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I recently had a conversation with a head fier who shall be nameless but this guy has the best stuff money can buy I mean Stax /Senn 800 Senn Orpheous AKG1000 Orthos . I jokingly suggested that an intervention might be in order. What's the point, well he also had the Senn 600. I asked him why this ancient phone was still in this exalted company. He said there is something special about these phones can't put my finger on it but I will never sell them. I also have some nice...
To show appreciation to HF members ( you know you love us) a HF member only custom modded limited edition, limited production LYR with special color/HF scheme available only on this forum . Sure to sell out sure to be a collectable and appreciate in value on secondary market. I'll buy 2 one to use and one to put in my 401K.
That's how I described my experience with the 12BH7A musical
A portable hp amp from these guys wow!! how great would that be. You listening Schiit $$$$$
Thanks!!! Raptor34
If I'm using the switch box to input 2 sources to the Lyr then I have two volume controls would this degrade the sq Can the volume control be by passed so it's just a switch box not "preamp"
The 12AT7 is the tube rollers secret gem. Brent Jesse says there are no bad ones foreign or domestic. I have to say I am using a GE 12AT7 in a Bellari SET HP amp and it blows away anything else. Haven't tried one in my Ember as I am enjoying  my RCA 12BH7. I believe the 12AT7 is 60% gain of a 12AX7 the 12AU7 is 20% gain ???
Let me go on record I would buy a high quality DAC/AMP from Schiit  The Dac should have toslink, coax and usb input Amp should drive HiFi Man HE 6
After reading the serialized story about the origins and evolution of Schiit Audio I am convinced that  Mr Stoddard and Mr Moffat can build ( or more likely conjure )  any piece of audio gear we desire. So let's start a wish list for them.  As I said in another post if they build it we will buy it. I'll start ; a 15w headphone/speaker tube/ss hybrid amp or Lyr on steroids.... Orthos be afraid Drawing on founders speaker building experiences a small high efficient...
It appears from reviewing tube data that the GE  6zb7 run a higher heater filiment current then 6dj8
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