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nice to see my thread still around
nice to see this thread is still going
if you take the cable that has the 4 wires in it that you are using: remove the covering (just enough for make the split, usually 4" works good for me, you might want more or less) to expose all 4 wires wires, then split those 4 wires into 2 pairs, after you do that you can recover the wires however you would like, heatshrink, techflex, etc
Quote: Originally Posted by peterpan188 May be this is extremely simple and I just got stuck. How do you make a Y split for mini-rca? u start off with 1 cable 4 wire, solder L/R and ground(2) on the mini plug, and then how do u go on? How do I cut the wire and still have the rubber cover both leads from the Y joint? I guess I have never seen one without the heat shrink on it, so I never really found how to do it. Anyone please help this noob...
Quote: Originally Posted by jbloudg20 Nice addition to the thread But nice down-n-dirty cables Nate! I really like using those Canare RCA's. i am not the only one to talk about it, just added my opinion
Quote: Originally Posted by headchange4u goalie35, nice work. You have been busy! I think there are something like 50 million iPods out there, so I guess everyone has one!! It's becoming more common than a toaster. i can't stand iCraps, err, iPods
sorta anyway. went to lowes the other day, picked up a bunch of THHN 14g wire, just ordered a bunch of techflex as well, already have heatshrink, not going to use banana plugs, they will actually cost more than wire + techflex, and won't benefit me any other than looks. here is my question: should i twist the wire together? will it matter?
while i suppose that is a concern, i could care less about that, i just want to protect the front from scratches
what the heck are comply tips?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pumpkin72 Stay away from those sirens singing you to squeeze your wallet Unless you enjoy a cold, bassless sound (= ER6i for what I've read), I would recommend the UM1. Comfort and isolation are 9/10 (custom molds would be 10/10 I guess), and sound quality & fun (= bass) is 7/10 (8/10 with a good equalizer). Microphonics are virtually null too. So yes, there are much better (and expensive) IEMs out there, but if you want...
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