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Well, that's disappointing...They had said mmcx connectors, now they're going with 2 pin, might be a deal breaker...
Can't wait for my preordered deltas!
the QB3 is great as it is, being better than most iems I've heard above its price range.no need to remove foam
Now graph it with the vent closed
Try blocking it's vent, it may make it brighter
They won't, every controlled test done, burned in headphones don't change. It's all mental just people don't like to admit it apparently. Anyway that wasn't the point of the graph...
Try covering the vents
These measured pretty well, low distortion and good bandwidth. It's bass looks a bit much and treble pretty conservative but overall great value it seems. Now, has anyone tried coveting it's vent to reduce bass?
That's because the Shure doesn't have a linear impedance phase, so more impedance makes it soundWoRse, so it's not recommended. I will only recommend it for low impedance dynamics with a flat impedance curve.
I think buying a impedance adapter like this one http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/291329605627 Will help trigger the amp, until a workaround is figured out
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