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Quote: Originally Posted by stang Bump anyone? Pat, we need some more vids and glamor shots of you and your equipment Hahaha. You still got your K1000 stored away in it's box, listening to your speakers? Yes, my K1000 are in a box and I use Adam A5 now. They are my dream speakers and cost less than K1000 too.
I have found that the RTP-4 power strips work excellent for mass dampening the components! I put one on top of my nettop and the other on top of my EMU0404 USB, it gave HUGE improvements in low-level detail and clarity!!
I finally tried the rubber feet for RTP4, the muddy coloration is horrible, it doesn't sound transparent. I like to put the RTP4 flat on the table instead, it gives the same sound signature as Magix but is brighter. When I moved from flat table into Magix I got more low-level detail while keeping the same signature.
I have sold my A7 and moved my setup into a smaller area closer to the wall. My RTP4 power strips used to be resting on Feet of Silence and table, I added the built in rubber feet to the one that was resting on the table and heard very colored sound, I like the flat sounding table better even when it's brighter, it has the same sound signature as Magix. When I moved my setup I put the power strips on Magix too! I get better sound than ever before! Adam A5 are more...
Quote: Originally Posted by St3ve Have you managed to get your GF into tweaking? Yes. She quit school and moved permanently to my apartment. I can't tweak in secret anymore so I took my chances. One time I was cutting and taping the ERS Paper while she was sitting in the chair with her rabbits, then she gave me strange looks, I was worried a few times but I still kept taping. One time she came over and said "I use that technique to cut the tape...
Quote: Originally Posted by St3ve Perhaps you could consider moving to wherever the Judge cable is produced. Less money spent on postage is more spent on tweaking!!! I want to move to Virtual Dynamics factory, or even better, let the factory move to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda i wish i had patrick's moxy - to buy a $2000+ nordost IC and slice it up to use as a headphone cable. I slice up Valhalla cables for breakfast, then I do my daily tweaking. I would like to slice up Judge power cable too but it's so heavy and stiff. It took 3 hours just to plug it in. + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash...
My girlfriend got an international job and said she will buy a house for us in the summer, I would get to decide the location, I would get my own cellar to "work" in. I will have random papers on a desk (with numbers to confuse her). Outside the room I will hang a "do not disturb" sign. Inside the room I will have a secret door into my audio rig cave, she will never know what I do all day. She asked me if there is anything I want when she is rich, I told her, I want 1...
Quote: Originally Posted by rosgr63 BTW Patrick have you ever tried the Valhalla speaker cables? I've read in another post they sounded bad. I have not tried Valhalla speaker cables. I have only tried Valhalla analog interconnects, Valhalla digital AES/EBU interconnect, Valhalla power cables, Valhalla power cable as interconnects and headphone cable.
I drink Omega3 for breakfast. Time to try Omega2!
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