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I know the feeling :(. I just sold off my HE-560s just days ago to recoup some funds but luckily have the HE400i to keep me happy. I actually found myself listening to the HE400i more often anyway. The HE560 were impressive but the HE400i more engaging.
At this point just looking to recoup some cash now so mainly looking for a straight up sell or partial trade + cash.   Sorry!
Hey guys,   Sorry, but due to sudden family health concerns I was not active on the site for a little while. Situation has cleared up so these are now back up for sale.
Headphone is now SOLD   Hey everyone,   After some deliberation, I've decided to sell my Hifiman HE-560. While they are a fantastic set of cans - I already own the HE400i which while not quite on the same level, are similar enough to warrant selling these. Haven't had all that much actual head time but have burned them in the suggested 150 hours for optimal performance. Comes with the original box as well as packaging they shipped with. Less than one month old and in...
I'm down for a November meet. 
I say the HE-560 is worth the price difference. I was completely enamoured with the HE-400i and still am, but after recently receiving the HE-560 I can't get over how much it does everything better. Both are great headphones though. The HE-400i are amazing for the price but the HE-560 is really something special. HE-400i wins on build and aesthetics though IMO. 
I would definitely second the HE-400 suggestion. Very fun headphones with a spacious soundstage and punchy yet not bloomy bass. Only stipulation is not everyone finds them comfortable as they are kind of heavy for headphones.
I don't think I'll be selling my HE400 anytime soon. They're both different enough to warrant having both IMO. HE-400 can't be beat when I'm looking for something visceral and energetic. 
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