for me at least) .
Just picked up a pair from the local retailer and am really enjoying them. Gotta say I'm enjoying my music much more than I ever did with my LCD2s  and HD800s. Never expected to enjoy these nearly as much as I am, given my previous ownership of Beyers in the past but colour me impressed! 
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some advice on whether or not to grab the T1. For reference, I guess I could say I prefer warmer or coloured headphones. Out of everything I've owned and heard, I keep coming back to the HD600 and HE400. I've owned the HD800s and found them too neutral and lacking emotion. I also own the LCD2 and while they seem closer to what I'm looking for, they seem to lack musicality. They sound great but I'm never pulled into the music I listen to in the...
Bump - adding T1 as trade candidate
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