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Anyone tried this? I know its mounts will fit and all, but anyone with any insight on its synergy?  I know it's a $799 cartridge on a $500 turntable, but still. I want to upgrade from the 2M Blue and the AT150 can be had for as little as ~$300 new nowadays.   
Thanks man, I actually had checked but at the time of my posting, none had come to fruition. I think I'm seeing some movement now though. :)
As the topic reads, very interested in obtaining one of these units - and the MkII specifically.    Condition: Mint or Near Mint and with all paperwork / original box, please. I'm located in Sweden but will accept (reasonable & serious) offers from all corners of the globe (and yes, I know shipping most likely will be a bit pricey).   I haven't visited Head-Fi for a few years and see that there's some sort of feedback system in motion now.  I've done a handful of...
PM sent.
PM sent.
Or not. :D
I'm interested in this as well. Had the SuperFi 5 before and now since they aren't available anymore I'm going for the UE600. I wanna get the Comply tips again though but wanna make sure I order the right ones. If the phones are indeed an identical re-brand, why T400 for SF5 and T200 for the UE600..? I know I can always mail Comply directly but I feel I'll get a faster response here. :)
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I'm exactly the same. When I buy 'new' I want to receive 100% untouched brand new merchandise. I pay for new and therefore want new. Picky? Perhaps. But that's me... I'm a unique snowflake.
My gut tells me yes. Only mods done to the Zhaolu is the cap bypass & opamp upgrade (LM4562, if I remember correctly - it's been a while since I installed them and I rolled a bit before settling).
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