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When ordering through LMUE, did you guys get confirmation of the order? I didnt get any of that but my paypal was charged. Am I safe? I sent them an email regarding this issue but no response. :/
Anyone know how long shipping usually takes from their site? US CA :) Thanks!
Just ordered a pair from lendmeurears. Does anyone know how long the processing and shipping time takes? I didn't get any confirmation that my order went through. Only paypal sent me an email saying funds have been transfered to them. 
Just wondering if anyone has compared these to the HD595's. And wut do you guys think if I pair them up with some titanium hd's from creative? 
  Thanks for the recommendation. How do the SR850s compare to the HD580's you have? I've read that the HD580s are better than the HD595s. 
Oh haha wasnt aware that they were identical. I guess I want to try something new. I've had the 595's for probably 3 years already. While they sound good, I'm always curious about other headphones :). And you are right, they are extremely comfortable. I might want to try one of the mods that change the padding of the samsons. 
Debating on which one to buy. Barely found out about these gems today. I'm leaning towards the SR850 because aesthetically they look better IMO.  I'm coming from HD595's. Anyone know how those two compare to the HD595's? Thanks a bunch. 
  Ohh thanks for the heads up. I'm most likely just going to sell it since I've got a buyer looking for my working piece. If anyone wants a Null or Jaben cable, shoot me a PM :)
I think I'll give it a try first, see what they quote me. I dont think i'm under warranty anymore. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll shoot them an email after finals -.-
Yeah I do love the sound it produces, but I think i want to try something different. I've had them since that amazon sale when they were going for 99 bucks. I really wanted to try the IE8 from sennheiser but I came across the GR07 thread and now I'm really interested in trying some "less-than-popular" brands that provide really good bang for buck. If that made any sense. 
New Posts  All Forums: