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I doubt I could hear a difference on any descent DAP with the content in lossless how each brand handles lossy another story.
The problem I see with that is if you demoed at the store they do not put tracks in lossless on their iPods and the best they offer is 256 which is no where near hi-fi which to me if you are going to drop a grand on phones at least give them lossless content.
I am aware of that and probably should have worded it different but I still stand by my conclusion the single dynamic driver of the 215's have more bass than the single BA drivers I have had or borrowed.
So far for the money I think my 215's are the best I have heard in that class and it would take going up to SE535's to hear a night and day difference.
Unless you plan on keeping custom molds indefinitely since they will only fit your ears correctly I would go with the 846's at least you could sell those to almost anyone should you want to upgrade in the future.
Another vote for Shure Olives.
I wish I could compare the IE800 and the SE846 the same day,equipment and music since they seem to be top of their game and although i have heard each at different times they both sound better than any other IEM that I have currently heard. I wish the mfg.'s could produce either of these below a grand which is IMO hard to swallow for an IEM not so much for full size headphones.
I was fortunate enough to be able to listen to a musician friend's IE800 and that was all it took to get me hooked and he explained that with a single dynamic driver that can cover the 20-20000 Hz spectrum with less distortion than multiple driver BA with crossovers takes some engineering as well as size ,shape and material used in an inclosure so no i would not say its just an overpriced dynamic iem especially after listening to them.
I bet you would be surprised out in the field there are complaints about extra long cables getting snagged and  resulting in damage to the cable or equipment maybe they should offer 2 different lengths as some do.
One thing I noticed the 215's have more bass than any single BA that I have demoed of late.
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