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So jelly!
Has to be, and we've behas to be lol, and we've been very kind and very patient.
You havent exactly answered my question. Nobody will ever know what the percentage is, it coudl be 1% it coudl be 90%, but to the consumer that is experiencing the issue, non of that matters. You said it took MS a year....it took Audeze about 3-4 years. I purchased an LCD3 in 2011. and ive had a failure within 1 year, from that point for 5 failures.To me as the consumer it doesnt matter what percentage of users experienced the issue. In the early days Audeze had no idea...
I did earlier, faulty chargers for their surface line...........lol.  There will obviously be cases on either side, where companies "did the right thing" and "screwed over their customers", my question to you sir, if you're one of the owners of said faulty products, would you be happy paying for a replacement for a widespread issue that has been admitted by the manufacturer to be their fault? If the answer is yes, there's no point in continuing the discussion. What i can...
Have not tried that. I'll give it some thought. Can just change it on the amp end to test though.
Shakers are so good when implemented properly. Adds a level to my listening experience i cant live without. I got a butt kicker on the left and right, and a clark synthesis plat in the rare center......its amazing.
i dont understand either, and i'd also like to know about headphone/gear/planet.
 At the same token, major corporations issue recalls for little hardware issues, if its a wide spread issue and clearly the fault of the company. Like microsoft issuing a recall for faulty chargers sold with the surface pro 4 and surface book. Of course things cost money, and yes warranty is in place for a reason. But when your product has a unique flaw, that directly affects the functionality of said product. Then that's their responsibility and warranty should have...
That's the responsibility of the company, not the consumer. If you want to stay in business, make a reliable product, not charge people to use an unreliable product then say "we gotta stay in business". I run an I.T. Business, and if one of my technicians messes up on client site, and it affects their system down the road, i eat the cost. And if i implement a product with a known flaw provided by my company, then i eat the cost, and haggle with the supplier on my end. I...
 It was under warranty. about 4 months. Why i made that point, is because it was not a failure, just an anomaly i perceived, and they did not even bother with any troubleshooting steps, questions, verification. I explained to them what i was hearing, and they got a new cans to me within the week. (And i live overseas).
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