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tnx. i decided to go w the stx. so far the sennheisers are ok.
tnx both for your replies. yea the beyers have big sound but no mic. i tried and external desk mic but that sucked. then i did a ghetto mod taping it to the 770- that lasted a day. i don't have the skill to fashion an aluminum bracket for he external 7330 mic hat someone showed here (anyway that external mic is nowhere to be found.) The ant lion mic is is out of stock everywhere. I looked at the beyer mmx 300 but that one is closed back. The 990 also lacks a mic. So i'll...
I am in the same boat and was about to pull the trigger to the stx but I wanted good dolby headphone processing, which the line outs do not have. Since I also game, I need positional audio. My headphones have a 50 ohm impedance so it's right at the margin of what the stx can drive. 
Since I have been using the integrated realtek headphone outputs of my motherboard, my listening skills are lacking. Since I spend time at the pc (50% gaming and 50% music/video/photo work) I am looking at a headphone solution that will satisfy both arenas. I've settled on a pc360 headset for gaming (although my brother gave me a beyer dt 770 it doesnt feel good. I dont like the closed in feeling. although that may just be the poor sound if it is not being driven well. I...
Well, I got the foxL and compared it to the Wowee that a friend of mine has. The foxL is clearly better than the wowee in the mid and treble. Although the wowee has the gimmick where it couples with the surface through a gel pad, (turns whatever it sits on into a subwoofer), the sound is not spacious but rather stuck in a box. The foxL is amazing for its small size. 
dont know if this is right place to post but am having no responses elsewhere. I dont really need the bluetooth gimmick-just want good sound. monster clarity hd or the foxL or something else? this review is interesting but was wondering what the opinions here might be
dont really need the bluetooth gimmick-just want good sound.  monster clarity hd or the foxL or something else? this review is interesting   but was wondering what the opinions here might be
What's the best way to integrate excellent in-ear monitors with a microphone for use with an iphone? is there a great precooked solution? i have seen these bluetooth adapters that have a mic and allow you to jack in your earpieces. But then you have to buy a bluetooth dongle for the iphone.
someone has suggested the Sennheiser CX 380 Sport II . i know most of you think that listening to music should be done in a zen-like state where one can concentrate on every tone, but the truth is, our brains dont work that way. we focus on various things at different times and even when looking at a photograph our eyes jump around. anyway, of the high quality phones, which are best for active lifestyles?
Trouble with a lot of in-ear phones is that the seal in the ear has to remain consistent for consistent sound. Also, some dont fit well under scarves or a helmet or simply are not comfortable if they move one mm. I'd rather have just one set of earphones (my westone um2 died). I am looking for something with great sound quality (IE8?) that fulfills the above criteria. Any suggestions? tnx.
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