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FX850: 165$ (Will include free Bluetooth cable for a limited time) FX750: SOLD Delta v2: 65$ SBH80: 45$ Tenore: 25$ Looking for quick sales so pm me if interested. 10$ off if two or more are bought together. Add paypal fee or pay via gift. No trades! FX850: packaging included but few accesories, only spirals in medium and leather case. Will include single flanges that sound and fit the same as spirals. Good condition FX750: packaging included but few accesories, only...
SE215 doesn't compare to the QB3 it's a muddy mess in comparison
Glad this IEM it's getting it's praise it's one of the best sounding regardless of price It trounce the Tenore, Xiamo Hybrid, MH1, etc.
Well, that's disappointing...They had said mmcx connectors, now they're going with 2 pin, might be a deal breaker...
Can't wait for my preordered deltas!
the QB3 is great as it is, being better than most iems I've heard above its price range.no need to remove foam
Now graph it with the vent closed
Try blocking it's vent, it may make it brighter
They won't, every controlled test done, burned in headphones don't change. It's all mental just people don't like to admit it apparently. Anyway that wasn't the point of the graph...
Try covering the vents
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