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Quote: Originally Posted by McPanse I would guess many folks* would be quite satisfied listening to, say, the Grado SR-60s straight out of the 5001 or 5003. * Many normal folks that is. Certainly not this crowd. And with that setup the SQ is probably better than 90% of the people that listens to music. First thing I said when I got the 5001 and plugged the SR80 in was, "OMG, I have never heard music the way I'm hearing." That has gotten me...
For people looking for CD Players in Guangzhou: There is a ton of audio stores in the Haiyin Electronics and Xingzhiguang Electric Town area in Dashatou area. You'll find low end to high end equipment.
I'm on the same boat. I'm currently using a Marantz CD5001 to a WA6 to K701. Would it be a good idea to upgrade to the SA8001 even though I don't have a lot of SACDs?
Thanks for the tip John. That's what I was expecting. Tubes aren't high on my list of what I would like to find.
Is the Sophia Electric tube from China? From what I understand from reading a couple threads is that it's ok to use the 274b Meshplate with a stock WA6. Correct? If this tube is from China, I'm going to be on the look out for them when I'm there in the following weeks.
Thanks for the info everyone. Depending on how big the packaging is, I might have to just pack it in a suitcase without the box.
Going to be in Guangzhou and Hong Kong in a couple weeks. I'm planning on buying a CDP while I'm there. Does anyone have any suggestions on where and what CDP? Looking to spend sub $750USD. Thanks in advance. At the moment I'm using a Marantz CD5001 to a WooAudio WA6 with AKG K701. I feel the CDP is the weakest link now, so I want to upgrade
Thanks for the help everyone. I'm going to be in Hong Kong for only 2 days, so one stop shopping would be great.
Quote: Originally Posted by fhuang did you mean lp or cd? either one it's not hard. some big name cd shop such as hmv, or hong kong record carries lp and cd, also xrcd too. the shop on the 9th floor in time square also sell lps and xrcds and sell it at a reasonable reason. some smaller shops in monk kwok also sell lp and xrcd as well I'm looking for LPCD45. These: The LPCD technology Any address for the shops? I'm also thinking about...
Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I'll be going to Hong Kong and Guangzhou next month. Can someone point me to places to buy LPCDs and XRCDs in Hong Kong or Guangzhou? Thanks in advance. I think someone PMed me about the places, but after the server crash I can't access those PMs any more.
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