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Got ya, how do you like lcd4 vs HEK and Utopia?
Noted. What other flagship cans you own?
 Free upgrade is nice. but is stuff like this has me really weary to trust audeze again, if you're in the US its not that big of a deal, but dealign wiht international customs for every headphone exchange is a real pain, and costs $ I spent almost as much exchanging my LCD3 as i paid for it originally....
 Was considering an LCD4 and the first 2 owned on the forum failed. At that point i closed the lcd4 thread and never looked at it again. P.S. every LCD3 i have had has also failed (5)
Only been following the Utopia thread, was not aware the Eldar had an issue.
Add the following to your testing: Focal Elear - $1000 - I own the utopia and they are overal the best headphone i've yet heard, the Elear has alot of the same technology at a very attractive price.Hifiman HEX - $1300 - Havent personally heard them but word is they are goodHifiman HE1000 V1 - ~$2300 - I current own these are to my ears, are better than the LCD3. I have the V2s on the way to compare. Mr Speakers Ether Flow - $1800 - Recently earned Tyll's wall of fame, he...
What other cans did you try that you'd say competes with lcd3?
 The voting results at the top of the thread is not an accurate gauge as their are alot of folks who initially votes "no" but have since had a failure. Not being able to subsequently change your vote skewed the results.I've also had QC issues with Wifi hifiman, but that was just a small anomaly in one of the drives, nothing to the extent of lcd3, and since my HEK replacement they've been fine. unlike my 5 lcd3 failures. And yes, warranty repairs are indeed a nightmare when...
I use the Utopia with the LAu which is similar to Dark Star and GSX, i run mine on high gain, but low volume, as the cans are easy to drive. Tried  the low gain but i like the sound of high gain better.
 I'll be comparing against V1, Utopia, Abyss
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