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I'm in  - not sure what or how much I will bring just yet, but probably all the stuff in my sig pretty much.
What a neat space, and a nice amount of cool gear.
 You're right that you're way too far away, but you're a mensch for the offer!  I've got some leads, so it will all work out. :)
Bill et al - I had a car accident on Thursday and my beloved classic Mercedes is a bit of a wreck at the body shop right now.  Because of this I am also behind on my actual make-money work (and I still need to do more insurance, car valuation, and used parts research even though that's all I've been doing the last couple of days).  Because of this I'm gonna have to cancel so I can spend the day trying to work my way back towards zero.   If anyone is flush with...
Okay - here's what I'll bring that won't break my back :):   Meier StageDAC -> Headroom MicroAmp (these are now discontinued apparently)   uDac3 in case anyone wants to try that.   All my headphones: T-90 HE-500 Beyer DT250-80 AKG K271MkII
 I have to say that I am interested in the new RS1e (but only if you think they are different enough from the RS1i to be worth comparing).  If they are just a wood change with no sound, I don't need to hear them.
I'm in, but I'm just gonna mooch and not bring my gear this time, or I might just bring something small like my MicroAmp system.
I should also add a thanks to all the hard-working organizers like third_eye, Warren, and everyone else.  Sitting at the table for an hour isn't work at all - all the hard stuff happened months, weeks, and days before hand :)   It was great to see many of the guys from previous meets (CEE TEE, Richard, Warren, hifiman, particleman, calaf, and many other new people).  I like the room config at this hotel MUCH more than the other one because it is so much easier to listen...
Cee tee - I'm glad you mentioned oakies little portable tubes - I listened to them, and the op amp was a bit finnicky to get going, but I was pleasantly surprised by how tube-like it was, much more than many full-size tubes. It ran my T-90 as well, which is a pretty upper-mid focused set of cans. I listened to the HD700, and I liked them more than the HD-800. I'd be interested to spend more time with them in a quiet area.
Number two, for sure :)
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