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Someone broke my record? :D 5 here, but i got out on the 5th.
This was funny rofl.  Quote:Originally Posted by Torq For the best dynamics, pace, soundstage, bass detail, upper-end resolution and viscerality of their presentation, I go with the Abyss.If I want something more intimate, mellow, warmer and seductive I go with the LCD-4. But i also pair my Abyss with another headphone to fill in the gaps, the HEK for me.  Pretty much agree with your statement here.
​Yea, I had already checked it up and I was looking at around USD$8K. Thinking if I sell the LAu should be able to foot the rest to get the WA5s.What other amps you recommend in that space?
Anyone owns an LCD4 that experience similar issues? I'd like to try the 4s, but wondering if the reliability issues have been resolved.
 I've not had the pleasure of trying the LCD4, i'd like to though. But I need 100% confirmation hat the reliability issues have been resolved with the audeze line before I bite for a pair. But from what ive read, the lcd4 has a similar sound signature to the 3s, but improved. So like i said before, I can see this ultimately beating out the HEK. The abyss on the other hand.....that one i'll have to hear for myself :)
On another note, I forgot to ask.   Seen folks talking bout the Woo WA5, I was considering an upgraded LE with the appropriate tubes. ​Currently I have the LAu, anyone with experience with both LAu and Woo WA5 (upgraded) ? Want to know if it's worth selling the LAu and grabbing the WA5.   Regards,
I've just caught up with the last 17-20 pages or so of the thread.   I've seen 1 or 2 guys asking about the Abyss vs HEK and LCD4. I don't have experience with the LCD4, but ive own the LCD3 for a few years. I currently have both the HEK and the Abyss. and trust me @draytonklammer I went through the same back and fort as you. Trying to decide between the HEK , LCD and Abyss lol. After numerous LCD3 failures (5) I decided to move on, and I got the Abyss off @isquirrel ,...
 What a way to live with a hp lol. but I guess if it works for u.......
​Ddyyaaammmm...7..... , well I gave up on my 5th failure, if I kept going id probably be over 7 also by now lol. And agreed @ not babying, I babied mine heavily and they still failed. Sko0byDoo are you still using LCD3?
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