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OK I say it before you F--- me but the truth is your products are underpriced not because a higher $ will confer more respect but because the performance/price ratio is out of whack with other stuff out there and either you are the most altruistic ethical business guy in the world or you are setting us up for a bait and switch in the future Is it possible you are manufacturing for future sale secret alloy self sticking dots to absorb stray EMR to attach to our...
Roaches (not the smoking variety) for whatever reason have an attraction to electronics. I'm guessing if you have a roach problem and the exterminator comes you tell them not to spray or put anything near your precious equipment. and some smart bugs figured it out. 
Bump for my favorite Amp I own one and it's my go to Amp for my HF Planars.  Great Amp for tube rollers I have some Bugle Boy 6dj8 in mine
Totally unrelated to selling electronics I sold financial products. A senior financial advisor gave me very sound advise that was don't confuse the client with too many chooses. Kinda universal business advise. and damn just took loki and modi opt off my xmass list
I am hesitant to disagree with the bright informed members here at HF but there are audiophiles still spending hundreds of thousands on 2channel speaker systems so I imagine these stats will fly off the shelves. The millionaires/billionaires routinely buy $100,000.00 for Patek watches so the market for these beauties exist...... BUT NOT FOR ME...
Thank you Jason!!! for validating what I've learned about this hobby that is it is driven by paranoia  the feeling that someone out there is hearing more detail sound stage, dynamic range, tighter bass, treble sparkle etc you all know the buzz words. Just to illustrate the point I have a lot of really great measuring expensive headphones and truth be told they all sound great but my old Sony MDR V6 (available used on ebay for <$50.00) are just fun. Maybe just fun is OK
I now understand your visceral NO response to anyone in this forum who suggests Schiit make speakers but never say never as I once posted if you build it we will buy it Thanks again for you generously sharing your experiences and the LYRv1 my go to amp out of 15 hp+ amps
If you have an extra G1217 6SN7 adapter shot me a price pp gift to you
Headroom started it all. Welcome back!!! Hope to see some in house designed Amps again
IMHO always trying to make it better and cheaper can limit Schiit. Better yes but high end audio meaning spending big bucks for small SQ improvements is a fact of life in the hobby and the number of consumers willing to buy big ticket items especially from a nitch boutique manufactory (with your reputation) might be something Jason is underestimating. I strongly suspect that a $7000.00+ flagship HP Amp/DAC unit ion gold plated chasis that out performs exsiting product...
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