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Ok I hooked my headphones up to my Z5500's, but one thing I am a little weary on is: I have to pretty much crank the volume to hear anything (crappy built in dac?) and I am afraid that if the headphones come unplugged its gonna switch to the normal surround sound which is gonna blow them up essentially, being that loud.. Edit: Nvm, just realized I still had my headphone amp stashed around here somewhere, that should do as a middle man volume management. Thanks for all...
I assume it will still only be in stereo and not surround right? Not that it matters. I just never thought of doing that..
Unless... There is a headphone jack on my Z5500.. I will have to try tonight to see if it will work... I think a DAC might be the best solution. Are there any sub $50 DACs that arent complete crap? Or is that wishful thinking?
Does anyone else have any other thoughts? Is the Xonar Essence STX even capable of this? I figured that RCA line-in would have worked, but there might be some setting I am not doing correctly. Either that or I may have to buy a cheap DAC, can anyone suggest a cheap DAC?
Thanks a ton man.
Quote: Originally Posted by ROBSCIX The STX has no digital input. You would have to use the line input and yes you would need to enable the line in through the cards mixer. Your only going to get stereo signal though. I had the line in enabled in the mixer, but for some reason didnt want to work. I have Windows 7. In the Windows 7 mixer, I disabled the mic and set default to Line In (there are 2 entries, one saying High Definition Device and...
So basically my title says it all. I have a bunch of different set ups. HDMI from my PS3 to my 50" Plasma. Optical out to my Z5500 5.1 surround setup, coax out to my Xonar Essence STX for any PC digital, optical for PS3 digital. Headphone (DT770's) and mic hooked up to Xonar Essence STX. Basically I wanna know if theres a way to hook my PS3 up to my Xonar and have the audio output to my headphones? Sometimes I wanna watch Blu-Ray at 1am and not have to wake my...
Wow weirdest thing that fixed it... I just unplugged my headphones, then unplugged the mic, and then i plugged the mic back in first.
Anyone having mic problems with Windows 7? Cant get mine to work period.
With a xonar essence stx? I posted on Asus forums and no reply yet, those forums suck. Could it be that I had to get a 3.5mm to 1/4" jack for my mic and maybe my mic cant handle it? Is there some setting in the Xonar Control Center? Do I just need a new/better mic?
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