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Hi!   There're some shops in Finland, which sell AKG K 518 LE for around 30 € = 40 $. IMO that's quite cheap, actually it's such a steal that it makes me wonder if they are fakes or not. So, are there fake K518 in the market that i should beware of?
Hi from Finland!
Quote: Originally Posted by fromthelane I'm seriously considering getting this phone. With 8gb of storage and an 8.1 mp camera, it seems like an ideal 'all-in-one' phone to me. I'm waiting for a friend to get it first though so I can check out the sq. read this review
I just placed my order.. should arrive next week. this is definetely the cheapest product I've bought after joining head-fi..
$79? i bought my pk2 in hong kong, price: 300 HKD ~ 30€ ~ $45. maybe you should ask the shops in HK if they are willing to sell products abroad. i don't know how much the shipping costs are.
Meizu M6... or [offtopic] Dick in a Box? [/offtopic]
hi! i'm going to hong kong in two weeks and i'm planning to buy pk2. can somebody please tell me where can I buy those headphones? and i'm going to buy crossroads mylar 3 too, are those available in hong kong?
'tibor' I'm in.. let's see if i get lucky
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