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I actually like doing just that, realized blocking the top vent decreases bass a bit much
I wouldn't want more bass and less mids as reported is the case of the KC06A, if you guys need subbass from these just do the mod I mention
Got these and I quite like them, they sound just as measured by Tyll, fairly neutral.The flaws are the lack of subbass and sibilance. But I got solutions for both. First off while the midbass levels are nice on these the bass just felt damped and cut at the lowest tends. From my experience with vent modding I decided to fiddle with both vents. Simply put blocking the top vent reduces bass and blocking the nozzle vent increases bass, especially subbass. I have covered...
Ah nevermind
the nozzle may be bigger, but the inner diameter looks the same, looks like it's using the same knowles dampers the SE535 and other BAs use. That means you can potentially change the dampers which results in different sounds.
Oh wow, it looks like it can be damper modded like the Shure SE535
the EX450? Doubt those are any better. I'll recommend the EX600 or GR07. 
You are better off with the EX600, EX650 is said to be kind of bass heavy still
Could the bass differences be due to the opening on the strain relief?   First off, in my experience, the cable connection may likely get loose in the strain relief. But, the cable is very secure and solid, I have a Tenore I planned to mod and just pulling the cable off took a lot of work.    Now I know even when they are new, there does seem to be some air escaping from that cable connection, maybe the Tenores with the more closed opening are reference? I will try to...
Thats usually the case, remasters are worse than the originals
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