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Oh ya it also has a mic in the headphone jack part, but I don't care about that, so don't worry about it if you can make an adapter without it. Cheers!
Hello, I recently bought a new mp3 phone, the Sony W705. It's pretty cool, and it sounds nice, but I hate the headphone adapter that came with it: It plugs in here... The plug looks like this: And it ends in a regular headphone jack with a call answering button. Anyway, that adapter sucks. It's way too long to use regular headphones with, so I'm pretty much stuck using the stock buds (bleh) for now. Also, it doesn't stay in all that well. I'm...
Hello, I just bought a new Walkman phone and I hate (hate hate hate!) the fact that it doesn't have a headphone-out. I also hate the miles-long adapter cord. So I was wondering... Could someone shorten the adapter for me, or even make a new one? Thanks.
I feel your pain. My beautiful, dependable D2 got stolen not too long ago
Can you guys tell me anything about the Sony Ericsson W705? I'm curious.
Besides the iPhone. I have absolutely no interest in that. Also, it'd need to have expandable memory and a 3.5mm jack. Thoughts?
Hello. I'm sad to say that my beloved D2 (along with my UM1's) got stolen at a party last weekend. I wept. And now I'm musicless. I've been wondering about mp3 phones. Are they any good? Amongst others, I've been looking at the Sony W705. What do you guys think? Are music phones worth looking into?
Hello, I need some new tips/eartips/sleeves/foam thingies/whatever you want to call them for my Westone UM1's. Comply tips are nice, but I'm also kind of curious about the Shure Olive things I've heard so much about. Anyway, PM me if you have some tips you'd like to get rid of.
** cricket sounds ** Fine then, I'll be a little more specific. Comply tips or those Shure olive ones?
Anyone else want to weigh in on this issue? ... Please?
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