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My heart just sank. Really, JHA?
Who's got the venue? As I mentioned, I'd offer my loft in downtown Detroit, but space is an issue and parking is only free on Sundays.
It's about half the 3m length.To answer another recent question, I found the isolation of the HD8 DJ to be extremely good. It blocks outside sound surprisingly well.
Thanks, guys. Yeah, reterminating the stock cable might be the solution I'm looking for.
Anyone know an inexpensive solution to getting an RSA-balanced HD600 cable? Is it even feasible to reterminate the stock cable? Anybody want to DIY me something?
Seriously, though. Any line on a Roxie cable with RSA-balanced connector?
Oh wow, brain fart. Thank you for mentioning that. It is the AKG K550 that I meant. Correcting my story now
Cheers, Mike! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts as well.
While the HD8 DJ isn't going to win the awards in the audiophile crowd when stacked up against audiophile-geared headphones in a given area (HD800 is another area), it sounds quite respectable in general and even very good when judged next to other DJ headphones. IMO, YMMV, etc.I'm not sure the soundstage stands out to me per se, but the depth and weight of the bass. I thought the sound was what I want to call "big." I do not get a "boxed in" feeling from them. I do not...
Cheers, Rosmadi! I've been really enjoying my mixing with these things. The sound signature lends itself nicely to hearing the peaks and punches when I beatmatch, and the ergonomic / swiveling features mean I can comfortably cue in any (reasonable) position. I've tried the old Sony's, ATH-M50, VModas (no swiveling!) and a handful of others... I would surely recommend these for the money, if asked.
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