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Hey everyone. I'm sure many of you have noticed that the bluetooth audio isn't that great. The performance was identical to that of the Nexus 4's BT quality (stock). Over at the XDA forums for the N4, some developers were able to change the bluetooth profile so the output was a lot better.  That profile made a huge difference in sound quality.   So I wonder if the same could be done with the HTC One?
After almost having the GR07's for a year, the wires are finally getting worn out. I have to have it at a specific angle to get sound otherwise it cuts in and out. What do you guys suggest I do? 
This is great news! I can't wait to get one now. 
I probably should have added that I'm using some Vsonic GR07's. Wish I wasn't so spoiled by the galaxy s. haha
My Samsung Galaxy Original (vibrant) has just died this morning. Won't boot or charge. :(  I was running Voodoo on it and loved it to death, but now its already almost time to upgrade. I have about two weeks left.   What do you guys recommend from an audiophile perspective.   I'm looking at either the Samsung GS3, HTC One S (with the S4 chipset), Galaxy Nexus. If any of you guys upgraded from the the original galaxy s to any of those phones could you guys...
can you compare it to any other phones that you've had in the past/present? SQ wise. 
Keep us updated OP.  I want to upgrade my aging SGS (Vibrant). And audio quality is what i'm looking for as a priority. 
I have the vibrant specifically and audio quality is amazing with voodoo    
According to GSMarena the RAZR has pretty good SQ -       Do you guys think this is on a software level? Also does MIUI support motorolas? I have the original SGS and the SGS2 is just disappointing from the audio perspective. :/
    Thanks for the response guys. It feels reassuring that my order didnt fluke or anything :)
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