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Has anyone heard this next to a backert labs rhumba or rhumba extreme?
thank you to all who answered. If there is wide variation in DR scores in one album compared to another version of the same album (for example, flac, vs DSD vs something else), can one assume that the tracks have been 'over-processed'? The analogy I might make is to photography. There are some people who like the look of 'overdone' high dynamic range photography - but it is not real.  
that's the same unit. Mine. I think the overheating may have weakened the plastic the first time around. Because the unit was in the leatherette case, I never noticed the any possible heat damage to the black plastic coating on the back. In the leatherette case, the back is adherent to the leatherette with a piece of strong double stick tape so you never see it.
I understand the concept of dynamic range and its usefulness in comparing different masterings of an album. But why do they report DR min and DR max. What is the significance of these measurements and how are they more useful than just the average DR?
Wow. Bob responded in one day and got the ball rolling. Thank you Robert!
Overheating damage??   So I opened it up with a torx #3   The whole inside is damaged next to the battery       What really concerns me is that drop of liquid near the bottom of the battery. That was there when I opened the back. The plastic coating was loose in the case like so:   And I simply wiped the inside of the back with a paper towel and got this:   Most of the coating on the inside of the back came off.with a simple wipe. The remaining...
Well, I got it to work. I can even remote into the pc (made sure the option to play sound on the host was selected) and control it from an iPad. The only problem is when I close the iPad interface, the music stops. Foobar says something about not being able to play sound. Must be a wasapi thing with remote desktop since I did not have this problem using direct sound.
When I run won 10 Pro with WASAPI and exclusive mode enabled( in the advanced tab of the playback->properties control) , I have a problem with remote desktop. Just as I quit remote desktop, foobar freezes. Is anyone else using remote desktop in win 10 pro and WASAPI   without trouble?
Why is this better? A Lynx E22 (or RME or whatever) is plugged into the PCI bus. why would that data highway be quieter electrically?  And you still have a bunch of circuits on the card to convert to AES. Wouldn't a purpose built USB card that isolates the power of USB to come from a quiet external linear power supply be better?
Can Mr. Baldr comment to clear this up. Since schiit does not manufacture tubes, they have no vested interest in 'selling razor blades' even tho their razors are inexpensive relative to their competitors.
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