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I've had 3 pairs of Shures in the last 5 years or so - I love the mid-heavy sound, but damnit those cables are shit. Every single pair has had cable cracking issues. Now, I run a lot (circa 35-40km a week), and sweat is not kind to any cables, but I have definitely found other brands (eg westone) last longer with the cables etc. When you consider that Shure is already expensive because of the brand name, it's pretty irritating.
I bought the SoundMagic pl50 after several Shures crapped out with their crappy cables. The cables are excellent, the isolation with olives is quite reasonable in my ears, and _without the guides_ microphonics are low. FYI, I have found that ear guides - for me - really increase the microphonics. I bought mine from focal price. The beauty is these are so cheap, I won't mind when they die on me. I run _a lot_ > 30-45km a week (just did a half-mara!) and have had no...
I know exactly what you mean, mine do this too - I think it's to do with sweat getting into them, cause if you try washing them in peroxide etc the same thing happens. Dunno what the solution is.
You can always get another pair if you love them, or the SE310 which is the new Shure model at the same footing. Personally, having loved e4's myself, I was okay with the sound and fit of my Westone UM2's as well.
Love the sound, fit and isolation, but both my pairs had cracking cables after circa 12 months and for that kind of money, it pissed me off.
Dunno how serious you are, Gluegun, but be very careful if you're transitioning to barefoot running; its popularity on the internet far exceeds its popularity with real runners in real life, and there's a reason for it. If you're biomechanically perfect it's fine, but the vast majority of us aren't, and have spent decades shoving our feet into shoes, so barefoot running can be the fast track to burstitis, shin splints, or worse. I speak with some...
Yeah I heard that, too, Shimmer, and I have no doubt that is the case, because they cracked both time right where the skin contact is, and I wore them to the gym all the time. Nonetheless, for this kind of dosh I expect more than a year - and have had it from other brands.   But the isolation is great, I love the warm sound. It's something to be aware of for anyone considering buying, however.
I love these phones, but both my pairs suffered from horrendous cable cracking over the ear. Torn about this - good deal, bad durability.
I run with pl-50. FYI if you run at the gym, the cable is a bit short to rest on the treadmill. It can be done, but you need to run right up at the front. I bought the pl50 after my shure e4's cracked on the cables twice I love the sound, but can't justify that shitty cable quality. I'm sure it had something to do with the sweat.   I haven't found microphonics (sound of feet hitting) to be toooooo bad with the Pl50's, though to be sure, not as good as it was with the...
Seconding Westone. The cables are, imho, second to none.
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