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I tried searching Jaben for pre-filled westone cables but no avail. I must be blind because I can only find their own products.  As of now I'm trying to decide between the westone's and the 69 dollar nulls. Not really looking forward to purchasing UE replacement cables because those are pretty poor, build quality wise. Does anyone have experience with either one or preferably both? Would be great if you guys could chime in. I've searched the past threads but a...
Hey everyone, My 10 have recently died on me. I was plagued with the infamous cable issue. I've searched and I see recommendations of Westone replacement cables. I've tried searching on their site but I can't find them anywhere. Can anyone shed some light, and show me where I can purchase some replacement cables? Thanks
Zooey Deschanel from the band "She & Him". Her voice is pretty unique
Priscilla Ahn... one of my faves. YouTube - Split Series Priscilla Ahn - Living In A Tree
So currently I'm using Sennheiser HD595's connected to an Audigy 2 and to be honest I think the headphones are capable of so much more. Don't get me wrong, they sound great but something is lacking. I've read that an amp is recommended for the HD595's but I don't know much about amps. I've been looking at purchasing the Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card. With a price tag of 200 dollars I want to get the biggest improvement possible. So the question is, Is this the wisest...
Quote: Originally Posted by adamse Ok, so I bought them I hope I will enjoy them! lol I just ordered them too. Can't wait!
Where would you guys recommend I purchase the Sennheisers? Right now I found them on Amazon for around 190 dollars. Is this a good price?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDeliveryMan if you live in the US, trade in your creatives and get $30 bucks back on your HD 595 purchase! Haha for a minute there, I was like "Where's the link?". A question though, could I send in the Koss ones instead since they aren't working? I think I'd like to keep the Creative's for a back-up pair.
Another question.. probably stupid... but I was wondering, should I plug the phones directly to the sound card? Or can I plug them into my speaker which is plugged into the sound card now?
So I'm thinking of purchasing these as my first real set of cans. I currently use Creative Ep630's which sound great for 20 bucks. I also used to use the Koss UR-15's which I acquired for free. Now that I have some extra money, I think I'm ready to step it up to something good. My concern though is that my source isn't going to be good enough to truly enjoy these cans. Source: Computer equipped with an Audigy 2. Are the headphones going to sound good when...
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