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I wish I could compare the IE800 and the SE846 the same day,equipment and music since they seem to be top of their game and although i have heard each at different times they both sound better than any other IEM that I have currently heard. I wish the mfg.'s could produce either of these below a grand which is IMO hard to swallow for an IEM not so much for full size headphones.
I was fortunate enough to be able to listen to a musician friend's IE800 and that was all it took to get me hooked and he explained that with a single dynamic driver that can cover the 20-20000 Hz spectrum with less distortion than multiple driver BA with crossovers takes some engineering as well as size ,shape and material used in an inclosure so no i would not say its just an overpriced dynamic iem especially after listening to them.
I bet you would be surprised out in the field there are complaints about extra long cables getting snagged and  resulting in damage to the cable or equipment maybe they should offer 2 different lengths as some do.
One thing I noticed the 215's have more bass than any single BA that I have demoed of late.
I would give these a demo if possible.
1.2m is reasonable but i don't get the high end ones coming with 64inch cables unless this were designed to be worn in parachute pants and for 7ft tall people.
Why do most of the IEM's have 5 foot and longer cables I just don't get it.
Something to consider even though its above your budget .
I will take SACD and DVD-A over all of them especially  classical music. I will admit some older music was mastered better on the vinyl and on a really good table,arm and cartridge can be pleasurable. The DDD copy of Brothers In Arms CD played on an Oppo BDP-103 is quite pleasing.
Make sure it is not the song or source try a different song and source just to rule out other issues.
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