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Bump.    What do you guys recommend for about $150? 
Yep sounds muddy and not as "bright" as the right side. Thanks for your help DaBomb :)  I was browsing the Vsonic GR07 Thread looking for a new replacement, I saw some of your posts in there haha. Did you ever end up buying them? 
has anyone compared these to the TF10s? I have a pair right now thats broken and I need a new IEM. I was initially going to get some IE8s. What are your guys' opinions. 
    I'm not sure if what i'm referring to is the sound tube. Basically the top redish/brown hole is pushed in like a mm deep. 
I'm actually interested in purchasing your piece. My left side recently broke so I'm only left with a working right side.  I'm trying to weigh my options right now, I'm debating on whether to get new IEMs or just fix up the ones I have now. If I make up my mind, I'll contact you immediately.
lmao... tried the super glue trick. the plastic piece is on but the sound is muffled. I'm pretty sure the left side is damaged :/ Thanks for the suggestion though.
So my TF10's broke. :/   To be exact ... the plastic tip where the silicon goes (left side) broke off. I dont know how it snapped off :/. Most likely crushed it on accident while it was in my back pack. Also the "sound channel?", not sure of what its called, is damaged I think. I'm comparing it to the right side (which is in good condition) and it seems like the left side is indented a little deeper compared to the right side. So the sound is a bit...
did you have to call for the special pricing? 
  Hey! Sorry about not updating my findings. Anyway, I did the custom firmware. Let me tell you, best decision I've done for the phone yet. Sound quality has increased noticeably. The power output has gone up at least more than twofold. And it seems to have a wider sound stage. I HIGHLY recommend this mod if you haven't done so already. 
What settings are you guys using for poweramp? Thanks! Also the fix worked wonders. Best thing I did to the phone so far.
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