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As far as 9pin tubes for Ember or Solstice the Amperex Bugle Boys are my favorite the Orange Globes 2nd. I never liked the German or British tubes as much as some members here. To my ears they lack the resolving detail of the Amps. As far as American 9pin 6 or 12v as a general impression I have found Sylvania tubes to be excellent and affordable.  In their  day they were known for quality tubes.
I wonder if Jason had stuck to writing Sci Fi we might have a new religion ala L Ron Hubbard but I'm glad we got Amazing Schiit instead of Amazing Stories (pulp sci fi mag)
Rec'd email from Jeremy G1217 explaining  the resistor was included with metal covers to ground them to chassis to prevent EMI if that is a problem He includes detailed info how to solder  If you do not rec it im me and I will forward instructions
Rec'd my Al covers yesterday for Solstice and they are beautiful but I have no idea why resistor included so if you find out post here or im me Thanks John
The Solstice with the 12sn7 adapter and tube rocks. This is a very impressive Amp with all my hps inc planars  especially considering it's price and small, really small foot print I love my Ember but this amp might actually rise the bar for 1217 amps IMHO
If you can afford the additional $45.00 get the SC option installed on your Ember and also buy the 6sn7 adapter The reason being the ability to use tubes with higher heater current like the 12bh7 a wonderful sounding tube and the 6sn7 which I believe has .6 amp heater current and would need the SC option and the adapter also an amazing sounding tube.  As far my experience with this Amp you need 3 tubes one 6dj8 Amperex orange globe or bugle boy, one RCA/Sylvania/GE 12bh7...
Just my 2 cents concerning the 6sn7 in Ember. I've used a GE side D getter with clear top and side flashing It has a light airy sound with huge sound stage but I think I still prefer a 12bh7. Interestingly the 6sn7 is really imo the best sounding tube in my Solstice again huge sound stage which seems to be a characteristic of this family of tubes.
1 Senn HD 600 ( one of the best ever ) 2 HF 400 ( Amazing value and sound and easy to drive planar ) 3 Fischer FA 011 ( very under appreciated ) 
An audiophile solid state FET stepped attenuator headphone Amp sounds great with a wide number of hp with great speed clarity and resolution . Functionally/sonically 100% Cosmetically to be conservative since it is used 8/10 but I see no scratches dings dents cracks dirt (except on rubber feet) This comes with PS and cord Maybe 100 hrs use money back guarantee to be as described not damaged or DOA  please google company and + reviews this is V 5 They sell new for...
I have on hand the Polaris  Ember  and Solstice  the 1st two as you mention are 48v ps the Solstice is 24V ps  If you excuse my ignorance(or not) and describe  what you mean by head room I'll try to compare the 3.  Right out of the box the Solstice to my ears sounds more like my P Sunrise coincidently also 24V
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