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The TASCAM TH Series TH-MX2 Studio Headphones are more but still excellent for the price, a big surprise!
If I were,rich, I'd have a vinyl listening room and a vast collection. But I'm not so digital only, high VBR. I still hear much more detail in my music with headphones and lossy digital than what I heard in my vinyl days. It amazes me, actually, how much more of my music I hear now, it's a blend now vs mashed together and I can pick individuals out.
I hope they didn't pull back the bass on the SR80s.
Rocking out with my first gen SR80s to 70s rock!
I find it hard to believe that the e series is a significant improvement in sound over my well broken in first gen SR80. Man, they still kick it years later and hold up against headphones I have with $300 price tags. Now I can see plenty of room for improving the build however.
I like mine. Comfortable and the sound is very good, IMO. Pleasant surprise.
I have a pair since release and I love them. Matter of fact I had to dig out some of my full size headphones this week and give them some attention! And they are durable, I've been rough on them, still sound great.
Fine. The build is cheap, as noted in the reviews, the comfort is fine, the sound is unbelievable. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
I must be part of the world that saw Dr. Dre came out with headphones and passed. Especially after noticing my HP Laptop has Beats audio and it blows. And not in a good way.
I was lucky enough to get a pair of MDR1-1R sent to me for review. They replaced my Ultrasone HFI-780 as my favorites. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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