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sweetness. i've rooted the phone and am currently running a custom firmware. going to check out lionk now... hope this is going to be epic.
ANy of you guys use the samsung galaxy s paired with the TF10s? Sound quality is pretty good from the phone imo. 
bump since i posted this so late last night
Any headfiers have the samsung galaxy s or one of its many variants? Just wondering what you guys use to make the sound quality better.  IE: apps? EQ?   many thanks to those who chime in :)
Does anyone have both the Null and Jaben wires? If so, anything noticeably different in sq, and build quality? I had some Null Lunes and those crapped out on me, so I sent them back for repair. Sent them in SEPTEMBER.... still havent recieved any word on an ETA. So I'm thinking of trying the Jaben's out. 
Man... I sent my null replacement cables in for repair since early November! And the only response I got out of them was that they received it. I've sent them multiple emails regarding an ETA for a return but I've haven't gotten a response yet. Does anyone know how long repair usually takes?
Thanks for the replies. I looked up an FAQ on logitech's site and they said that sweat usually gets into the foam and muffles the sound. They recommended I leave it out to dry. I did that for a day and everything is back to normal thank goodness. 
I just got back from the gym, and noticed that the left side's volume has been dramatically reduced. I tested the cables to make sure it wasn't a cable issue. I don't know what could've gone wrong. I'm thinking sweat got into the left side. Any suggestions on what I should do? I already upgraded the cables too :/.
Just gave in and bought the Null Enyos. 75 dollars shipped :(. I guess the saying "you have to pay to play" is true.
would you mind selling the cables seperately?    lol nvm just saw that it was sold :(
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