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As far as the tube rectifier on the Decware not sure and not tech savy to know the advantages but Damn they look cool
Attended show for a short time this afternoon. As always the vendors and member exhibitors were amazingly generous with their time and toys. It seems the HP Amp de jure was a Decware Taboo a fine piece of equipment making a wide variety of phones perform at their best especially the Planars. Let me thank Dave ( I think) at Inner Sanctum Audio from Bklyn . He demonstrated numerous phones inc Grado, Alpha Dogs, and Master & Dynamics The M&D H40 were sooo real world...
For A. Dogs I recommend a Schiit LYR V1/V2 or a G1217 Solstice/Ember from my listening experience.  Planars really perform best when you throw some power at them. The Valhalla might not be the best match for the A. Dogs
I believe Valhalla 2 can roll 6dj8/6922 tubes
I can en enthusiastically recommend any G1217 tube amp a Schiit Valhalla or Lyr v1 from personal use experience. Check out the FS section for one of these for at a  bargain especially if they are an earlier version as everyone here including me  sell the old one to buy the newest version but truth be told the SQ improvements is often minimal if at all. Another Amp using a single 12V 9pin 2x triode that impressed me is a Belari but that might be more $  All the amps except...
From my experience if you are using Planars the extra power from the Lyr v1 or v2 really makes a difference otherwise the PS is all you really need to enjoy the nuances off tube rolling I've been a big advocate of the PS on these forums and think it's an outstanding wonderful sounding amp
I use a ZMF modded  T50 ortho with my PS using a socket adapter and a Sylvania 12sn7 tube. No lack of power and real smooth tubey sq and great 3d sound stage ( 6sn7/12sn7 tubes have great 3d soundstage ) Same headphone with my more powerful Sciit Lyr 1 pushes out a little more bass but overall I really enjoy the ZMF and PS combo
As far as 9pin tubes for Ember or Solstice the Amperex Bugle Boys are my favorite the Orange Globes 2nd. I never liked the German or British tubes as much as some members here. To my ears they lack the resolving detail of the Amps. As far as American 9pin 6 or 12v as a general impression I have found Sylvania tubes to be excellent and affordable.  In their  day they were known for quality tubes.
I wonder if Jason had stuck to writing Sci Fi we might have a new religion ala L Ron Hubbard but I'm glad we got Amazing Schiit instead of Amazing Stories (pulp sci fi mag)
Rec'd email from Jeremy G1217 explaining  the resistor was included with metal covers to ground them to chassis to prevent EMI if that is a problem He includes detailed info how to solder  If you do not rec it im me and I will forward instructions
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