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So I just got my Rega RP1 today, and should be getting my CA 640P Monday or Tuesday. I want to be able to listen to it before next weekend, so I need to order some decent cables.   The guy I bought the RP1 from wanted to sell me Nexxtech cables, but ive never heard of them, I was a little weary to buy them.   I heard about a place online that you can order from that the guy makes them himself and ships them, but would I be able to get those done and shipped to me...
Im going to my first ever concert next Thursday (Oct 6) and I am wondering if there are some ear plugs that would block out the loud noise but still allow me to fully appreciate the music.   I just dont want to go home with a head ringing, but I still want to fully enjoy the concert.
I wanted to make sure he had it for when I planned to drive down to pick them up, so I went with my gut feeling (and my first choice) and went with the 640.    I hate when I do a bit of research and then the guy I am buying from suggests something different.
Going to be getting an RP1 soon with a Cambridge 640P. Mostly going to be listening through headphones, but was thinking I may pick up a set of speakers down the road.   Probably would have a budget of $400-700, wondering what would go well with this setup?
So I am buying a Rega RP1 soon, and I was wanting to go with the Cambridge Audio Azur 640p to go with it, but the guy I am buying it from is recommending "the Tonar" (didnt give me a model #) for 50 bucks less.   Any thoughts? 50 bucks is nothing to me, and ive been looking up the 640p for a while now, is the "Tonar" any good? Is there more than one perhaps?   I asked him to elaborate on the specific model # of the pre amp in question and am awaiting his response.
Sorry, a little confused on that last line. Does that mean I should or shouldnt use my sound card? Maybe invest in a better headphone amp?
What are some decently priced scales that people use for calibration? Would I be able to pick one up for 50 bucks?   Also, I just thought, if I go from my pre-amp through my Xonar, into my PC (even though I'm doing RCA into the line-in and using the headphone out), is it going to affect quality at all since its going through my PC? Or does the Xonar skip any of that "digitization" as long as I have the HI-FI setting enabled?
Ok now so when I get this thing, do I have to buy a special instrument to adjust the arm weight to 1.75G? Or is there some way to do that without? Or is it something I should be re-calibrating on a regular basis so I may as well get the proper tools?   I just want to make sure that when I finally do get my TT, that I set it up properly the first time.   Wont be getting it for another 3-4 weeks now, since I just bought a new car (2012 Focus), bed, and...
Any good tutorials on making your own then? I tried to follow this one:   but got confused at:   "Decide which end is to be the destination and cut the white wire away just where it pokes out from the heat shrink." So the destination doesnt use the white wire? You just cut it and hide it?
What are some good cable brands? Dont trust myself making my own. 
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