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Only rumors so far officially, but I've heard that Sirius and Apple have been talking to each other. I would expect that if a Sirius solution for iPods did come out, there would be an add-on for the millions of existing iPod owners. So, I vote iPod too.
Some of us, myself at the least, wouldn't mind seeing the answers to those questions as well.
You have a Personal Message!
Quote: Originally posted by rsaavedr I just received a message from Matthew (SACDmods) indicating that in the Sony NS500V the separate stereo outs use a separate DAC that is much inferior to the one used on the 5.1 fronts, that the separate stereo outs are intended for use with a TV set, not music. Cheers, Raul Looks like I'll be playing with cables again tonight! Thanks for the info.
Quote: Originally posted by markl Most SACDPs/DVD-A players have a single stereo set of outputs *and* a separate multi-channel set of outputs that also obviously include a Main L/R set of RCAs. I reco trying the Main L/R jacks in the multi-channel section for outputing the hi-rez 2-channel layer on your SACDs/DVD-As. many hi-rez players only output a downmixed version of the multi-channel track through the 2 regular stereo outputs (but not all so it's a...
I bought the NS500v from raif. Excellent communication and outstanding packaging. There was enough bubble wrap for the box to be kicked across the country to me just fine. Very pleased. Great seller.
I like the marketing price. I would buy it if you would let me pay half now and the other half in about 6 months. Someone has to buy this because its driving me crazy!
Any opinion on the sound yet? I just saw the amp on eBay and then tracked down this thread. I'm certainly not excited about their choice of packaging methods.
Considering its obviously a scam, is there somewhere we can report it to? I don't think we've really determined which country the site comes from though...
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