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I have a lot of stuff, really I need an intervention, and much of it is $$$ but when I hook up my Valhalla to my Cambridge cdp running a pair of Senn HD 600 I really wonder why I need to have any other gear What's the saying if ain't  broke don't fix it but audiophilia is actually a type of paranoia, the obsession that some piece of gear you don't have sounds better. As far as I'm concerned the good people at Schiit could have stopped with the Valhalla and Lyr but I know...
I understand the no sale specials. If my wife buys something from Macy on Mon. and it's on sale Tues for a cheaper price she goes ballistic. But come on throw us a bone here at least black Fri sales
If anyone has a spare 9 pin socket saver by tubemonger I can pp as gift. Shot me a $ ?? inc shp usps 1st class
Just rec'd my built project Polaris today. Just some brief impressions. I currently have for comparison a Schiit Valhalla, Project Horizon +SC and Goldpoint ss amp. All really good amps . Headphones available HE 400, Senn 600, AKG Tiesto167, Roland RH A30 again all really good phones The Polaris is very small, beautiful, well constructed, and surprisingly powerful, easily drives the HE 400 planars. It shares the house sound that being very resolving, tons of detail and...
Looking for pair 9pin tube monger socket savers If you have extra pair let me know what you want pp gift shipped to Santa Fe N.M 87501
Looking for a pairs of matched high quality 6nip/6n6p tubes nos or low hrs for use in Valhalla ver 1 Pay Pal to you Ship to Santa Fe N.M USA 87501
pm sent
The 12bh7 in Ember with SC is a real nice warm sounding tube.  I'm using some ge & rca 12bh7. The Russian 6n2p are great high resolution tubes but many are microphonic and generally noisy had to try a few to get good ones but if it's detail your looking for the 6n2p are great IMO and experience
Back in the day when I was in college and working part time at a book store to have some money to buy books I got up enough courage to ask the boss for a raise. He said that my good work habits had not gone unnoticed  and he was particularly impressed by my knowledge of sci-fi He made me the manager of the sci -fi paper back division and I left the meeting thrilled beyond anything you could imagine I was part of the management team. Oh by the way no raise
Upgrade itis drives the hobby and provides the manufactures the opportunity to empty our wallets it's a symbiotic win/win relationship. I would only suggest to Jason that if there is a demand for a dac/amp integrated unit go for it maybe an upgradeable plug in (update later) dac in the "box".  In some ways this is reminiscent of the separate amp, pre amp vs integrated amp debate  I've had both and there is something convenient about the one box solution  I can't comment...
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