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Still available!
Price drop. Hit me up !
Hey everyone! I've finally decided that these two tremendous headphone amps need a new home as they're just not seeing the use they once did. Both show some signs of wear, but are certainly in good condition. Both function and sound great. The Predator is a USB dac *and* headphone amp (with the ability to amp an analog input) and the Rx is an amp only. $160 ALO Audio Rx $350 Ray Samuels Audio "The Predator" These prices will cover shipping within the continental US....
Who will reterminate a stock Roxanne cable with the RSA/ALO portable balanced connector? I need a balanced cable, but I don't really want to invest a ton of money in a fancy-pants one. I think I can get the vast majority of the sound improvement simply by going balanced with my RSA Intruder. Thoughts?
For sale are the brilliant Sierra-1 Reference bookshelf monitors in the glossy espresso finish. Including the $300 NrT crossover upgrade, these speakers deliver the quality to my ears. I like how they sound very clean and clear, even at low volume levels. They absolutely rock out with great dynamics, given the right juice. Asking $950, which includes shipping within the CONUS. Outside that, let's talk. All new, this package would cost you about $1350, delivered. Read...
My heart just sank. Really, JHA?
Who's got the venue? As I mentioned, I'd offer my loft in downtown Detroit, but space is an issue and parking is only free on Sundays.
It's about half the 3m length.To answer another recent question, I found the isolation of the HD8 DJ to be extremely good. It blocks outside sound surprisingly well.
Thanks, guys. Yeah, reterminating the stock cable might be the solution I'm looking for.
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